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Collection TitleMC 43 Hoffman FamilyCreator
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List of men in the military service. Whether or not they were paid for their duties. Joseph Hoffman paid $7.50 for military services at Camp Montour. Dated: 1850.DocumentsA0309
Letter to Sgt. Charles Smith concerning Military duty. The names on the list will be summoned to the village Green of Havana. George W. Hoffman being one of the men. No date.LetterA0310
Letter to Sgt. George Hoffman from Cpt. Joseph Hoffman. Summons him for a court appearance for a fine appeal. No date.LetterA0311
Certificate stating the person summoned to court paid the fine. Signed by Sgt. Henry C. Hoffman. No date.CertificateA0312
List of some sort of costs made by Cpt. Joseph Hoffman. No dateDocumentsA0313
Letter to Joseph Hoffman from a Physician stating that a man is not fit for military duty. Dated September 17th, 1850.LetterA0313
Letter to Sgt. Charles Smith from Cpt. Joseph Hoffman. List of persons to appear for duty for the Elmira guards on June 22nd, 1852. LetterA0314
A list of over one hundred people who all had the same fine imposed upon them. The certificate states that the fines have been paid and reviewed by district captain Joseph Hoffman.DocumentsA0315
Letter to Sgt. C.B. Smith from Cpt. Joseph Hoffman notifying him that the persons on the list should report for company parade at the armory of Elmira Guards on June 7th, 1857. There are twenty-seven names on the list.DocumentsA0316
A certificate from Sgt. G.H. Powers describing that persons named on the list have been identified of the fine imposed upon them and know the correct time and place for appealsCertificateA0317
Letter to Cpt. Joseph Hoffman, ordering him to notify the twenty-five people on the list that there will be an election held to fill the position of captain in the 49th regiment, 18th brigade and 20th division of infantry of the militia of the state of New York.LetterA0318
Letter to Joseph Hoffman commanding him to notify the forty people on this list to appear at the military hall in Elmira on August 27th to elect officers. From Cpt. W.R. Gudson.LetterA0319
List of names from Capt. Joseph Hoffman explaining what fine they have been imposed with and when and where they have to appear in court if they wish to appeal. No date.LetterA0320
Letter to Sgt.. C. B. Smith from Capt. Joseph Hoffman stating that he is in charge of collecting the fines from all of these people on the list. No date.LetterA0321
List of persons that have paid their military commemoration for the year of 1850. Company District No. 6, in the 39th regiment, in the 28th Brigade, and the 7th division of the New York State Militia.DocumentsA0322
A certificate stating that on 10/30/1852 Joseph Hoffman has taken over duties as Captain of the Company District 6 in the 59th Regiment, in the 28th Brigade, in the 7th division of the New York State Militia.CertificateA0322 (2 pages)
Map of the City of Elmira, Chemung Co. N.Y. By M.S. Converse. Civil Engineer.MapA0323
A biography of the Hoffman Family, written by Harry N. Hoffman, January 1931. The biography of the family starts in 1750 with John William Hoffman in Lancaster Pa., and ends with Edward M. Hoffman, the biographers brother.BookletA0401 (6 pages)
This is an envelope addressed to Mr. Harry N. Hoffman. The returnee address is The Western Union Telegraph Co., from Stella Carr of Salem Oregon. Across the top of the envelope is Whitman Massacre, probably referring the massacre Henry's uncle Jacob was murdered in.LetterA0402
An empty envelope addressed to Mr., Harry Natt Hoffman. From the Carr family of Salem Oregon. Sent, care of Western Union Messenger Service. Dated April 13th, 1927.LetterA0403
This a certificate courtesy of the Department of Labor given to Harry N. Hoffman, Mayor of Elmira, while attending the Governors and Mayors' Conference at the White House on March 3rd, 4th, and 5th, 1919.CertificateA0404
A letter to Harry N. Hoffman from Jared T. Newman, an attorney and counselor at Law from Ithaca N.Y. The letter is written to Henry in regards to him developing a neighborhood in Elmira. This man Jared Newman is offering his advice on the matter of streets, sidewalks, house placement, and parks. Dated Dec. 10, 1910.LetterA0405
A letter addressed to Harry N. Hoffman from Alfred Blufray congratulating Henry on his wide success in the Mayoral election. Dated Nov. 2, 1915.LetterA0406
A letter to Harry N. Hoffman from Jenn Foster. The writing is very difficult to decipher, yet it seems to another congratulatory letter on being elected mayor. Dated: Nov. 6, 1915.LetterA0407
A letter to Harry Hoffman from Mrs. John Stewart Burgess. The letter is a congratulations on his successful election into the Mayoral position in Elmira. It is also addressed that Harry's niece has fallen in love with the son of Mrs. Burgess. Dated: Dec. 26, 1913.LetterA0408
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