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Collection TitleMC 49 Mabel Flood CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed By

Dr. Mabel Flood - Frances Mabel Flood, better known as Mabel, was born in Elmira on April 6, 1884 to Thomas and Frances Miller Flood.  In 1911, she  graduated from Buffalo Medical College.  After briefly working at a hospital in Buffalo, she returned to Elmira in 1912 and opened her own practice.

In 1917, Mabel, along with her cousin Dr. Regina Flood Keyes, joined the American Red Cross and established the American Women’s Hospital in Monastir, Serbia.  Mabel returned to the United States in 1920 and married Alfred Heath of Liverpool, England, whom she met on the ship back, on August 31, 1920.  The Heaths returned to Elmira where Mabel re-established her medical practice and Alfred went into the dry cleaning business.  The couple had a daughter Marjorie Louise in 1922.  Dr. Mabel Flood Heath died on April 26, 1923 from complications following an operation for appendicitis.  On May 3, 1927 she was posthumously awarded the Order of St. Sava by King Alexander of Serbia.

Extent.5 Linear Feet
AbstractThis collection contains photographs and documents associated with Dr. Mabel Flood. 

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
A landscape photograph of a mountain stream and a waterfall. There is no date or description.PhotographA0514
A photograph of a young Bosnian girl named Hada Jordanoff sent to Mabel Flood. Dated: December 29th, 1919.PhotographA0515
A photograph of a man hugging two women. The description on the back is written in French. Dated: November 29th, 1919.PhotographA0516
A photograph of a military captain named Ang. Katimian, sent to Mabel Flood. Dated: November, 1919.PhotographA0517
A photograph of Mabel Flood with one of her co-workers. There is no date and no description.PhotographA0518
A portrait photograph taken of Mabel Flood. There is no date or description.PhotographA0519
A photograph of the Flood family taken at their house on 805 maple st. There is no date.PhotographA0520
A portrait photograph of Mabel Flood. There is no date or description.PhotographA0521
A portrait of Thomas Flood, Mabel's father, who was a pharmacist in Elmira. There is no date or description.PortriatA0522
A portrait of Edmund Miller, Mabel Flood's grandfather. There is no date or description.PortriatA0523
a photograph of Mabel Flood in her hospital uniform. There is no date or description.PhotographA0524
A letter to Mabel Flood from a man named Horace McGray. He thanks her for curing him of his illness, and promises that he will get his friends to do the same thing. Dated: February 13th, 1919. LetterA0601
A letter to Mabel Flood from a very good friend of hers of Bosnian descent, the name in illegible in the letter. He talks that he will be moving to Rome soon to become an engineer and that he misses her very much and wishes that she would write him. Dated: January 28th, 1920. LetterA0603
A letter to Mabel from the same man whose name was illegible. He is a soldier with the Bosnian army and has been discharged and hopes to be sent to America. He is writing from a city named Prague. Dated: November 21st, 1920. LetterA0604
A letter to Mabel Flood from Horace McGray. The writing is quite illegible, but it is clear that he is asking for some sort of favor. Dated: May 21st, 1919. LetterA0605
A letter to a Mr. Heath from Florence M. Johnson of the American Red Cross. She thanks him for the picture of Marjorie Louise's picture, and says that the ceremony will take place at 4 p.m. Dated: April 30th, 1928. LetterA0606
A letter to Mabel Flood from Thomas Dodge of the Legation of the United States of America. It is a letter that previously enclose documents allowing Mabel, her cousin, and two others to enter a Serbian hospital named Achilleion. Dated: December 31st, 1917. LetterA0607
A letter to someone named Francis from John P. S. Cathcart. The writing is quite illegible, but it is clearly from a town in England named Wandsworth. Mabel is living in Salonika, Greece Dated: September 25th, 1918. LetterA0608
A letter to Mabel Flood from a man named Milan Nakich. He worked with Mabel under the Red Cross and now that she has left, he has had a hard time adjusting to the other nurses. Dated: May 8th, 1920. LetterA0609
A short biography of Mabel Flood and her charitable work for the Red Cross in Macedonia for French, Serbian, and Greek soldiers. No date.DocumentsA0610
A letter to a Mrs. Heath from Rosalie Slaughter Morton from the Medical Society of the County of New York. She writes how it was such a pleasure to work with her and her husband and to see all the progress that they had made with young Marjory. Dated: May 15th, 1928. LetterA0611
A letter to Mr. Alfred Heath from Rosalie Slaughter Morton. She writes that the Serbian Minister in Washington would like give France Mabel Flood a diploma for her services . Dated: March 22nd, 1928. LetterA0612
A letter to Mr. Alfred Heath from a man named Gage Islands. The letter is quite illegible and cannot be read accurately. Dated: December 4th, 1929. LetterA0613
A letter to Mabel Flood from the same person that cannot write his name legibly. He writes that he has not heard from her and is wondering if she has received his letter telling her about his plan to leave the military mission. Dated from Prague: January 8th, 1920. LetterA0614
A letter to Mabel Flood from the same man . He says that he has been all over the place from Austria to Gibraltar and back to Prague. Dated: March 29th, 1920. LetterA0615
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