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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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These slides are mostly of the 1991 elavator project in the Chemung County Historical Society building: drill rigging on truck, May 1991 (2); inside elevator shaft (7); repairing of brick wall (4); 2 views of of the stairs. SlidesD 2415 E. Water Street25
These slides are of the 1991 ribbon cuttng of the new elevator in the Chemung County Historical Society's home in the old Chemung Canal Bank building. The slides show members of the Society's board and others plus the refreshment tables.SlidesD 2415 E. Water Street26
These slides are of the 1991 Elevator Project: cutting the ribbon. members of the board, patrons, staff and refreshments. Two slides dated 1993, one shows J. Archie Keiffer, and John Hazelett. The other is of two unidentified men.SlidesD 2415 E. Water Street27
These slides are of the 1992-93 building project. The 1993 slides shows the demoltion inside of building, bricks, and workmen. SlidesD 2415 E. Water Street27
These slides are of the building project in 1992-93 of the Chemung County Historical Society's building. They show equipent and construction inside and outside of the building.SlidesD 2415 E. Water Street29
These slides are of the 1992-3 Chemung County Historical Society building project of remodeling of the area where the elevator and bathrooms are located. SlidesD 2415 E. Water Street30
These slides are the 1992-3 remodeling of the Chemung County Historical Society building. They show demolition of the inside of the wing and of the paving of the outside of the new entrance to the building: view of the third floor inside skylight.SlidesD 2415 E. Water Street31
These slides are of the 1989-93 building project for the Chemung County Historical Society building: AC unit, 1989 construction; Jon Drake with two other men and the AC unit; workers on project, 1993; inside of new display area and front entrance; 1990 building plan; Patriot,s Reception; Campell Design Group, cover of their booklet; outside renovation, 1979; line drawing of Chemung Canal Bank; front facade of the new home of 415 E. Water Street.SlidesD 2415 E. Water Street32,
These slides are of the 1993 Patron's Reception. They include patrons, education room, The Barn Gallery, reception/hall area, and very large photo panels of downtown Elmira, and the Eldridge Park Casino.SlidesD 2415 E. Water Street33
These slides are of the 1993 Patron's Reception. They include patrons, bronze sign of the new Brick Barn Gallery and reception areas.SlidesD 2415 E. Water Street34
These slides of the Grand Opening and Patron's Reception. They include patrons, speakers and a violinist.SlidesD 2415 E. Water Street35
These slides are of the 1993 Grand Opening of the Brick Barn Gallery & Patron's Reception. One of the slides show an enlarged photo panel of the metal foot bridge over the Chemung River to Rorick's Glenn.SlidesD 2415 E. Water Street36
These slides are of the 1993 Grand Opening & Patron's Reception.SlidesD 2415 E. Water Street37
These slides are of the 1993 Grand Opening & Patrons's Reception. Several slides show J. Archie Kieffer, County Historian.SlidesD 2415 E. Water Street38
These slides are of the Gerard Building, 1985-1992, interior and exterior. There are also slides of Carroll Street (2); Howell Storage, Baldwin St.(2). SlidesD 2415 E. Water Street39
There are four slides of the Gerard building, annex, and one slide of the CCHS barn area viewed from the top of the Gerard building.SlidesD 2415 E. Water Street40
These slides are of the 1992-93 of building project of the Chemung County Historical Society building. The slides show the work on the outside of the building plus a few inside work sites. Bellon brick was being used.SlidesD 2415 E. Water Strret28
These slides are of the 1878-1993 renovation of the building at 45 E. Water Street: 1981, interior workers; 1980, interior worker; collage pertaining to the Chemung Canal Bank and the renovation of the building for the new home of the Chemung County Historical Society, 1980 (#10); 1982, brick wall and rafters; architect color rendition of the Howell Gallery; 1981, interior; CB's office, 1982; Arthur Reed's shop, exhibition cases, 1981 (2); proposed exhibit units, 1979; proposed exhibit spaces, 1979 (2); 1980 interior; Jack Waite and Mike Curcio, architects, 1981; 1978, interior (3); 2nd floor, 1981; 1993, interior; proposed 1st floor exhibit layout, summer 1979. SlidesD 2451 E. Water Street14
These slides are of the A.I.E. Program in 1996. They show Paul Stillman presented as differnt men in history: early gentleman, Civil War Soldier, Ben Franklin, frontier's man. SlidesD 2A. I. E. Program09
These two slides are of a 1998 Education Display at the Arnot Mall, Big Flats, NY.SlidesD 2Accreditation 199801
These slides are of the May 5,1984 Antique Show at Strathmont: quilts, and other sale items; musicians; demostrators; people.SlidesD 2Antique Shows01
These slides are of the May 5, 1984 Antique Show at Strathmont: a lady flutist; Joan O'Dell with her antique car; lunch on table; sale items; vendors and visitors.SlidesD 2Antique Shows02
These slides are of the May 1985 Antique Show held at the Armory, Church St.: quilts and other antiques; visitors and venders; musicians.SlidesD 2Antique Shows03
These slides are of the May 1985 at the Armory and 1987: Good view of the vendors stalls and items on display; visitors; 1 slide of the literature for the 1987 show.SlidesD 2Antique Shows04
These slides are the May 1985 Antique Show at the Armory: vendor stalls and displays; trolley; luncheon; visitors.SlidesD 2Antique Shows05
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