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Manuscript Library

Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleCL 133 Eclipse Machine Company CollectionCreatorChemung County Historical Society
Processed ByKim Richards
Date Completed:Summer 2005
Date Updated:September 2007
Provenance:The items in this collection were donated to the Booth Library by T. Curran Sekella and Reeve Howland of Motor Components LLC.
Terms:Bendix Corporation; Carburetors; MK-51 fuzes; MK-50 MOD; Eclipse Machine Company; advertising; MK-25 fuzes; Navy Bureau of Ordances

Collections contains letters from the US Navy, as well as blue print, annual reports, financial plants, ledger books, advertising scrapbooks, and 3 16mm rolls of film.

Extent5 Linear ft.
Date Span1921-1983

Collections contains letters from the US Navy, as well as blue print, annual reports, financial plants, ledger books, advertising scrapbooks, and 3 16mm rolls of film.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Blueprints: G-1593, G-1608; G-1593.Document0207
Correspondence from the Hoover Company File.Document0208
Navy Bureau of Ordnance records and blueprints: G-1593, 453301.Document0209
Navy Bureau of Ordnance blueprints: 225390 (multiple copies).Blueprint0210
Navy Bureau of Ordnance blueprints: 394205, 388731, 453435.Blueprint0301
Navy Bureau of Ordnance reports.Document0302
Elgin File correspondence.Document0304
Blueprints and drawings: E-501-B, C-949, and various others from the Elgin File.Document0305
Specifications File correspondence and reports (1944 - 1945).Document0306
Special Firing File reports, correspondence, and drawings (1942 - 1945).Document0307
Blueprints, drawings, and reports found among Ordnance Material (1943).Document0308
Navy Ordnance material, including blueprints, drawings and reports found among ordnance material (1943).Document0309
Ordnance material, cinlduing blueprints, drawings and reports (1943).Document0310
Letters, interdepartmental memos, and notes from the Waterproofing File.Document0401
Correspondence, blueprints, and notes from the Waterproofing File (cont.).Document0402
Includes 10 photographs for MM-50 Fuzes (1945).Photograph0403
MK-50 MOD File 5 correspondence and reports (1945).Document0404
MK-25 Fuzes interdepartmental recores, notes, memos, and drawings (1943).Document0405
MK-50 MOD 2 File correspondence, blueprints, and reports (1945).Document0406
Includes blueprints for proposed N-14 Upper cap with Straight Thread And Threaded Silica Gel Retainer, GB-73 Body Forging, GA-39 Body Forging, G-1593 Cap Lower, and G-1594 Assembly, Lower Cap, Marking & Pin Milling (1945).Document0407
Blueprints from the Tools & Gauges File: S-339 Pin Setting, S-340 Set Screw, S-342 Pin Plate No. 3, S-278 Assembly, S-275a Detonator Holder, S-274 Magazine, S-271 Retaining Ring, S-269 Dome, G-686a Pin Firing Waterbury Movement, S-273 Hammer Spring Mounting Plate, S-340 Set Scrip, S-342 Pin Plate No. 3, S-270 Body, S-339 Pin Setting, S-274 Magazine, S-275a Detonator Holder, S-278 Assembly, S-269 Dome, S-271 Retaining Ring, S-273 Hammer Spring Mounting Plate, and S-270 Body (1942 - 1945).Document0408
Blueprints from the Tools & Guages File: GT-841 A-2 Guage for Setting Firing Arm, GT-841 A-1 Guage for Setting Firing Arm, GT-3610-1 Fuse Re-Winding Machine, GT-361a-12 Weight for Rewinding Machine, GT-361 A-3 Pulley Detail for Rewinding Machine, GT-361 A-14 Rewinding Machine Pedal, GT-361 A-13 Rewinding Machine Pedal Details, GT-361A-11 Rewinding Machine Details Holder, GT-361A-10 & GT316-A-9 & GT316-A-8 Rewinding Machine Details, GT-361A-7 Sleeve Detail for Rewinding Machine, GT-361A-6 Collet Detail for Rewinding Machine, GT-361a-5 & A-4 & A-2 & A-1 Rewinding Machine Details, GT-361C-2 Fuse Re-Winding Machine, GT 25066C Deflection Guage, GT 25073, Knurling Taper Knurl, GT-25072 Sizing Tool and correspondence (1942 - 1945).Document0409
U.S. Time Corporation correspondence and reports (1944 - 1945).Document0410
Includes correspondence and blueprints: S-352, S-353, S-225, S-31, Fuze, Time, Mechanical, M43A5 Casting, several for Details (1942 - 1951),Document0411
Five Year Business Plan (1973 - 1977).Document0501
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