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Collection TitleCL 29 Barker, Rose, Kimball CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKim Richards
Date Completed:4/4/2008
Provenance:The items in this collection were donated to the Booth Library by Rick and Marcia Kimball in 2007.
Terms:Business; Elmira (N.Y.); Hardware stores; Photographs; Sales personnel

Rose, Kimball & Baxter, Inc.- On June 25, 1864 Miles Ayrault and Stephen Rose founded Ayrault & Rose at 14 Lake Street in Elmira, NY.  There they sold hardware and mill supplies.  In 1867, they changed the name to Ayrault, Rose & Co.  During the 1860's the company struggled through recession and a series of fires, but still expanded the business into the wholesale hardware trade in addition retail.  In 1872, Ayrault and Rose were joined by Irvin D. Booth and and Dounce to form the Booth, Dounce, Rose & Co..  By 1875, Booth had left the partnership while Fred Barker joined, leaving the company as Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co.   In 1888, the company became Barker, Rose & Gray and, in 1898, Arthur Clinton replaced Gray making it the Barker, Rose & Clinton Co.  In 1928 Howard Kimball joined the partnership and the company became Barker, Rose & Kimball, Inc.  In 1952, the name changed again to Rose, Kimball & Baxter, Inc.  

Scope:The Barker, Rose & Kimball Collection contains photographs, booklets, documents, correspondence and newspaper clippings about the company and its various incarnations.  The bulk of the collection consists of photographs dating from 1890 to 1986.  The various documents range in date from 1857 to 1964 and include invoices, internal memos and booklets.  The correspondence dates primarily from the 1940's and 1950's. 
Extent1 linear foot
Date Span1857-1986

This collection contains documents, booklets, newspaper clippings and photographs concerning Rose, Kimball & Baxter, Inc. and its various incarnations. 

Filter by:
TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Envelope from Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co., Wholesale Hardware Merchants, Elmira, NY.EnvelopeA1401
Letter from Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co., Wholesale Hardware Merchants, Elmira, NY, dated February 23, 1877 regarding merchandise.LetterA1402
Check dated February 24, 1872 to O.H. Donner & N. P. Fassett from Booth, Dounce Rose & Co.CheckA1403
Invoice dated November 14, 1872 to Mack & Bergen from Booth, Dounce, Rose & Co, General Hardware, Glass Paints, Oils. &c.InvoiceA1404
Invoice dated February 9, 1870 to Mr. Hibbard from Ayrault, Rocse & Co., Jobbers and Manufacturers' Agents of Hardware and Cutlery.InvoiceA1405
Invoice dated November 1, 1870 to Mr. J. Langdon Estate from Ayrault, Rocse & Co., Jobbers and Manufacturers' Agents of Hardware and Cutlery.InvoiceA1406
Invoice dated September 12, 1857 to Mr. Coleman from Farrar & Days.InvoiceA1407
Invoice dated April 13, 1895 to Mr. Edson from Barker, Rose & Gray. Included is a copy of a letter written by C. A. Edson printed in Plumbing & Mechanical, July 1995.InvoiceA1408
Invoice dated September 13, 1930 to Oliver HDW from Barker, Rose & Kimball, Inc., Wholesale Hardware Automotive and Radio Supplies.InvoiceA1409
Invoice dated October 9, 1930 to Oliver HDW from Barker, Rose & Kimball, Inc., Wholesale Hardware Automotive and Radio Supplies.InvoiceA1410
Invoice dated January 1, 1904 from Barker, Rose & Clinton Co. InvoiceA1411
Card announcing that Barker, Rose & Clinton Co changed their name to Barker, Rose & Kimball, Inc. March 15, 1928.DocumentA1412
Stock Certificate "Common" for Barker, Rose & Clinton dated April 20, 1922.CertificateA1413
Stock Certificate "Preferred" for Barker, Rose & Clinton dated April 20, 1922.CertificateA1414
Folder contains newspaper advertisements, articles and the RKB Reporter for Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co., Barker, Rose & Clinton and Barker, Rose & Kimball.ArticlesA15
Sheet of paper with song lyrics for a program.DocumentB0101
Barker, Rose & Kimball's 75th Anniversary Outing, Friday, June 23, 1939 at the Fontainebleau Inn.ProgramB0102
RKF - Company Car Policy.BookletB0103
RKB - Distribution Services.BrochureB0104
RKB: 125 Years on the Leading Edge of the Hardware Industry, rough draft 1989.ReportB0105
"Speak For Yourself John - - -" Low Cost? Prove It!"BrochureB0106
Handwritten letter dated February 12, 1989 to Dean from Harold Warner regarding RKB's competitors.LetterB0107
Sheet of paper listing the Past Directors of the company since 1898.DocumentB0108
The New RKB: It's Three Stories, dated January 1979 taken from the Demographic Edition of the Hardware Merchandiser.ArticleB0109
"Build or Buy? A wholesaler's answer to classic dilemma unique" from the Hardware Retailing Magazine, July 1978.ArticleB0110
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