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Collection TitleCL 37 Temple B’Nai IsraelCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByRachel Dworkin
Date Completed:3/18/2008
Provenance:The items in this collection were donated to the Booth Library by Col. Sanford Barcus, the archivist of Temple B'Nai Israel. 
Terms:Elmira (N.Y.); Judaism-Customs and practices; Judaism-History-Modern period, 1750-; Judaism-Prayer-books and devotions; Reform Judaism; Synagogue bulletins; Synagogue-Membership; Synagogue-Organization and administration

Temple B'Nai Israel- The Reform Congregation of B'Nai Israel was founded in Elmira, NY in 1861, although the first official meeting of the Congregation was not until October 12, 1862.  The Congregation's first temple was built in 1863 on High Street between Water and John Streets.  In 1886, the original wooden structure replaced by a brick building on the same location.  In 1952, however, the Congregation moved to a new location at 900 West Water Street where they remain today. 

During its existence, the Congregation of B'Nai Israel has had 25 different rabbis.  Within the last fifty years they have been; Leonard Devine, 1950-1956; Sanford M. Shapero, 1957-1959; Philmore Berger, 1959-1963; Stephen Goldrich, 1963-1969; David Zielonka, 1969-1973; David Jessel, 1973-1975; Philip Aronson, 1975-1991; David Castiglione, 1992-1996; Miriam Biatch, 1996-present.      

Scope:The Temple B'Nai Israel Collection includes bulletins, programs, flyers, mass mailings, photographs and other assorted documents.  The bulk of the collection consists of a fairly complete run of Temple Bulletins from 1975 to 1996.  The programs for various temple events range in date from 1949 to 1998, with the majority of them dating from the 1990's.  Most of the flyers, photographs, and mass mailings also date from this period.  The collection also includes some of the personal correspondence of the Barcus and Kahn families, specifically as it relates to the Temple or the Jewish community.  Most of the Kahn papers date from the 1950's, while much of the Barcus correspondence dates from the 1990's.     
Extent2 linear feet
Date Span1924-1998

The Temple B'Nai Israel Collection contains photographs, programs, correspondence and bulletins all pertaining to the temple. 

Filter by:
TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Temple B'Nai Israel Book of Remembrance, 1996.BookletA0317
Temple B'Nai Israel Book of Remembrance, 1997 (2 copies)BookletA0318
Loose pages listing Temple B'Nai Israel's memorial tablets. DocumentsA0319
Temple B'Nai Israel budget estimates for 1983/84 and perliminary proposal for 1984/85. DocumentsA0401
Temple B'Nai Israel budget for 1991-92. (2 copies)DocumentsA0402
Temple B'Nai Israel budget for 1992-93 and 1993-94. (2 copies)DocumentsA0403
Temple B'Nai Israel budget for 1994-95 (3 copies)DocumentsA0404
Temple B'Nai Israel proposed budget for 1995-96. DocumentsA0405
Temple B'Nai Israel perliminary report for the fiscal year July 1995-June 1996. (2 copies)DocumentsA0406
Temple B'Nai Israel treasurer's reoprt, June 1997.DocumentsA0407
Dedication Program for the Congregation B'Nai Israel, September 7, 1952. BookletA0501
Dedication program for Congregation B'Nai Israel's New Temple, September 7, 1952.BookletA0502
Dedication program for the Temple B'Nai Israel chapel, May 21, 1954.BookletA0503
Program for the Worship Service for Peace and Freedom at Temple B'Nai Israel, April 24, 1970.BookletA0504
Program for a Special Service for the Sabbath at Temple B'Nai Israel, April 1971. BookletA0505
Program for Service of Thanksgiving and Praise at Temple B'Nai Israel, November 23, 1983. BookletA0506
Program for the Shabbat Service, Interfaith Weekend at Temple B'Nai Israel, April 14, 1989. BookletA0507
Program for the Service of Thanksgiving and Praise at Temple B'Nai Israel, November 15, 1990. BookletA0508
Program for the Sisterhood Sabbath and Installation Service at Temple B'Nai Israel, May 31, 1991. BookletA0509
L'Shana Tova Tikateivu, program for service at Temple B'Nai Israel, 1993 (5 copies)Booklet A0510
Program for Shabbat Toldot at Temple B'Nai Israel, November 12, 1993. (2 copies)BookletA0511
L'Shana Tova, program for service at Temple B'Nai Israel, September 1994.BookletA0512
L'Shana Tova Tikateivu, program for service at Temple B'Nai Israel, September 1994. (2 copies)BookletA0513
Program for the naming of Jaclyn Rose Brownell at Temple B'Nai Israel, October 7, 1994.BookletA0514
Program for Purim observance at Temple B'Nai Israel, 1995.BookletA0515
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