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Collection TitleCL 91 Broadway Middle School Library FilesCreatorBooth Library
Processed BySue Rogan
Date Completed:January 2009
Provenance:The items in this collection were donated to the Booth Library by the Broadway Middle School Library in 2002.
Terms:Chemung County (N.Y.); Elmira (N.Y.); Erin (N.Y.)
Scope:The Broadway Middle School Library files contains pamphlets, newspaper clippings and essays on a variety of local topics including local airports, industries, churches, hospitals, floods, and theaters as well as material on Elmira, Erin and urban renewal.
Extent.5 linear feet
Date Span1910-1980

The Broadway Middle School Library Files contain ready reference material from that library on a range of local topics.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
A two page copy of an aricle by Thomas Byrne titled "Red Letter Years oc Chemung Valley"(Chronology of Significant Events in The Chemung County)dated from 1779 to 1961DocumentA0613
Several pages oc copies of newspaper pictures and articles from the Elmira Sunday Telegram:pictures("News Mirror of the Past) and some articles,dates are between 1964 and 1967.DocumentsA0614
A printed booklet from the Park Church Pulpit: "Easter In the Dark" a sermmon given by Albert G. Cornwall on Easter Sunday, April 25, 1943,BookletA0701
Copies of newspaper oictures and articles about churches in Elmira,both past and present.Appear to be from the Elmira Sunday Telegram, 1952.DocumentsA0702
A typed article titled "Churches of Elmira" by Barbara Squires.DocumentA0703
Copies of newspaper pictures and articles(from 1954) about the Cold Brook Club of Elmira(c.1914) which originated from the Kanaweola Bicycle Club in Elmira.DocumentsA0801
Photocopies from the Elmira Sunday Telegram, c. 1967 & 1968, "News Mirror of the Past,mostly of old downtown Elmira;also some aerial shots of downtown,an article about Joe Cupp,"nearly 101".DocumentsA0901
A photocopy of Dunn Field under water in the 1946 flood(aerial view) and "a child drowned in this housing development".DocumentA1001
booklet titled "The Old Town Clock" by Sara M. Billings. a poem about a church steeple clock and a tribute to Thomas K. Beecher,pastor of Park Church 1854 to 1900.BookletA1101
A pamphlet with B & W photos titled "Elmira New York The Glider Capital of America".PamphletA1102
Four typed sheets compiled by The Chemung County Historical Society,Inc.:(1) Tour of Elmira, (2)The Sullivan-Clinton Campaign of 1779, (3)&(4) A description of the Battle of Newtown,from a Dr Arthur W> Booth article written for the 1923 Elmira Historical Pageant.DocumentsA1103
A foldout pamphlet with B & W photos,maps of the area, titled "A Friendly Welcome to Elmira", Scenic, Historic,Progressive.PamphletA1104
A large foldout street map of Elmira provided by Marine Midland Bank with detailed information about the area.MapA1105
A typed 12 page paper titled "Living in a Goldfish Bowl" given as a speech by Winifred Kittredge Eaton to the Wednesday Morning Club on March 29,1950.DocumentA1106
A six plus page typed document titled :"General Information"that contains many current and historical facts about Elmira and surrounding areas.DocumentA1107
A one page typed document titled "Recreation" which describes facilities available in and around the Elmira area.DocumentA1108
Foldout street map of the City of Elmira with detailed information about the area,provided by Elmira Bank & Trust Company.MapA1109
Photocopies of newspaper clippings: four pages of Elmira in 1949,six pages of Elmira Centennial in 1964,three pages of "News Mirror of the Past" with building photos,an article by Ed Telley:"To My Sweetheart with Love--Elmira",Major News Events 1828 to 1953,how Elmira Streets were Named, Access Roads into Downtown Are Vital.DocumentsA1110
A booklet in honor of Elmira College's Centennial(1855 -1955) titled "The Eleventh Decade"BookletA1201
Four pages of xeroxed newspaper articles about Elmira College:"Keep the Home Fires Burning",1850 site where Cowles Hall was built,a 2 Year Building project at EC.DocumentsA1202
A typed article by Nancy Varn titled "Elmira College".DocumentA1203
A very short article titled "The Aviation School" by Jacqueline Schultz.DocumentA1204
Five pages of xeroxed newspaper articles; four (with photos) about the Town of Erin in the late 1800's; a photo of a 1922 children's "Floradora" show at St. Cecilia's School.DocumentsA1301
Seven xeroxed pages of newspaper articles about floods in Elmira: one page about the 1889 flood and six pages with photos about the 1946 flood.DocumentsA1401
Six xeroxed newspaper articles: "Baldwin's Dream:It Was Built to Last",partial downtown street map of Elmira,"Old Marsh Church Built in 1827,unknown men riding a pumper chassis,c.1900, "East -West Highway Through Elmira"(suggested).DocumentsA 1501
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