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Collection TitleCL 80 Al Mallette PapersCreatorChemung County Historical Society
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Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1984. Scholastic football has fans talking about win streaks, Wyalusing, Elmira Free Academy and Johnson City.Newspaper Clipping070561
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette January 1, 1984. Its that time of year again to look at performances and come up with my annual "Brunchie Awards" for the Twin Tier sports 1983.Newspaper Clipping070562
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette December 30,1984. The Twin Tier "Brunchie Awards" for 1984.Newspaper Clipping070563
Newspaper clipping, by Al Mallette August 11, 1985.Athletes played locally during "War Years". A national magazine tabbed Elmira "Boomtown USA". Industrall teams Eclipse, Rand/Norton, Trayer Products, Moore's and American Bridge, adult organizations as city softball, basketball and baseball.Newspaper Clipping070564
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette December 1, 1985. There's never been a year like 1973..for sports and the rest of the Twin Tiers. The open of Elmira College's Murray Center (Golden Domes) the offical opening in January. The year of the Sullivan Trail. Conference officially welcome Newspaper Clipping070565
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette July 25, 1982. Fond memories of a defeatNewspaper Clipping070601
Newspaper clipping, Fond memories of a defeat, by Al Mallette July 25, 1982. July 27, 1940 at Parker Field Shifty Gears Rochester Kodak Park won over Junker Johnson's Elmira Barry's Tire team.Newspaper Clipping070601
Newspaper clipping, Star Game picks all gained Hall. A game in any sport featuring a squad of Hall of Famers would be a fan's delight. Elmira housed such a game in 1947, they weren't Hall of Famers at the time. 1958 when the Hall of Famers became a reality.Newspaper Clipping070602
Newspaper clipping, Softball's Modern Pitching King by Al Mallette. Hank Margeit is the winningest softball pitcher locally in modern times. Margeit's record places him in the Elite Group.Newspaper Clipping 070603
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette. Elmira Softball Story's, Second and Fourth in series on the history of Elmira Softball. It has had some spectactular players since its origination in 1927.Newspaper Clipping070604
Newspaper clipping, Tick Losinger, long time local catcher and manager and John Sekella, stand out of the early days of local softball will be inducted into Elmira's Softball Hall of Fame at Eldridge Stadium.Newspaper Clipping070605
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette, In 1939 Joe Martin did alot in a short time.Newspaper Clipping070606
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette. Elmira Inaugurates Softball Hall of Fame With Induction of 12 Players, 6 Officals.Newspaper Clipping070607
Newspaper clipping, Softball has come a long way since its beginning in 1927. The game, started in Elmira by Joe (Red) Rielly it reached its peak in popularity 1946-47-48 and 49. At the beginning softball was a so-called "old man's game".Newspaper Clipping070608
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette. 5 ex-standouts gain softball Hall of Fame. John Willett, Bucky Templeton, John Kuryla, Joe Coleman and Pete Trifoso.Newspaper Clipping070609
Newspaper clipping, Tom Harrison looking back on Glen Motor Court's New York State softball title in 1959 called it "maybe the greatest accomplishment in Walkins Glen sports history".Newspaper Clipping070610
Newspaper clipping, September, 1948. Softball Elmira S-G team plays it for keeps.Newspaper Clipping070611
Newspaper clipping, Spaziani hurls S-G softball club to 6 victories. (Star Gazette).Newspaper Clipping070612
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette May, 1949. City Completes Plans to light Softball Field. Junker Johnson learned that they were going to have a lighted softball field, Eldridge No. one diamond as the ideal spot for a lighted field.Newspaper Clipping070613
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1959. Local softball players -past and present vintage. The Oldtimers and Younsters "had a ball" at Eldridge Stadium with Oldtimers winning 5-3.Newspaper Clipping070614
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette April 10, 1960. Softball Loses Key Organizers. Leon (Murph) Soloman and Willard (Tick) Losinger Retire.Newspaper Clipping070615
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette August 24, 1965. Opportunist All-Stars Win Fame Game, 6-3. Art Sykes and John Madden were entered into Elmira's Softball Hall of Fame .Newspaper Clipping070616
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette March 31, 1967. Ray Ward was what is known in the trade as "an athlete's athlete. A softball pitcher took the area by storm in 1946 king of the twirles until the fifties. Softball put Ward front center in the world of sports which he cherished until his death at the age of 43.Newspaper Clipping070617
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1970. Wednesday's so called "grudge" softball match between Kiwanis and Rotary has realy caught on between the fraternal groups.Newspaper Clipping070618
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1976. Ed Semski and Glen Lousinger are the 1976 entrants into the Elmira's Softball Hall of Fame.Newspaper Clipping070619
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