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Collection TitleCL 80 Al Mallette PapersCreatorChemung County Historical Society
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Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette July 22, 1977. Eddie Feigner has been tabbed as the greatest pitcher in the history of softball. The Elmira All Sports is bringing Feigner and company back to Elmira. The opposition for Monday's show will be the City League All Stars. Newspaper Clipping070620
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette Series on Fifty Years of Elmira's Softball Augusr 7, 1977 to August 14, 1977.Newspaper Clipping070621
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1978. Twin Tiers softball hit peaks and valleys in 51-year history. Newspaper Clipping070622
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette July 23, 1978. Ralph Brock is oldie but goodie in softball pitching circles he is forty five pitching like a twenty year old.Newspaper Clipping070623
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette July 31. 1979. Stadium memories. Eldridge Stadium, the mecca for Twin Tiers softball for thirty years, will close with the same type attraction with which it opened in July 1949 --- a softball all-star show. Newspaper Clipping070624
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1981. Leo (Porky) Makovitch and Len Corsi, who have ninty years between them, are the 1981 inductees into the Elmira Softball Hall of Fame.Newspaper Clipping070626
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette July 18, 1982. John (Jack) Madden,a combination baseball-softball a "Challenge Game" July 20, 1939 Madden team beat GOP.Newspaper Clipping070627
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette August 8, 1982. Jim Nelson and Tick Losinger, the night the lights were turned on for Elmira softball game August 9, 1949 at newly constructed Eldridge Stadium.Newspaper Clipping070628
Newspaper clipping, Application For Kiwanis "Johnson" Softball Award. Nomination Karen Yenger.Newspaper Clipping070630
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1983. The Elmira Hall of Fame was organized twenty five years ago in 1958, softball was the first sport to be honored with inductees. Len Wojmarek and Frank Ferraro will be the Silver Anniversary inductees.Newspaper Clipping070630
Photos, At Kiwanis By George Lian, Elmira Star Gazette August 19, 1982.Photos070701
Newspaper clipping, 1978. Jay Decatur won several titles in the twenties ans thirties has been named to the Elmira Tennis Hall of Fame.Newspaper Clipping070801
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette July 14, 1981. Alen Gregg, Elmira's 1981 entry into the Tennis Hall of Fame. He has been playing since the late 1920's.Newspaper Clipping070802
Newspaper clipping. By Al Mallette April 1, 1974. Inving (Izzy) Parker, Taddeus (Ted) Smith and Jervis Langdon, are the chater members of the Elmira Sports Tennis Hall of Fame at the Murry Center.Newspaper Clipping070803
Newspaper clipping, July 11, 1984. Roscoe Blampied, a 50-year veteran of Elmira tennis is the 1984 inductee into Elmira Tennis Sports Hall of Fame.Newspaper Clipping070804
Newspaper clipping, Italian War Veteran (IAV) Pete Carozza remembers those glory days 1960-1963.Newspaper Clipping070901
Newspaper clipping, Change Pace by Al Mallette. Ernie Davis and Jim Brown, Football folks have been comparing the two sence the Elmira Express followed Brown to Syracuse and on to All American fame.Newspaper Clipping0711
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette. Lets Reminisce a Bit. Start with June 1935-25 years ago.Newspaper Clipping071001
Newspaper clipping. By Al Mallette. Individuals, rather than teams, held the spotlight in Elmira Sports during 1958.Newspaper Clipping071002
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1959. 1959 will be remember ed for one thing. It was the year a so called minor sport wresling hit the jack pot Southside and Horseheads dominating the local scene.Newspaper Clipping071002
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette January 4, 1959. The biggest sports thrills of 1958, the Moore-Durelle scrap was one of the all time classics.Newspaper Clipping071004
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette. The year 1959 is one to be remembered for several reasons-rhubarbs, probes, firings, hirings, sudden deaths and verbal blasts by many bigwigs in sports.Newspaper Clipping071005
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette 1959. This is the time of year that everyone in sports reporting media picks the best of this and that for the year.Newspaper Clipping071006
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette December 31, 1959. A New Era Starts. To day marks the end of an era-the Fabulous Fifties.Newspaper Clipping071007
Newspaper clipping, By Al Mallette December 31, 1967. Football 1967: Year of the Sayre Surprise. Defense played a major role in Sayre's perfect season. Newspaper Clipping071008
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