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Collection TitleCL 55 Lowman Family PapersCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKatie Button

Lowman Family - Jacob Lowman, his wife, Hilda, and and his younger brother, Martin, first came to Chemung County in 1788. 

Seymour Lowman - Seymour Lowman, son of John and Fanny Lowman, was born October 7, 1868 in the town of Chemung.  On September 7, 1893, he married Katherine Harding Smith.  Their children include Caroline (b. May 31, 1904) and A. Marshall.  Lowman served in the New York State Assembly from 1909 to 1910 and the State Senate from 1918 to 1924.  He was Lieutenant Governor of New York from 1925 until 1927 when he became Assistant Secretary of the United States Treasury.  During prohibition, he was in charge of enforcement until he was forced to resign in 1933.  He retired to Elmira and became president of the Elmira Savings Bank until his death in 1940. 


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Document, Genealogy, American Branch Salisbury Family (de Salzbury). William Salisbury born in Deubighshire, Wales in 1622, died at Swausea, Massachusetts June 28, 1675. William Salisbury was a soldier in King Phillips War.Document080301
Notes, Genealogy on George Laumann (Lowman) and his lawful house-wife Esther, son Martin Laumann (Lowman) born February 21, 1794. Notes080303
Letters to Esther Lowman 1881 - 1884 from John Lowman and ???.Letters080304
Note, Unidentified person.Note 080305
Newspaper Clipping, A Timely Gift, St. Peter's Lutheran Church of Middletown, Pennsylvania, the recipient a magnificent church bell, from Mr. William Lowman. H. C. Holloway Middletown Pennsylvania, January 9,1885.Newspaper Clipping080306
Letter, Genealogy on the Purington's (?) George and Elizabeth came to Mahoopany, Pennsylvania from Schoharie County, New York, around 1830, was of Dutch descent. George and Elizabeth Purington are buried at Scottsville, Pennsylvania in the Shitcomb Cementary. George Purington Bixby born Bainridge, New York 1837 died in Paducah, Kentucky July 1862.Letter080307
Note, Honorable George S. Godard, State Libarian , Hartford, Connecticut. Genealogist.Note 080308
Note, George Lowman, "Chester County Plot" was formed in 1736. The German Element in York County, Pennsylvania. Abdel Ross Wentz, B. D., Ph. D.Note080309
Letter, To Sarah F. Copley, Elmira, New York, December 1, 1899, from Jennie F. Laverty, Middletown, Pennsylvania Letter080310
Document, Lowman Genealogy 1743 - 1809.Document080311
Letter, Unidentified person.Letter 080312
Document, Article One Hundred Years Ago.Document080313
Letter, To Honorable Seymour Lowman, Elmira, New York. From E. G. Salibury, Phelps, New York, May 30, 1927.Letter080314
Document, Some Old Routes of Travel Through Middletown - Dauphin County, Prepared For The Historical Society of Dauphin County By Edward L. Croll, May 16, 1927.Document080315
Letters, To Julia from Fanny, October 1886 - January 29, 1888.Letters080316
Letters, To unidentified person.Letters080317
Letter, To Seymour Lowman, (Elymire) Elmira, New York. May 7, 1927. from Albert Salibury, 345 Alexander Street, Rochester, New York.Letter080318
Letter, To Mr. Salibury, From Grosvenor Library, Bufalo, New York. Annie S. Woodcook. Genealogy on the Salibury.Letter080319
Letters, To Albert Salibury from Gertrude Elubardt Elliott September 19, 1923. Genealogy on the Salibury.Letters 080320
Letters, To Captain Saliburg from Robert E. Salibury December 16, 1923. Genealogy on the Slaibury.Letters080321
Document, Genealogy on (Lauman) Lowman. From Edward Lowman Croll, June 17, 1910, September 27, 1746 Johan Lugwig Lauman, Martin Lauman, father and uncle of our ancester Lugwig George Lauman. Lugwig George Lowman born August 26, 1743 died June 26, 1809.Document080322
Document, Dates and data of Georg Lauman family, by Miss Mia Baum Middletown, Pennsylvania February 11, 1933. Old sailing records, Hans(Jerig) George Lauman, sailed in the ship Friendship June 20, 1727 from Cowes, Master John Davis of Rotterdam. Stephen Lauman sailed in the ship Eliza. Edward Lee Master of Rotterdam. from Dover August 27, 1733. George Bernhart Lauman sailed in ship, St Andrew, October 27,1738. Martin Lauman sailed in the ship Ann Galley. Captain William Wilson from Rotterdam, September 27, 1746Document080323
Letter, To Esther from John Lowman, Bainbridge, September 6, 1881Letter080324
Envelope, to Honorable Seymour Lowman, Elmira, New York from Edward L. Croll, Middletown, Pennsylvania, January 16, 1937. Genealogy on Lowman's and Croll's.Envelope 080325
Document, Genealogy on Kate Harding Smith Lowman, descended from pioneer New England ancestry of English, Irish and Welch. Married Seymour Lowman, September 7, 1893Document080326
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