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The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Report Card - Fred Pruyne, September 7, 1891 - December 25, 1891, by Teacher Clara E. Georgia, District No. 17.Report CardI0402
Report Card - Annie Keppler, in the Clay Building, 1891 - 1892.Report CardI0403
Dance Card - Senior Reception dated March 20, 1906.Dance CardI0404
Letter - To Harry B. Kelsey from Senator Earnest Hatfield's Office (Thomas E. Mulligan, Jr., Coordinator) dated June 24, 1959. In regards to student and teacher essays which were submitted for a state-wide contest sponsored by the Commission on Historic Observances.Letter I0405
Letter - From Winifred Whitemack MacNish to Abner Wright, June 7, 1944. Regarding a school register of her great-grandfather, Azariah Breese. He was the son of John Breese, the first settler of Horseheads, and a school teacher who taught in a log schoolhouse in 1826 - 1827, 9th School District. Also included is an envelope and school book. LetterI0501
Ledger - A School Tax Record of Taxable persons, description of real estate, value, tax levied, and date paid, for the year 1910 - 1919.LedgerI0601
Book - Penmanship Exercise Book, 1826, School Unidentified. Students were Jane FairChild, Polly Perry, Nancy Backus, Edwin Douglas, Charly Backus, Mary Ingersoll, Lester Marley, Benjamin Backus, Cornelia Basett, William Bark,and Cynthia Craver.BookI0701
Booklet - A students penmanship exercise book, 1848, by Julia Stockey and John Brooks after attending school of Dr. Davis. BookletI0702
Circular - Educational. On Wednesday, November 7, 1855 a term of instruction in writing and bookkeeping will be held at The St. Nicholas Building on Lake Street, by T. W. Hannum.CircularI0703
Receipt - received from Peter Whiting, one of the Trustees of District No. 7, the sum of $48.00 in full of all demands on March 6, 1831 signed by Daniel Lattin.ReceiptI0801
Booklet - Minutes of meetings from 1930 - 1942, Bertha D. Gardner District Clerk (1930 - 1941), of District No. 15. One of topics concern purchasing of hardwood and coal for heating; also, transportation for pupils.BookletI0802
Receipt - April 17, 1832 from Benjamin Palmer to Lavinia Cox in the amount of $3.37 and Sally Lattin in the amount of $5.62 for their teaching in District No. 11, Town of Veteran.ReceiptI0803
Ledger - Elmira School District for 1934 - 1937. Includes a list of pupils, salaries, supplies, repairs, insurance, taxes collected, and other expenses.LedgerI0901
Brochure - Announcing the opening of Kindergarten School by Miss M. E. Norton on January 4, 1886 at the residence of Mr. H. S. Redfield, the corner of Park Place and Fifth Street; includes the cost for each pupil for a full year. BrochureI1001
Notes - Regarding Miss Norton's Kindergarten's Class from January 4, 1887 to June, 1928. Naming teachers, deaths of teachers, vacations, and courses. The school closed in June, 1928, after 42 Years with the total enrollment of 587 pupils.NotesI1002
Brochure - Misses Norton's Kindergarten and Primary School will re-open on September 8, 1903 at 226 West Second Street. Miss Francis King Norton, will work in the Kindergarten. Miss Mary Emily Norton, will be in charge of the Primary. BrochureI1003
Document - Young Ladies' Seminary, Misses Galatian, boarding and day school for young ladies. Terms and vacations. Documents submitted by Mrs. Harry Paton on November 20, 1961. DocumentI1101
Essay - By Sarah Newell and Roseanne Smith, written in May, 1860, the week before vacation, entitled "Home".EssayI1102
Report Card - From Miss Chalmers' School for Girls, Elmira, New York, for Mary Dexter for the term ending February,1885.Report CardI1103
Booklet - Attendance Record, school unknown, from September, 1887 - October, 1889.BookletI1104
Program - Bryant Hall Closing Exercises, June 17, 1890 at Park Church Lecture Room.ProgramI1105
Statement - To Jas. Goldsmith, School Trustee, dated September 24, 1890 from the Chart Dept. at Ivison, Blakeman & Company, Dr. In regards to a Comp. Chart ordered on June 20, 1888, by Mr. Tice, that was never paid for. They are requesting payment. StatementI1106
Receipt - From the DeGRAFF Violin School, August 28, 1930, to Billy Bucy, age 13, stating they have received seventy-five cents each week for 23 weeks.ReceiptI1107
Booklet - A list of students, Sophmores, Juniors, and Seniors, and their attendance for November, 1864 - January, 1865, school unknown.BookletI1201
Book - 1814, James Miner's book on math, commissions, federal money, weights, dry measures, division, multiplications, subtraction, and additions.BookI1301
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