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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Program - Tools Expedition Celebration presented by the kindergartners of Finn Academy, January 26, 2016.ProgramI1401
Booklet - Collection of Kindergarten Stories about tools written by the students of Finn Academy, January 2016.BookletI1402
Invitation - Musical and Literary Entertainment, followed by a Social Hop, to be given by the students of the Elmira Business College, at Bundy Hall, Tuesday evening, December 20, 1892, at 8 p. m.InvitationJ0101
Receipts - Received from Curley and Company on April 21, 1896, $300.00 for proof safe; April 22, 1896, $100.00 for a/c; April 27, 1896, $100.00 for a/c; April 27, 1896, $75.00 for clerk salaries; April 28, 1896, $150.00 for a/c; April 29, 1896, $6.40 for freight; April 30, 1896, $56.25 for insurance; May 4, 1896, $100.00 for a/c; May 7, 1896, $15.40 for "Morning News"; May 8, 1896, $51.21 for a/c; May 10, 1896, $125.00 for Services; May 11, 1896, $120.00 for full a/c; May 21, 1896, $75.00 for services.ReceiptsJ0102
Checks - From the First National Bank, signed by Curley & Company. Check #1, April 21, 1896, $50.00 to William Woodward; Check #21, May 4, 1896, $2001.00 to C. N. Bank; Check #22, May 4, 1896, $800.00 to Hamilton & Forbes; Check #30, May 8, 1896, $140.96 to Perrin & Reed; Check #33, May 11, 1896, $3002.00 to D. Hopkins.ChecksJ0103
Notebook - By Peter Curley; A record of checks written from May 18, 1886 to February 28, 1896. Includes who the check was made out to and the check number, and the amount of check. (Practice Checkbook only).NotebookJ0104
Catalogue - Elmira Business College; describing courses, cost of tuition, regulations, special advantages, and notes of testimonials from former students. (1887 - 1888).CatalogueJ0105
Booklet - Warner's Elmira & Oneonta, New York Business Schools, around the late 1800's describing branches taught, rates of tuituin, combined courses, English Department, cost of books, good prospects for graduates, etc.BookletJ0106
Certificate - Certifying that Cora A. Derby has paid $13.00 on a 3 month course of instruction in the Theory & Practice of Phonography.CertificateJ0107
Ledgers - Elmira Business College; D. M. Sargeant, Domestic Tickler, 1862, Foreign Tickler, 1862, Day Book, 1879, Ledger, 1888; C.W. Phillips, Sales Book, 1862; Peter Curley, Ledger, 1895;and 3 empty ledgers.LedgersJ0108
Drawing - The Elmira Business Institute, of two birds done in ink by A. J. Warner on March 31, 1921.DrawingJ0109
Booklet - Catalogue of Warner's Business School, Elmira, N.Y., 1909.BookletJ0110
Program - Elmira Shorthand College, at Bundy Hall, April 4, 1889 entitled "Musical & Literary Entertainment". ProgramJ0301
Program - Elmira Shorthand College, at Bundy Hall, May 31, 1889, "Musical & Literary Entertainment". ProgramJ0302
Program - Elmira Shorthand College, "Literary & Musical Entertainment, at Bundy Hall, June 6, 1890.ProgramJ0303
Booklet - The Smith Business School, in the Robinson Building, Elmira, New York, 1914. Talks about the establishment of the school in 1904 by Principal Burton D. Smith, of Elmira, New York and methods of instruction. Also talks about accommodations and courses. Includes Testimonials from graduates. BookletJ0304
Booklet - Meeker's Business Institute, 428 E. Market Street, Elmira, New York. Provides photos of Meeker's graduates and the businesses they work for. Also lists the courses and special features of the school.BookletJ0305
Book - The Bryant & Stratton Commercial School, Boston, Massachusetts, 1882. Describes school facilities, tuitions, courses, teachers, and departments.BookJ0306
Flyer - Corning Community College Auto Tech Club, presenting 2011 Car Show on Sunday May 8, 10am - 4pm at Airport Corporate Park, Daniel Zenker Drive, Horseheads, New York.FlyerJ0308
Handbill - What I Expect of My Secretary, compliments of the Elmira Business Institute, ca. 1930s. HandbillJ0401
Booklet - Elmira Business Institute Course Catalog, 1941-2. BookletJ0402
Booklet - Elmira Business Institute Course Catalog, 1980-2. BookletJ0403
Program - Elmira Business Institute graduation, July 2, 1987. ProgramJ0404
Booklet - History of the Elmira Business Institute, 1858-2008. BookletJ0405
Invitation - Elmira School of Commerce. Invitation and envelope to the 17th Annual Commencement Exercise to be held on December 23, 1896, at the Y.M.C.A. Auditorium. J0501
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