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Collection TitleMC 17 Theater CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByLee Kiesling
AbstractInventory still in process.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Program - The Yankee Prince, produced by Cohan and Harris, starring Tom Lewis, Lyceum, April 15, 1910. Booklet.ProgramC1704
Program - The Music Master, presented by David Belasco, starring David Warfield, Lyceum, May 13, 1910. Booklet. Clipping.ProgramC1705
Program - Miss Patsy, presented by Henry W. Savage, starring Gertrude Quinlan, Lyceum, September 28,1910. Single sheet, folded.ProgramC1706
Program - The World and His Wife, presented by and featuring William Faversham, Lyceum, Septeber 29, 1910. Single folded sheet.ProgramC1707
Program - Faust, presented by the Aborn English Grand Opera Company, Lyceum, October 3,1910. Singl;e folded sheet. Clipping.ProgramC1708
Program - The Man From Home, starring William Hodge, managed by Liebler and Company, Lyceum, November 10, 1910. Single folded sheet.ProgramC1709
Program - The Passing of the Third Floor Back, starring Ian Robertson with the full original English company, Lyceum, November 19, 1910. Single folded sheet.ProgramC1710
Program - Strongheart and The Straight Road, presented by Charles H. Rosskam, Lyceum, December 12-13, 1910. Single sheet folded.ProgramC1711
Program - The Climbers and The Spoilers, presented by Charles H. Rosskam,Lyceum, December 16-16, 1910. Single sheet folded.ProgramC1712
Program - The Girl from Out Yonder and The District Attorney, presented by the Nancy Boyer Company, featuring Nancy Boyer, Lyceum,week of January 2, 1911. Single sheet folded.ProgramD0101
Program - The Taming of the Shrew, starring E.H. Sothern and Julia Marlow, Lyceum, January 11,1911. Booklet.ProgramD0102
Program - The Taming of the Shrew, starring E.H. Sothern and Julia Marlow, Lyceum, January 11, 1911. Booklet.ProgramD0103
Program - The Yankee Girl, presented by Lew Fields and Frederick McKaY, starring Blanche Ring, Lyceum, January 18, 1911. Single sheet folded.ProgramD0104
Program - The Yankee Girl, presented by Lew Fields and Frederick McKaY, starring Blanche Ring, Lyceum, January 18, 1911. Single sheet folded.ProgramD0104
Program - Macbeth, presented by William A. Brady, starring Mr. Mantel, Lyceum, February 2, 1911. Clipping. Single sheet folded.ProgramD0105
Program - Concert, David Bispham and Bessie Abott, presented by Louden Charlton by arrangement with Liebler & Co., Lyceum, March 31,1911. Clipping. Booklet.ProgramD0106
Program - The Gamblers, presented by the Authors Producing Company, Lyceum, October 4, 1911. Single sheet foldedProgramD0107
Program - Naughty Marietta, presented by Oscar Hammerstein, starring Mlle. Florence Webber, Lyceum, November 16,1911. Clipping. Single folded sheet.ProgramD0108
Program - Baby Mine, presented by William A. Brady, Ltd, Lyceum, November 23, 1911. Clipping. Single folded sheet.ProgramD0109
Program - Concert by Andreeff's Imperial Russian Court Balalaika Orchestra, Lyceum, December 1,1911. Clipping. "Corrected" program. Booklet.ProgramD0110
This folder contains programs for the following shows at The Lyceum: She Knows Better Now & Mrs. Peckham's Carouse staring May Irwin (January 30, 1912); Jumping Jupiter staring Richard Carle (March 7, 1912); Freckles presented by A.G. Delamater (August 24, 1912); York State Folks (September 16, 1912); The Girl in the Taxi presented by A.H. Wood (October 6, 1912; The White Sister presented by The Garrick Players (November 18, 1912).ProgramD0201
Program - The Girl of My Dreams, starring Leila McIntyre,presented by Jos. M. Gaites, Lyceum, January 22, 1913. Multi-page booklet.ProgramD0301
Program - The Little Millionaire, written by George M. Cohan, presented by Cohan and Harris, Lyceum, February 15, 1913. Multi-page booklet.ProgramD0302
Program - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, starring Edith Taliaferro,produced by Klaw and Erlanger, Lyceum, March 6-8, 1913. Multi-page booklet. Edith Taliafierro on the cover.ProgramD0303
Program - The Round-Up, starring Maclyn Arbuckle, produced by Klaw & Erlanger, Lyceum, March 10-12, 1913. Multi-page booklet. Maclyn Arbuckle on cover.ProgramD0304
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