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Collection Title:CL 192 Central Christian Church CollectionCreator:Chemung County Historical Society
Processed By:Dan Weaver
Date Completed:November 2021

The items in this collection were donated to the Booth Library by the Central Christian Church in 2018.


Elmira (N.Y.); Churches 


The Elmira Central Christian Church’s origins can be traced to 1893 when a group of local worshippers began meeting as an informal outgrowth of the national Disciples of Christ movement. In October 1898, the group moved to a two-story building at the corner of South Main and Partridge Streets. The group was formally incorporated in November 1898 as The First Church of Christ, Disciples, and moved into a newly-built church on the South Main St. site in 1906.

In January 1951, the organization changed its name to the Central Christian Church, though it remained a local branch of the Disciples of Christ denomination. The church remained active for the next six decades, with highlights including the establishment in the 1980s of a World Outreach Committee, responsible for significant charitable work, and the establishment in 2004 of Spanish language services (the Hispanic Ministry project). In 2013, the church legally disassociated itself from the Disciples of Christ and dissolved in 2018. Notable pastors included: Clayton Chandler Crawford (1896-1909), who served as minister to the initial Disciples of Christ group; Charles M. Kreidler (1909-1924), whose efforts were instrumental in saving the church from financial crisis in its early years; Ronald L. Parker (1970-1974) and Harry L. Taylor (1974-1981), who provided leadership in reconstruction projects following damage to the church caused by Hurricane Agnes in 1972; and Ramon Osorio Jr. (2004-2011), who initiated the Hispanic Ministry project.


The Elmira Central Christian Church contains church newsletters and annual reports, 1940s-2010s; service programs, 1930s-2017; correspondence, 1898-2017; meeting minutes, 1910-2017; administrative documents, 1896-2017; photographs and albums, 1910s-2000s; assorted documents.

Extent:6 linear feet
Date Span:1896-2018

This collection contains documents and photographs associated with the Central Christian Church of Elmira.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
This section contains records relating to the following individuals: Blanche Raham, J. Vallard Raham, O. Earl Raham, Janice Ranck, Joyce Rawlings, Carlyle Ripley, Dennis Ripley, Harold Ripley Jr., Jack Ripley, Robert Ripley, Harriett Ripley, Harold F. Ripley, Jacqueline Roberts, Anne Rozell, Hattie Ryan, Joyce Elaine Ryan, Lucille Ryan, William Ryan, Darlene Satterlee, Lenna Sawyer, Suzanne Schlock, Russell Seymour, Cora M. Shaffer, Margaret Shaffer. Records031807
This section contains records relating to the following individuals: Edgar Scaper, Myrtle Scaper, Chester G. Sheldon, Mary Sherman, Frederick M. Sherman, Nellie Simpson, Betty Smith, Carlton Smith, Gerald M. Smith, John E. Smith, Paul Smith, Velvia Smith, Gladys Somer, Charles Saper, Rosemary W. Spencer, George Spirithes Jr., Marie Stranger, Marion Straub, Victor Straub, Julia Streeter, Gary Alan Stump, Paul L. Stump, Charlotte Stump, Sally M. Stump, Robert A. Sutton, Shirley Sutton, Blanche Sweet. Records031808
This section contains records relating to the following individuals: John Tarntino, Susie Taubman, Jesse R. Taylor, Frances A. Taylor, Ethel Terry, Leslie Trufell, Clifford Tuttle, Ethel V., John E. Valley, Jo Ann Van Bruen, Richard F. Van Bruen, Alberta Van Horn, George V. Van Keuren, Sharon Louise Van Tyle, Katherine I. Vosburgh, Raymond Walsh, Garry Wandell, Lucille Wandell, Kelroy Glenn Watkins, Helen M. Watkins, Hattie M. Weigle, Lee L. Weigle, Joan S. Wilstie, Mary Wood, Larry Earl Wood, Thomas Eugene Wood, Mrs. Richard York, Richard York. Records031809
Newsletter - Disciples Doings, Central Christian Church, 1953, 1955-1957, 1959.Newsletter040101
Newsletter - Disciples Doings, Central Christian Church, 1960-1961.Newsletter040201
First Church of Christ Service Programs, 1944, 1946-1948; Central Christian Church Service Programs, 1954, 1966.Programs040301
Central Christian Church Service Programs, 1970-1973, 1976, 1979. Programs040401
Central Christian Church Memorial Programs, 1999-2001, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2016-2017.Programs040501
This folder contains monthly and yearly budgets, proposed budgets, year end reports, and other financial documents for the years 1981 and 1987-1994.Documents040601
This folder contains monthly and yearly budgets, proposed budgets, year end reports, and other financial documents for the years 1995-2006.Documents040701
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