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This folder contains the following maps and architectural drawings of Elmira City Schools: Plan of No. 2 School house & lot (1911 & 1951); Map of Proposed Improvements Around No. 3 School, 1870; Map of No. 3 School Grounds, 1929; Map of alley south of No. 4 School, ca. 1900; Map of No. 4 School grounds, 1929; Map of No. 10 School, 1948; Map of No. 11 School lands, 1950; Map of Elmira Free Academy, 1902; Map of Elmira Free Academy athletic fields (1920 & 1932); Map of suggested improvements to Elmira & environs showing public and private schools (1960).Maps06D-07F-01
Plan of proposed abutments at Hoffman Creek & Grove Street, Elmira, 1905.Technical Drawing06D-07F-02
This folder contains the following maps & technical drawings of improvements to Tuttle Ave.: proposed pipe near John St. from Tuttle Ave. to Creek, 1930s; improvements to drainage ditch on Tuttle Ave., 1939; profile of Tuttle Ave. sewer, 1924.Technical Drawings06D-07F-02
This folder contains the following maps of the Elmira Heights Water Works, 1897: location of Pipe, Hydrants, etc.; plan of reservoir. Maps06D-07F-02
Technical drawing of proposed drainage plan for Beach property, 1901.Technical Drawing06D-07F-02
Technical drawing of drainage plan of Washington Ave. underpass, 1932.Technical Drawing06D-07F-02
Plan of Track Catch-Basin, 1902.Technical Drawing06D-07F-02
Sketch showing changes of Badger Creek channel, 1905. Technical Drawing 06D-07F-02
Plan of Elmira Water, Light & Railroad Co. Reservoir on Hoffman Creek, 1910Map06D-07F-02
Map of Elmira Foundry lands, 1917.Map06D-08F-01
This folder contains the following architectural drawings of the Elmira Foundry: plans & technical drawings for Additions to Pattern Storage, 1940; new office for Elmira Foundry Engineering Dept., 1947.Architectural Drawings06D-08F-01
This folder contains the following architectural drawings for the General Electric (G.E.) Elmira Foundry: Dispensary Building alterations, 1949; track clearance for proposed Sand Conditioning Building, 1949.Architectural Drawings06D-08F-01
This folder contains the following technical & architectural drawings of the General Electric (G.E.) Elmira Foundry: partition layout of Main Office Remodeling, 1953; Building No. 2 plan & elevation, 1953; Elmira Works plot plan, 1955; plans of Nos. 2 & 4 Substation Buildings, 1951; new well water connection to Mold Building, 1956; plan & elevation of tunnel, 1959; plan & location of Clarifier Building, 1959.Architectural Drawings06D-08F-02
This folder contains the following architectural & technical drawings of the General Electric (G.E.) Elmira Foundry: additions to Building No. 2, 1969; proposed additions to Building No. 14 & Core Storage, 1968; Gas, Water & Sewer lines for Elmira Works, 1960; plan of Waste Treatment Facility, 1969.Architectural Drawings06D-08F-03
This folder contains the following maps of the General Electric (G.E.) Elmira Foundry: proposed well water locations & piping diagram, 1961; proposed property exchange between G.E. Co. & City of Elmira, College & W. Thurston, 1968; proposed property exchange between G.E. Co. & Hardinge Bros. Inc., College & W. Thurston, 1968.Maps06D-08F-03
Map of General Electric (G.E.) Foundry Lands in Elmira, 1980.Map06D-08F-04
This folder contains the following technical drawings from the General Electric (G.E.) Elmira Foundry: electrical distribution plans, 1973 & 1978; sprinkler system diagram, 1976; arrangement of electrical substations, 1973; High & Low Voltage Cables Diagram, 1973.Technical Drawings06D-08F-04
(2) Maps of the Trinity Foundry site layout, 1994 & 1995.Maps06D-08F-04
This folder contains the following photographs: Elmira Chamber of Commerce in Detroit, 1915; view of Elmira from Jerusalem Hill with Kennedy Valve, ca. 1920s; 3rd National Zonta Club convention, Elmira, 1923; New York State Baraca-Philathea Union convention, ca. 1920s; Company L, 108th National Guard, Elmira, 1940; New York State Assembly, 1999-2000.Photographs06D-09F-01
This folder contains the following photographs of World War I (WW I): 8th Company Receiving Camp, Camp Wheeler, GA, 1917; Pelham Bay Park Camp, 1917; Company L at Camp McArthur, Waco, TX, ca. 1917-18; Company L returned from France to NYC, spring 1919; Camp Wadsworth, SC, ca. 1917; Company L in Elmira, April 1917; Company L, 108th Infantry, 1919; 3rd Battalion, 108th Infantry, 1919; Ehrenhreistein Fortress, Coblenz, Germany, 1919.Photographs06D-09F-02
Plans for Project New York State No. 152, Low Rent Housing 12 Duplex Units for the Elmira Housing Authority, March 17, 1970: General site plan; contour map; mechanical details. Maps06D-11F-01
This folder contains the following maps of housing developments in the City of Elmira: Hampton Roads (1940); Park Side Development (1940). Maps06D-11F-01
Maps and technical drawings of the Strathmont Realty Corporation Plot, Elmira: study for arrangement of Strathmont Park Subdivision (1923); plan & profile of sewers 'B,' 'C' & 5th Street (1923); layout of streets (1923); Wilbur R. Simmon's plot No. 4 (1929); Strathmont Park subdivision (1930). Maps06D-11F-01
This folder contains the following maps of housing developments in the Town of Elmira: Homestead Park, Elmira Heights (1912); Riverview subdivision (1920): Oak Hill Park West (ca. 1920s); Schornstheimer Knoll with street profiles (1958-9); Woodland Apartment (1968-71); Section Plot 1 of Holley Road Subdivision with street profiles (1965). Maps06D-11F-02
This folder contains the following maps of housing developments in the Town of Southport: South Haven Manor No. 2 Subdivision (1919); Holden Heights Subdivision No. 2 (1949); Sunrise Manor with percolation test results (1954); Robert T. Hess Subdivision (1955); Lot 9, Robert T. Hess Subdivision (1955); Profile of Riverview Circle, Robert T. Hess Subdivision (1959); Kaselian Subdivision No. 1 with percolation test results (1955); Maple Avenue Drive (1959); Kaselian Subdivision No. 2 with percolation test results (1954-63); Profile of Orchard Park Road, Dalrymple Plot (1950).Maps06D-11F-03
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