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Collection TitleCL 55 Lowman Family PapersCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKatie Button

Lowman Family - Jacob Lowman, his wife, Hilda, and and his younger brother, Martin, first came to Chemung County in 1788. 

Seymour Lowman - Seymour Lowman, son of John and Fanny Lowman, was born October 7, 1868 in the town of Chemung.  On September 7, 1893, he married Katherine Harding Smith.  Their children include Caroline (b. May 31, 1904) and A. Marshall.  Lowman served in the New York State Assembly from 1909 to 1910 and the State Senate from 1918 to 1924.  He was Lieutenant Governor of New York from 1925 until 1927 when he became Assistant Secretary of the United States Treasury.  During prohibition, he was in charge of enforcement until he was forced to resign in 1933.  He retired to Elmira and became president of the Elmira Savings Bank until his death in 1940. 


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Notes, George Gray, Ray Elliot, George and Frank Clearwater, Eleanor Lowman, Donald Lowman, Rhodes and Charles Mitchell.Notes010253
Notes, Huldah Bosworth born April 12, 1774 at Washington, Connecticut, Litchfield Company died July 20, 1839. David Bosworth.Notes010254
Note, June 3, 1822. Susannah Landis.Note 010255
Document, Families of the Revolution, Captain Daniel Tyler, First Colonel John Treadwell, Captain Amas Smith, Johaun Ludwig Lowman 1746, Samuel Bixby. Israel Putman's daughter, Johnathan Edwards daughter (Revolution) Mrs. Theo Roosevelt.Document010256
Notes, Israel Putman's daughter, Johnathan Edward Daughter (Revolution)Notes010256
Notes, Peter Landis died January 28, 1849 age 79 years and five days. Elizabeth Landis born October 11, 1769, Died October 13, 1854 age 84 years and eleven days. Catherine Landis daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Landis born 1801 married Samuel Etter died one year after marriage left infant daughter. George Landis died January 27, 1854 left Susannah his wife and Catherine Elizabeth his daughter.Notes 010257
Note, Cynthia Everett died October 3, 1876, Hovey Everett DM.born Litchfield, Connecticut December 25, 1800 came to Chemung in 1824 died December 21, 1861 aged 61 years.Note010258
Note, Susann Boyer born March 20, 1807 died May 2, 1876. Note010259
Note , Helen R. Tubbs(Compton) Richards born December 8, 1877, Married April 27, 1899. William Randall Compton born April 8, 1860 died April 29, 1912. Orson Culver Richards November 15, 1922 William Randall Compton born July 9, 1902, Town of Horseheads married Beulah Clair Bruisie August 20, 1925 at Rochester ,New YorkNote010260
Note, Mary Alice (Tubbs) Zimmerman born October 1, 1872, married January 8, 1896 to Jacob George Zimmerman, Children Helen Frances Zimmerman born May 29, 1897, Karolena Rosamond born November 24, 1901 married June 28, 1935 to Lewis E. Rhoades.Note010261
Note, Frederick Cassell Died April 25, 1812. Peter Landis died May 11, 1812 in Chemung County. Catherine Elizabeth Landin to Mark Baldwin 1855.Note 010261
Note, Old McDowell House stood north west corner of route 17 and Hicks Road on what is now Owen Farm. (1844)Note 010262
Note, Goodwin Family , Births marriages and deaths Woodlawn Cemetery. 1839 - 1925.Note010263
Note, Thomas Jefferson Brooks born December 18, 1816, died September 29, 1857, married September 3, 1844. Cynthia Lowman born March 4, 1824, died December 4, 1874. Samuel Murray Tubbs born March 31, 1835, died February 15, 1900, married October 25, 1865. Rosamond Lillis Brooks born February 11, 1847, died March 11, 1923. Children of Samuel and Rosamond Tubbs, Susie Brooks born August 25, 1866 died March 6, 1868. Mary Alice born October 1, 1872. Frances Brooks born May 23, 1875. Helen Rosamond born December 8, 1877.Note010264
Note, John G. McDowell born February 25, 1794 in Chemung, New York died June 1, 1866 in Chemung New York married Laurinda Lowman December 21, 1866. Laurinda Lowman McDowell born November 19, 1793 in Chemung, New York died October 21, 1859 in Chemung, New York. Esther Maria born January 8, 1817, died March 13, 1868. Mr. Alfred Bennett 1811 - 1902. Cynthia E. October 3, 1876. Doctor Harvey Everett born December 25, 1800 died December 21, 1861. Note010265
Card. Edwin D. Burgess Certified Boyd McDowell seal of the Court and County of Chemung July 31, 1906.Card010266
Letter, To Boyd McDowell from D. W. C. Laverty January 25, 1907, Mr. Laverty would like to learn about the history of his great grandfather George Lauman (Sr.) Imported in the Friendship, October 16, 1727 Jerimiah Lowman, Ship Johnson of London September 19, 1732 Lodawick Luman, Eva Luman. Ship Elizabeth from Rotterdam August 27, 1733 Stephen Lauman age 31. Ship St. Anthony from Rotterdam October 27, 1738 Jurigh Bernard Lowman. Ship Phoenix from Rotterdam September 30, 1743 John Nicklas Lohman. Ship Good Hope from Hamburg October 1, 1753 John George Lauman, J. Christoph Leman, Herrick Lowman, Johann Christoph Lemann. Ship Ann Galley from Rotterdam September 27, 1746 Johan Lugwig Lauman Martin Lauman. Betsy May 8, 1807, Powell Lowman age 32, Elizabeth Lowman age 35Letter010267
Letter, To Cousin Seymour, From Theo Detweiler, Middletown, Pensylvania, January 2, 1936. Has her fathers records much came from genealogical records Pennsylvania State Library, Newberry Library and Chicago.Letter 010268
letter, Major Waterman Baldwin born January 8, 1757 in Norwich Connecticut, was a scout in Sullivans Expedition. He wasleading merchant in Pittston Wyoming sold his store in 1789 to Robert Falkner and his dwelling house to William Slocum and in 1799 removed to Elmira New York. Being appointed Indian Agent by the United States Goverment took up residence at Starkie New York. Built a saw mill and store. On account of ill health Mr. Baldwin resigned his Indian Agency sold out his business and moved to Elmira, where he died April 21, 1810.Letter010270
Newspaper article. Reminiscence of a Pioneer -- Captain Watt Balwin, From the Elmira Star Gazette, Saturday Eeptember 23, 1839.Newspaper Article010271
Note, John Lowman August 9, 1884. Samuel Bixby 4th born February 11, 1803 - died June 3, 1889, his wife Lydia Purnigton born August 12, 1803 - died July 28, 1842. Samuel Bixby 3rd born January 25, 1772 - died July 23, 1857, his wife Lois Moss born October 3, 1775 - died April 2, 1852. Addie Partridge Lowman born December 11, 1866 died August 4, 1899. Dinah Bixby Born April 17 1808 - died April 17, 1892. Note010271
Document, The Old Frey House, 43 East Main Street. Built by George Everhardt born March 3, 1732 in Klatte, Darmstadt County, Kingdom of Wirtemberg. He came to this country as a redemptioner in 1749. Georg Fisher, the founder of Middletown, settled on his estate 1752. to help clear his land he hired a penniless German boy (Ich bin frei) they knew by the name George Frey and he used that name the rest of his life. After some years of trading he saved enough money he started a little store and erected a mill he married but had no children he died 1806 left his estate to the Emaus Orphan Home. The stone house George Everhardt or as he was known George Frey. In this building March 3, 1768 a Henry Cowan was killed by a negro, he convicted of murder, Imprisoned and sold out of the province. He has heard that George Lowman was one of the stone masons who helped this house.Document010272
Note, Baldwin Family, no dates, dirths , marriages or deaths.Note010273
Note, Wynkoop, Maxwell, Baldwin, no dates, births marriages and deaths. Lot 18 - 20Note010274
Note, William Baldwin to Waterman Baldwin of Pittstown, Luzenne County, Pennsylvania. March 9, 1799. State of Simmon Spaulding Lot. Orville Hard to George Lowman 1841.Note010275
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