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Collection TitleCL 137 Iszard’s Store CollectionCreatorChemung County Historical Society
Processed ByRachel Dworkin
Date Completed:June 2013
Provenance:The items in this collection were donated to the Booth Library by Robert Iszard Jr. in 2012. 
Terms:Department Stores; Elmira (N.Y.); Ithaca (N.Y.); Parades; Stores, Retail
Historical:S.F. Iszard Company - The S.F. Iszard Company was founded by Samuel French Iszard in 1904.  The original department store was at 301-303 East Water Street in Elmira.  In 1923, Iszard commissioned a new building designed by Pierce & Bickford architects at 150 North Main Street.  During the 1960s, the company expanded with a branch at the Arnot Mall and, in 1984, Iszard's opened a store in Ithaca.  In 1957, the S.F. Iszard Co. began the tradition of hosting an annual Christmas Parade.  In 1989, the company was purchased by McCurdy's of Rochester.  During the nearly 85 years of its existence, Iszard's was a family company.  In addition to founder Samuel Iszard, his sons Harry and Franklin, grandsons Bill and Bob and great-grandson Bobby Jr. were all involved in running the company. 
Scope:The Iszard's Store Collection contains company newsletters, 1963-1977; photographs and newspaper clippings of the Christmas parade, 1958-1989; newspaper clippings; images of the store, events, employees and products; documents related to the construction of the Iszard's building, 1923-4; and personal papers and photographs of the Iszard's family. 

Shares a box with CL 138.

Blueprints for the S.F. Iszard Building at 150 North Main are stored in MP 06, D-01. 

Extent1.5 linear feet
Date Span1904-1990
AbstractThis collection contains documents, photographs and newspaper clippings from S.F. Iszard Company's department store as well as personal papers and photographs from members of the Iszard's family. 

Filter by:
TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Newspaper clippings regarding the S.F. Iszard Company, 1976-1980.Newspaper ClippingsA2101
Newspaper advertisments for the S.F. Iszard Company, 1910s-1980s. Newspaper ClippingsA2201
Newspaper clippings regarding the S.F. Iszard Company's annual Christmas parade, 1958-1959. Newspaper ClippingsA2301
Newspaper clippings regarding the S.F. Iszard Company's annual Christmas parade, 1960-1969.Newspaper ClippingsA2401
Newspaper clippings regarding the S.F. Iszard Company's annual Christmas parade, 1970-1975.Newspaper ClippingsA2501
This folder contains the following images related to the S.F. Iszard Company: Main Street store exterior, 1920s, 1940s; Old Fashioned Bargain Days, 1959; interior of Main St. store, 1975 & 1977; interior of Iszard's Tea Room; interior of mall store, 1968; Women's Day, 1970; Holloween event at the mall, 1970; recieving room, 1974; view of the Elmira Arms Co. on Water St., 1959; architectural concept drawing of the Arnot Mall, ca. 1950s; Arnot Carriage House, ca. 1950; architectural concept drawing of the Main Street Bridge, 1976.PhotographsA2601
This folder contains (42) images of Christmas decorations and displays at S.F. Iszard Company, 1937. PhotographsA2701
This folder contains images of the following S.F. Iszard's Company employees: Bob Iszard Sr.; Bobbie Iszard Jr.; Bill Iszard; Franklin Iszard; Wilma Haner; Lorene Wright; Bea Thompson; Bill Worner; Kathy Morse; Jane Goodwin; Mildred Call; Bew Cook; Esther Hooker; Marjories Newell; Fanny Berry; Carole Schlock; Carol Brink; Katy Button; Helen Blumenshine; Karen Bachman. PhotographsA2801
This folder contains images of S.F. Iszard Company's war bond displays, 1943. PhotographsA2901
This folder contains photographs of Harriet Spencer's retiremet party at Lib's Supper Club in 1959 which feature the following people: Harriet Spencer; Nancy Marsh; Joyce Nurss; Wilma Haner; Edward Stayments; Betty Jacque; Robert Hooker; Sharon Ludwig; Marge Hampton; Paul Pooley; John Hill; Ruth Dunn; Franklin Iszard; Leonrore Stroese; Anne Brick; Katy Button; Lillian Newall; Malcome Payne; Carl Edgel; Betty Buell; Harry Davis; Mary Detz; Horace Coch; Marjorie Ames; Bill Wormer; N.A. Simpson; Barbara Baker.PhotographsA3001
This folder contains images of the Iszard's Christmas Parade from the following years: 1958, 1962; 1969 & 1970.PhotographsA3101
(19) Photographs of the Iszard's Christmas Parade, November 25, 1966. PhotographsA3201
(8) Photographs of the Iszard's Christmas Parade, November 27, 1970. PhotographsA3301
(8) Photographs of the Iszard's Christmas Parade, 1971.PhotographsA3401
(23) Photographs of the Iszard's Christmas Parade, 1972.PhotographsA3501
(14) Photographs of the Iszard's Christmas Parade, 1973.PhotographsA3601
(25) Photographs of the Iszard's Christmas Parade, 1974.PhotographsA3701
(11) Photographs of the Iszard's Christmas Parade, 1976.PhotographsA3801
(40) Slides of the Iszard's Christmas Parade, 1979.SlidesA3901
(18) Photographs of the interior and exterior of the Iszard's downtown Elmira and mall stores, 1977. PhotographsA4001
(14) Photographs of Christmas displays, S.F. Iszard Co., ca. 1980s. PhotographsA4101
(20) Slides of models wearing fashions sold at S.F. Iszard Co. including designs by Brooks, Espirit, Saturdays, Benard, Generra, Haggar Men's Wear, Michel, Stanley Blacker, Pendleton, Lewis and assorted furriers, 1983-5. SlidesA4201
(38) Slides of S.F. Iszard Co. store and Christmas displays, November 1983. SlidesA4301
(12) Slides of S.F. Iszard Co.'s Christmas displays at the Ithaca store, November 1983. SlidesA4302
(25) Slides of S.F. Iszard Co.'s Christmas displays at the mall store, December 1983. SlidesA4303
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