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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleMC 09 Dr. T. H. Squires CollectionCreator
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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Partial paper on physician compensation for using his mental knowledge; 2 handwritten pagesEssayA0207
Partial essay on Honor; pages 36 to 55; by Dr. T. H. SquireEssayA0208
Partial essay on the code of medical ethics; 2 pages; Dr. T. H. SquireEssayA0209
Partial essay: Dr. Doppner's views on disease causing epidemics by Dr. T. H. Squire; pages 2-11EssayA0210
Dr. T. H. Squire's Dec 1880 response to a paper that was peviously read to the Academy of Medicine in Febrary 1880 regarding "Chicken Colera" or "Hen Colera."EssayA0211
A partial tribute by Dr. Squire to an unknown surgeon who had died. Dr. Squire presented the 1st case history of the surgeon. It involved a 6 year old boy who had a bladder stone. There were other cases mentioned. Pages 5-19EssayA0212
Dr. Squire presented a paper to the Academy regarding the idiopathic or traumatic causes of tetanus both military and civilian.EssayA0213
On April 24, 1893 in Elmira, NY, Dr. Squire wrote down a case history that occured on September 24, 1892 in Millerton, PA when a little girl of 4 was shot in the head by her brother aged 7.DocumentA0214
Partial essay dealing with the monopoly of inventions for a limited time so the inventor may receive some benefit from it; 2 pagesEssayA0215
Three sheets with research references noted for Dr. Squire's use.DocumentA0216
"Helps and Hindrances in the Practice of Medicine" presented by Dr. T. H. Squire at the Elmira Academy of Medicine on October 3, 1888.EssayA0217
Partial essay on the effects of a disease on the body-visually and post mortum-and treatment of said disease of diseases. Pages 16-50EssayA0217
This document contains a tribute to Doctor Horace Seaman who died at his Millport home on February 18th, 1882. Written by Dr. Squire.DocumentA0218
An essay on the "Human Skin" by Dr. T. H. Squire.EssayA0219
An essay on "Medical Miscellany" by Dr. T.H. Squire. 1st Case-Hydocele; 2nd Case-Gunpowder Stains; 3rd Case-Gunpowder; 4th Case-Oxalic Acid; 5th-The King's appendicitis taken care of by Mr. Frederic Lewis, the father of the treatment of appendicitis.EssayA0220
A one sheet document that appears to be a note regarding the Code of the Physician as an inventor or writer.DocumentA0221
A hand written sheet of paper that appears to be an essay regarding the ear canal and treatment.DocumentA0222
An essay regarding "An Ounce of Prevention, Worth a Pound of Cure" by Dr. T. H. Squire. He was referring to some cases that should have been treated correctly by a physician right away.EssayA0223
One sheet of an essay "Accidents in the Region of the Shoulder Joint."DocumentA0224
A document consisting of pages 6-9, which refers to case histories of Dr. Squires and associates. The death of Mr. Echold from a 45 foot fall in St. Patrick's Church. The arrest and sucide of Dr. Wilcox after the death of a Mr. Hammond on whom he done surgery. Dr. Lemuel Hudson performed surgery on a tumor on the neck of a young lady who died during surgery.DocumentA0225
This essay is about the pathologically of the prostrate by Dr. T. H. Squire.EssayA0226
This page 3 and 4 of an essay on the Bible and Ethics.DocumentA0227
A partial letter written by Dr. T. H. Squire in reply to an invitation to the dedication of a Soldiers' Monument in Wellsboro, PA. He served as a surgeon in the 89th N.Y. Vols. LetterA0228
This document appears to be a short note to someone regarding the arrangements for the visit of a Dr. Weaver of Buffalo in May of unknown year. DocumentA0228
This essay is about the plague and of the quarantine measures to taken in the infected countries.EssayA0229
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