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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

The Manuscript Index is arranged alphabetically by collection name.  To access a finding aid, please click on its name.

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Collection TitleMC 47 Noyes-Lucas FamilyCreator
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A letter to Martie Lucas from Fanny Ely. The letter is quite indecipherable, but it is apparent that Fanny Ely wants to see Mrs. Lucas' new baby. Dated: December 28th, 1880. LetterA0122
A Telegram to Martie Lucas from H.B. Noyes. The telegram is sent through Western Union and is sent from Big Flats N.Y. to New York City. It states that is would be unsafe to bring her baby, because there is a lot of scarlet fever. Dated: December 9th, 1880.TelegramA0123
Note from Fanny Ely to Martie - wants to see baby. December 28, 1880.LetterA0123
Western Union Telegraph to Martie from H. B. Noyes - doctor says don't bring Sarah, much scarlet fever. December 9, 1880.LetterA0124
A letter to Martie Lucas from Ned Lucas, stating that he will again be home late. Dated: December 17th, 1880. LetterA0124
A letter written by the Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph Co. The letter is in regards to the Lucas and Merritt firm receiving telephone service and how much it will cost. Dated: November 6th, 1880. LetterA0125
Letter to Martie from Ned from New York City - will be late. 1880.LetterA0125
A letter to Martie Lucas from Ned Lucas. The letter asks her to send Mrs. Paly the boarding house directory. Dated: April 23rd, 1880. LetterA0126
Letter from Metropolitan Telephone and Telegraph Co. regarding installation and cost. November 6, 1880.LetterA0126
Note to Martie from Ned regarding the boarding house directory. 1880.LetterA0127
A letter to Ned Lucas from Martie Lucas. The letter states that the heat wave in Bristol R.I. Has been so bad that the schools have had to close down. She wonders if the heat has been as much of a problem in Elmira. Dated: September 7th, 1881. LetterA0201
Letter from Bristol, R.I. From Martie to Ned. Regarding heat waves in both Elmira and R.I. September 7, 1881LetterA0201
Letter from Martie to husband. August 2, 1881LetterA0202
A letter to Ned Lucas from Martie Lucas. The letter is very indecipherable. She is writing from Bristol R.I. Dated: August 2nd, 1881. LetterA0202
Letter from Martie to Ned (husband) regarding argument with father about her coming home to be sick and Ned visiting. September 10, 1881.LetterA0203
A letter to Ned Lucas from Martie Lucas. She explains that she has had an argument with her father about going home to Elmira, because she is sick, and also because her father was weary of Ned visiting. Dated: September 10th, 1881. LetterA0203
Letter from Martie to Ned regarding baby crawling and information of her being ill. August 10, 1881LetterA0204
A letter to Ned Lucas from Martie Lucas. She explains to Ned that their baby, Sarah, is now crawling and misses him very much. She also explains to him how she has been very ill. Dated: August 10th, 1881. LetterA0204
Letter from Martie to Ned. "Ned is lost" by train to Bristol. September 8, 1881LetterA0205
A letter to Ned Lucas from Martie Lucas. It explains that in her last letter there was some wrong information about Ned taking the train to Bristol R.I. Dated: September 8th, 1881. LetterA0205
Letter from Marti to Ned regarding mother planning trip to London, church, etc. July 27, 1881LetterA0206
A letter to Ned Lucas from Martie Lucas. She explains that Sarah has been talking and that she has heard that he has been sailing on a catamaran. She also states that her mother has been planning a trip to London. Dated: July 27th, 1881. LetterA0206
A letter to Ned Lucas from Martie Lucas. She explains that their daughter Sarah has just celebrated her 1st birthday and that she had her 1st haircut as well. She also explains that her mother came to visit. Dated: July 20th, 1881. LetterA0207
Letter from Martie to Ned regarding Sarah's first birthday, first haircut, shooting at farm, boat race, etc.LetterA0207
A letter to Ned Lucas from Martie Lucas. She explains that their baby Sarah has been sick and she is quite worried. She wants Ned to come visit. Dated: July 5th, 1881. LetterA0208
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