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Collection TitleMC 49 Mabel Flood CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed By

Dr. Mabel Flood - Frances Mabel Flood, better known as Mabel, was born in Elmira on April 6, 1884 to Thomas and Frances Miller Flood.  In 1911, she  graduated from Buffalo Medical College.  After briefly working at a hospital in Buffalo, she returned to Elmira in 1912 and opened her own practice.

In 1917, Mabel, along with her cousin Dr. Regina Flood Keyes, joined the American Red Cross and established the American Women’s Hospital in Monastir, Serbia.  Mabel returned to the United States in 1920 and married Alfred Heath of Liverpool, England, whom she met on the ship back, on August 31, 1920.  The Heaths returned to Elmira where Mabel re-established her medical practice and Alfred went into the dry cleaning business.  The couple had a daughter Marjorie Louise in 1922.  Dr. Mabel Flood Heath died on April 26, 1923 from complications following an operation for appendicitis.  On May 3, 1927 she was posthumously awarded the Order of St. Sava by King Alexander of Serbia.

Extent.5 Linear Feet
AbstractThis collection contains photographs and documents associated with Dr. Mabel Flood. 

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
An envelope addressed to Mabel Flood from Captain Aug. Katima. Enclosed in the envelope is a photograph of himself. No date.PhotographA0616
A letter to Mabel Flood from the same man who cannot write his name legibly. He writes that he has just received her letter from Athens and he says she has probably returned to America by now. He also writes that he doesn’t understand her resignation and quick departure from the service. Dated: April 6th, 1920. LetterA0617
A yearbook from the class of 1911 at University of Buffalo Medical Department. A brief history and photographs of the graduating class, including Mabel Flood.BookA0701
A physicians and surgeons certificate from the state of New York addressed to Mabel Flood. Dated: June 14th, 1912.CertificateA0702
A photograph of the graduating class of 1911 at the university of Buffalo Medical School.PhotographA0703
A detailed statement of expenses from the American Red Cross. No date.RecieptsA0801 (4 pgs.)
A certificate to Mabel Flood from the Foreign Service in the Serbian Commission. Dated: November, 1917 to March, 1920.CertificateA0802
A letter from the Chemung County War Chest Association that states that they will give five thousand dollars to the American Women's Hospitals. No date. LetterA0803
A list of some sort, there is no description of the numbers present. Dated: February 24th, 1920.DocumentsA0805
A letter to Mabel Flood from Esther Lovejoy of the American Women's Hospitals. She writes that she would like more information from Mabel regarding her work over in the Balkans. Dated: April 6th, 1920. LetterA0806
The passport of Mabel Flood. Dated: June 16th, 1919.PassportA0901
An address book belonging to Mabel Flood. No date.BookletA0902
A certificate from the Cradle Roll Department, stating that Marie Louise Heath has become a member. Dated: November, 1922.CertificateA1001
A certificate of Birth for Marjorie Louise Heath. Born on April 24th, 1922.CertificateA1002
A money envelope from the Chemung Canal Trust CO. It belonged to Mabel Flood, and there are expenses written down on the front of it. No date.DocumentsA1201
Notes from surrogates court in the matter of judicial settlement of the account of Chemung Canal Trust Company, as guardian of the property of Marjorie L. Heath.NotesA1202
A copy of the civil practice act, article 81-a.ArticleA1204
A certificate making Louise H. May, Mabel Flood's attorney. Dated: October 31st, 1917.CertificateA1205
A certificate from the city of Elmira, stating that Sarah Miller Forman, deceased, has left Mabel Flood eight hundred fifty dollars in her will. Accepted by Mabel Flood on October 31st, 1917.CertificateA1206
A portion of Sarah Miller Forman's will. Specifically, the portion where she gives her niece, Mabel Flood, her residence and all her belongings. Dated: May 22nd, 1917.WillA1207
A program from the Soiree Franco-Serbe. The program is written in French. Dated: February 24th, 1919.ProgramA1301
The menu from the same Soiree Franco-Serbe. Dated: February 28th, 1919.MenusA1302
The annual magazine of the Alumnae of Brown university, named the Brown record. Dated: 1935.MagazineA1401
A certificate recognizing that Daniel Davis has completed the printing class in the Elmira Evening School. Signed by F. Leverich. Dated: April 2nd, 1936.CertificateA1501
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