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Manuscript Library

Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

The Manuscript Index is arranged alphabetically by collection name.  To access a finding aid, please click on its name.

To search the Manuscript Index for a specific research topic, please enter the term into the Search Library Box below. 

Please keep in mind that many collections have not been inventoried while others are currently in progress.  If you have any questions regarding the Finding Aids or the Index, please contact the archivist at

Collection TitlePC Photograph CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByPat Wainwright, Kim Richards, Sue Rogan
AbstractInventory in Progress

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Folder contains the following musical groups: Strand Theatre Orchestra, 1921 - Joe Berry, Paul Casetta, Jack Sheahan, Frank Scala, Abe Frudenheim (Leader), Andrew W. Fellows, Carl Fay.Photograph06AB
Folder contains images of the following Musical Groups: 1935 - Glenn Thomas, Walter Mills, Bob Miller, James Peck, Ralph Dutenholfer, Hagerman, Gorden Jensen, John Divenny, Bob Culver, Gordon Copeland, Bill McDowell, Ted Taylor, Ed Steele, John Wronkoski, Ed Denton, Hank Collins, Dick Howland, Roy McDonald, Harry Baldwin, Ed Timbrel, Sam Smith, Gordon Mosher, Bob Fritchley, Jack Rapalee, Fish, John Statts, Hal Matthews, Denton, Link Whittaker, Doris Long, Don Perry, Bert Osborne, John McGilly, George Starkey, Fred Loomis, Jerry Fields, Barney Harlan, Ed Cook, Jack Harrington, George Hetrick, Cecil Thomas, Bill Love, Robert Thomas, Austin Keith, Harold Farmer, John Hamilton, Ed Ayres.Photograph06AB
Folder contains images of the following Musical Groups: 1934 - Drummi Wiley, Jim Ferris, Floyd Peck, Fred Loomis, Jim Peck, Bob Miller, Dick Leisenring, Gordon Jensen, Ralph Dutenholfer, Laddy Booce/ Boore, Gordon Mosher, Bill McDowell, Ed Timbrel, Roy McDonald, Bert Osborne, Ed Denton, John Wronkoski, Harry Baldwin, Walter Mills, Sma Smith, Bud Winner, Bob Fritchley, Jack Livens, Fred Loomis, Barney Harlan, George Starkey, Davis Long, Gerry Fields, Bob Culver, John Statts, Hal Mathews, Glenn Thomas, Bob Fish, Don Perry, Dick Howland, Link Whittaker, Zeke Thomas, Bob Live, Austin Keith, George Hetrick, Oliver Libby, John Hamilton, Bob Thomse, Ed Ayres, Ed Cook.Photograph06AB
Folder contains images of the following Musical Groups: Elmira High School Band - 1931, William Berry Director.Photograph06AB
Folder contains images of the following Musical Groups: 2 images of the Hager Band, Elmira.Photographs06AB
Folder contains images of the following Musical Groups: Elmira Lions Club Boy's Band, Elmira, 1930 - Roy Lewis, Bill Baner, Bill Boodger, Mr. Cook, Mrs. Gehrig, Durland Wells, Mr. Rice, Stan Hable, Paul Kieffer, Melvin Smith, Tom Heeney, Don Orton, Ed Cook, Barney Harlan, Fred Jones, Curt Bennett, Jim Root, Joe Congdon, Arnold Nelson, Red O'Neill, Chuck Hancock, Norbert Gehrig, Victor Gehrig, Mervin Boyd.Photographs06AB
Folder contains the following musical groups: Valley Band, Pine Valley, NY - Art Burris, Barney Riley, John Perry, Roy Perry, Ben Burris, Ed Crane, Will Perry, Henry Sabin, Paul Soper, Earl Dunn, Albert Dunn.Photograph06AB
Folder contains the following musical groups: Barney Riley, Earnest Soper, Clifford Palmer, Arthur Burris, Ed Crane, Ben Burris, Earl Dunn, Paul Soper, Harry Jones, Albert Dunn.Photographs06AB
Folder contains the following musical groups: Cohen Middle School Band (February & July 1976) - Susan Shumaker, Christine Mruk, Michael Zozzara; Full band with Stephen Gergely; and 1898 Hosmer Band from Athens, PA and includes Charles B. Hager, Edward Earnest and Furness R.Photograph06BC
Folder contains the following musical groups: Elmira Musician Union Dinner Meeting with Jim Clayton, Moses Blandford, Edmund Wills; C. Raitt presenting to Dr. Henerau Quehart (sp?); Elmira Band at cottage of Jacob Swartz late 1870's or early 1880s; and Keystone Park Band.Photograph06BC
Folder contains the following musical groups: "Under the Stars" at Strathmont July 1959 sponsored by Elmira Symphony & Choral Society with Dr. Gerhardt conductor (2 photos); Pops of April 1975; Roy Monroe on Violin; Robert Hope Jones at his organ console c. 1910; Peyton Hibbit conductor; Louis J. Coccagnia conductor; Civic Chorus - 1957 Dean Taylor; Elmira Community Service Boys Band, 1922; and Curley Hanson Orchestra (2 photos).Photographs06BD
Folder contains the following musical groups: Notre Dame High School Band (1970s); Soughside High School Color Guard; 10-Clemens Center Summer Festival (Sept 1, 1979); Syracuse Symphony Orchestra; German Singing Group (late 1890s or early 1900s); and Janice Slocum, Dan Lipson, Gloria Kirk (singers)Photograph06BD
Folder contains the following musical groups: Excelsior Y.M.G.A. Band (African American Band) and includes William Crandall, T. Valintine, Fred Smith, Fred Marvin, Henry Dade, L. Freeman, George Brooks, John Wilson, Fred Johnson, William Moore, D. Campbell, J. Thompson, Austin D. Adams, Harry Brooker.Photograph06BD
Folder contains the following musical groups: NYSEG Riverside Band c. 1952-1953 - Riverside Power Plant Employees Henry Budnick, Fred Knapp, Pete Carroza, Ralph Binger, Ray Updyke, Ralph Gray, Walt Gublo, Roy Stauffer (2 copies); Elmira Civic Chorus, Strand Theatre May 13, 1954.Photograph06BD
Folder contains the following musical groups: Elmira Civic Chorus, May 1956 and includes Marjorie MacPherson President and Dr. Robert Hall Director; Brooks Jubilee Singers - Pearl (Brooks)Williams, George S. Brooks, Grafton Dorsey, Jimmy Armstrong, Lewis Brown and Amelia Hill Scott; Cronk Hanger Band, Montour Falls, NY; Elmira Symphony & Choral Society, April 29, 1959 - Dr. Herhardt Conductor (5 photos); Elmira Symphony Orchestra November 16, 1945 with Martin Wenzel Conductor; Thursday Morning Musicales Luncheon May 1964 and includes Georgianna Palmer, C. Conelly, Edna Ellis Dailey, Barbara LaFrance amd Mrs. Cerio.Photograph06BD
Folder contains the following images relating to Fairs: "Elmira Had Her First Agricultural Fair - From Elmira Telegram, Oct. 1, 1905"; Trapeze at Chemung County Fair; 2-old photographs of early Fair at present fairgrounds; Chemung County Constables in front of Grandstand; and 3 young ladies in a cider or wine barrel.Photographs07AA
Folder contains the following images relating to Fairs: 1942 Centennial Chemung County Fair (10); 1972 Chemung County Fair; Midway photographs (5); Chemung County Fair Harness Racing Photos (3); Chemung County Fairgrounds restrooms (2).Photographs07AB
Folder contains the following images relating to Fairs: 1941 Thrill Show at Chemung County Fair (5 photos); Dairy Princess (2 photos) Oneis Anita Lant, 1994; 1973 - three exhibits, 4-H Vegatables, 4-H Rabbits, and Chemung Grange; 2004 - Chemung County 4-H Dairy (3 photos), Chemung County Midway (5 photos), Farmer's Museum (7 photos); 1889 Chemung County Fair; Motorcycle racing at Fair Grounds (2 photos) and 1969 Eli Bodine Jr. Chemung Speedrome car.Photographs07AC
Folder contains the following Circus images: Ringling Brothers elephant hand; clown on stilts (1955-1956) at fairgrounds; Ringling Brothers at fairgrounds (1955/1956); Show girls ridding side saddle; Benson Brothers Circus elephants (6).Photographs07AD
Folder contains the following Circus images: June 5, 1898 - Kitchen Wagon: Pawnee Bills Wild West Show at Old Fairgrounds; Photo of P. T. Barnum's ad for 1873; Ringling Brothers Circus - circus animals, workers setting up tents and elephants carrying the poles for the Big Top; Animals; Elephant Statue; Ringling, Barnum & Bailey at Fairgrounds, 1950s; and Gregg's Circus Lot on Madison Ave and includes Tom Herrerman and George Langford.Photographs07AD
Folder contains the following images on Amusements and Miscellaneous Recreational activities: July 4, 1912 postcard of Elmira Fire Department Wagon in parade; July 2, 1912 parade; 1985 Arts in the Park (4 photographs); 1985 Mark Twain Festival - poster made by children; 1982 Veterans Day Parade; June 1973 Big Flats Community Day with Senator Bill Smith, Tanglewood Forest Site (2 photos); Merry-go-round late 1800s or early 1900s; and 1800's Steamboat Tour.Photographs07AD
Folder contains the following images on Amusements and Miscellaneous Recreational activities: R.L.C. picnic at A. F. S. - 1916 and includes: Florence Sae Duttenhoeler, Mary Benjamin Washborn, M. L. Sherman, Roy Washborn, Mr. Mills, Mr. Sonnberger, Alvin Benjamin, Walter A. Sherman (age 2), Mr. Mundy, Herbert Elston,G. Hollenbeck, Allen Sherman, Earl Benjamin.Photographs07AE
Folder contains the following images on Amusements and Miscellaneous Recreational activities: June 15, 1926 Volois Castle, Seneca Lake; Rummage Sales; 2 River Cottages; April 5, 6, 7, 1932 Arts & Needlework Interests Exhibit of the Junior League including: Nellie (Chairman), Mrs. Leo G. Reynolds (Judge); Mrs. Alex Falk, Mrs. Eugene Diven, Mrs. John G. McDowell, Mrs. William M. Cooper; Cardiff Giant, Cooperstown, NY.Photographs07AE
Folder contains the following images on Amusements and Miscellaneous Recreational activities: July 4, 1923 Pageant - Charter Members of CCHS and includes: Mrs. Jane Currier Morris, Commander Edwin Morris, Genevive Darrow, Lottie Barrett, Mrs. Barrett (Mother-in-law), Mrs. Wilcox, Hattie Hinds, Mrs. Mary Harris, Mrs. Emma Krotzer, Mamie Huyler, Flossie Rolf.Photographs07AE
Folder contains the following images on Amusements and Miscellaneous Recreational activities: Smoker at New Federal Building (State & Church Sts) January 20, 1912 and includes: John P. McMahon, N. Ernest Spernce, L. L. Benedict, Lester Mills, Alvin Benjamin, Anthony Collson, Earl Benjamin, Michael Brett, Charles R. Jinkins, Johnathan P. London, William P. Rosa, Harry Fugrman, David M. Pratt, J.J. Ryan, Charles Wilson, Kenneth Howe, Earl Gregory, Eugene Delomater, Sam Hamilton, William Scott, Edwin O'Connell, Clark Wilcox, John Cronin, Eugene Lower, Carl Nys, Horton P. Spaulding, Frank Howland, Clarence Krowll, Clarence Lambert, William R. Kitchen, William Moore, Mr. VanGorden, Hiram Peterman, Laing Jenkins, Jesse Taylor, Henry Jessey, Judd Moore, A. B. Woodruff, Charles Calkins, Wilson Ross, Fred Battersby, Harry Esprey, George W. Ault, Louis D. Caldwell, James M. Mockler, John McGrath, Clarence Gascoigne.Photographs07AE
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