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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

The Manuscript Index is arranged alphabetically by collection name.  To access a finding aid, please click on its name.

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Collection TitleSL SlidesCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByPat Wainwright

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These slides are the May 1985 Antique Show at the Armory: vendor stalls and displays; trolley; luncheon; visitors.SlidesD 2Antique Shows06
These slides are of the May 1986 Antique Show at the NYS Armory, Church St.: decorative front entrance; visitors; luncheon; displays.SlidesD 2Antique Shows07
These slides are of the 1988 Antique Show held at the Air Museum, Big Flats; sections of planes with antiques shown around them; luncheon food; visitors.SlidesD 2Antique Shows09
These slides are of the 1987 and 1988 Antique Show at the Air Museum, Big Flats: sale items; lone star quilt plus other quilts; red balloons for displays. SlidesD 2Antque Shows08
These 18 slides are of a barn yard visit by a group of school children in 1988 as part of the Arts in Education program.D 2Arts in Education01
These 19 slides are part of the Arts in Education program in 1988. They show the boys and girls preparing a dinner for their parents.SlidesD 2Arts in Education02
These slides are part of the Arts in Education program in 1988. Seven slides show the boys and girls preparing a dinner for their parents and teacher and also of them partaking of the meal. Ther is a photo of a school. There are 9 slides that show the students observing the making of maple syrup. SlidesD 2Arts in Education03
These slides are of participatants in the Arts in Education program: guest presenters in a class room (4); bulleten board display of a house and barn, titled Tioga County Agriculture; a femake student demostrating, 1994; group of children in a tug of war, 1994; children outside; a rural scene of a stream, trees and a building; March 1996 student exhibit (5).SlidesD 2Arts in Education04
These slides are of the participants in the Arts in Education program: 1987 and 1988 visit to a farm (15); students learning to walk on stilts, 1994; visit at an 1800's farm house, 1994 (3).SlidesD 2Arts in Education05
These slides are of Arts in Education 4th grade program (8 slides)and Native Americans Exhibit 7th grade program(10 slides).SlidesD 2Arts in Education06
These slides are of the Arts in Education (A.I.E.) field trips to Newark Valley, and Flemingville. They saw trains, stone buildings, demostrations of pioneer living, and train stations.SlidesD 2Arts in Education07
These slides are of the Arts in Education program for 1987-1994. The slides are of re-enactors of famous people such as Ben Franklin, Teddy Roosevelt, plus a fur trapper, and a pirate (Paul Stillman). Paul Stillman as a Seneca, 1991.SlidesD 2Arts in Education08
These slides are of the Black History Project in 1989: "video" production (3); oral history group; man and wife from photo in the Blandford scrapbook at CCHS; African-American Symposium (11); performance at the Symposium (1).SlidesD 2BLACK HISTORY PROJECT01
These slides are of the Black History Project in 1989: "video" committee meetings; oral history group (3); slide of person that Gretchen Soren interviewed (2) (maybe Howard Coleman); E.B.I. students doing oral history transcriptions (8).SlidesD 2BLACK HISTORY PROJECT01
These slides pertain to CCHS collections:collection appraisal (2); Mary Bell, archivist consultant (2); pouch os seeds and fabric; Indian beaded pouch side 1; Indian beaded pouch side 2.SlidesD 2CCOLLECTIONS18
These slides are of the Christmas Past Event in 1982. These slides show people setting up displays; Santa Clause getting made up; Santa after getting dressed; gingerbread house; toy display; trees being trimmed and after they were done.SlidesD 2Christmas01
These slides are of Christmas Past Event in 1983 1984: displays of greens, dollhouses,and visitors. SlidesD 2Christmas02
These slides are of the 1984 Christmas Past Event: doll ornaments on Christmas trees; displays of dolls. SlidesD 2Christmas03
These slides are of the 1984 Christmas Past Event: doll displays; Santa with a girl on lap; table settings; dishes.SlidesD 2Christmas04
These slides are of the 1984 Christmas Past Event which featured dolls on Christmas trees and in displays.SlidesD 2Christmas05
These slides are of the 1984, 1985 Christmas Past Event: decorated trees; undecorated trees for sale; patrons; Santa with children; ornaments.SlidesD 2Christmas06
These slides are of 1985 Christmas Past: umdecorated trees for sale; decorated trees; Santa; patrons, displays.SlidesD 2Christmas07
These slides are of the 1998, 1992 Christmas: Holiday Festival, December 5, 6, 1992; Santa 1988; decotations; food, patrons.SlidesD 2Christmas08
These slides are of items in Collections for 1985: Blue tin box with pink roses with leaves; small picket fence in shape of a square; a 3 shelved wood stand; embroidered pot holder shaped like a leaf.SlidesD 2COLLECTIONS 05
These are slides of donations to CCHS Collections in 1985: 1865 map of Elmira; 1930 kitchen appliances (3); Thatcher Glass Mfg. Vo. milk bottles (3); desposed of crate (2); native American Indian woman painting; Danish collection of stone tools; confederate cloak.SlidesD 2COLLECTIONS02
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