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Collection TitleCL 29 Barker, Rose, Kimball CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKim Richards
Date Completed:4/4/2008
Provenance:The items in this collection were donated to the Booth Library by Rick and Marcia Kimball in 2007.
Terms:Business; Elmira (N.Y.); Hardware stores; Photographs; Sales personnel

Rose, Kimball & Baxter, Inc.- On June 25, 1864 Miles Ayrault and Stephen Rose founded Ayrault & Rose at 14 Lake Street in Elmira, NY.  There they sold hardware and mill supplies.  In 1867, they changed the name to Ayrault, Rose & Co.  During the 1860's the company struggled through recession and a series of fires, but still expanded the business into the wholesale hardware trade in addition retail.  In 1872, Ayrault and Rose were joined by Irvin D. Booth and and Dounce to form the Booth, Dounce, Rose & Co..  By 1875, Booth had left the partnership while Fred Barker joined, leaving the company as Barker, Dounce, Rose & Co.   In 1888, the company became Barker, Rose & Gray and, in 1898, Arthur Clinton replaced Gray making it the Barker, Rose & Clinton Co.  In 1928 Howard Kimball joined the partnership and the company became Barker, Rose & Kimball, Inc.  In 1952, the name changed again to Rose, Kimball & Baxter, Inc.  

Scope:The Barker, Rose & Kimball Collection contains photographs, booklets, documents, correspondence and newspaper clippings about the company and its various incarnations.  The bulk of the collection consists of photographs dating from 1890 to 1986.  The various documents range in date from 1857 to 1964 and include invoices, internal memos and booklets.  The correspondence dates primarily from the 1940's and 1950's. 
Extent1 linear foot
Date Span1857-1986

This collection contains documents, booklets, newspaper clippings and photographs concerning Rose, Kimball & Baxter, Inc. and its various incarnations. 

Filter by:
TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Wholesalers Buy Business at Syracuse, no date.ArticleB0111
2 copies of Lewis F. Carver's business card.DocumentB0112
History of Barker, Rose & Kimball written by S. E. Rose in 1947.ReportB0113
History of Barker, Rose & Kimball written possibly in 1940 by S. E. Rose.ReportB0114
Rose, Kimball & Baxter, Inc., 1864-1964 The First Century, January 25, 1964.ProgramB0115
R. K. & B. Sales Meeting & Outing, June 11, 1966.BookletB0116
The History of RKB, no date.ReportB0117
Problem-Solving Ideas: Ramps in towline system 'level' a multi-story building, reprinted from Modern Materials Handling, October 1978.ArticleB0118
Copy of the brochure: "Speak For Yourself, John - - -" Low Cost? Prove It!BrochureB0119
Letter from RKB to Gary Cosgrave, PRO Hardware Inc., dated December 16, 1988 regarding RKB Enterprises Inc. 125 Years Young in 1989.LetterB0120
Letter dated July 26, 1972 from Howard H. Kimball with attached photographs showing what happened to RKB after the 1972 flood.DocumentsB0121
Check dated April 27, 1928 to Barker, Rose & Kimball from Friant & Rice, Heating and Plumbing.CheckB0122
Letter to Muriel and Gloyd Kimball from Rex dated October 6, 1944.LetterB0201
Letter dated February 26, 1964 to Robert Rose from H. A. Hanlon. Attached is a letter dated March 4, 1964 from S. R. Rose to Howard Hanlon.LetterB0202
Letter from Irwin Sagenkahn to Gloyd Kimball dated March 18, 1959 regarding inventories and supplies.LetterB0203
Reprint from Hardware Age, 1957: Can dealers compete with chains? ...yes, says this wholesaler. ...dealers can compete by using modern merchandising methods. Here's how this wholeslate, Rose, Kimball & Baxter, plans to supply these tools to its dealers through a new dealer program.ArticleB0204
From Hardware Age, October 24, 1957 regarding the Atlantic City Convention.ArticleB0205
From Housewares Review, January 1958: Fuel injection for the hardware business, "No matter what price a dealer pays for goods if he doesn't sell 'em and get turnovers, he can't make a profit." Here's a plan that pays profits/ by M. Gloyd Kimball.ArticleB0206
From Hardware Retailer: "Chain store system for independent retailers".ArticleB0207
From Hardware Age, June 19, 1958: How a supermarket man runs a Superhardware store....ArticleB0208
From November 20, 1958 "Firms Cut By Janney, Semple, Hill: Hardware Accounts Dropped; Wholesaler Shifting Emphasis"/ by Roy Wirtzfeld.ArticleB0209
From Hardware Age, January 15, 1959: How a dealer set up a mower trade-in program "Let's swap," we suggested...and customers bough mowers/ by Ed Reynolds.ArticleB0210
Building Supply News, January 1959 "Dealers At The Crossroads".BookletB0211
Folder contains letters to RKB between 1957-1959 from the following wholesalers: C. N. Weber, City Mill Company, Fagg Bros., The Chinic Hardware Co., Nelson Hardware Company, Northern Wholesale Hardware Co., Hollinger Hardware, J. Russell & Company, Walter Woods Ltd., Ogilvie Hardware Company, Yakima Hardware Company, Dale I. Sare, Charles Ilfeld Company, Hardware Wholesalers, Inc., The Canton Hardware Company, Wickliffe Wholesale, Gernsbacher’s, The Frank Colladay Hardware Co., Bayonne Steele Products Co., Clarkson’s Inc., Van Benschoten Hardware Company, Wheeler & Williams Hardware Co., Washington Hardware Co., Punxsutawney Hardware Co., Baldwin Supply Co., Hansen-Sargent Lumber Co., Longmont Hardware Co., Kent Hardware and Furniture, Campgaw Hardware Co., George E. Allen Hardware., Huber Hardware Co., Town & Country Hardware, Kittler Hardware Co., Cicero Smith Lumber Co., Rosalia’s, Hardware Trading Post, Omweg’s Hardware, Alger Heights Hardware, Venetia Hardware, Blackman Hardware, Durham Hardware Co., Enterprise Hardware Company, Empire Hardware, E & M Home Equipment Company, The Berger Hardware Co., Koenig Supplies Co., Beechmont Hardware, Otis Johnson, Berkeley Hills Hardware, Starbird Hardware, Safford Builders Supply Co., Albert’s Cut-Rate Hardware, Yeager Hardware and Carroll County Company.LettersB03
Letters to RKB between 1957-1959 from the following: Ortho California Spray-Chemical Co., Fuller Tool Company, American-LaFrance Corporation, Ithaca Gun Company., Amerock Co., Remington Arms Company, Jackson Manufacturing Co., Stanley Tools, The Lamson & Sessions Co., The Yenkin-Majestic Paint Corporation., American Chain Division, O-Cedar, Converse Rubber Company, The F. H. Lawson Co., Thomas Industries, Lincoln Metal Products Corporation, Savage Arms Corporation, Airex Corporation, Campbell Chain Co., Wheeling Corrugating Co., The J. R. Clark Co., P. & F. Corbin Division, The Tait Manufacturing Co., Crescent Tool Co., Phillipson Rod & Tackle Co., The Lyman Gun Sight Corporation, Eagle Electric MFG Co., EKCO Products Co., The Weber Lifelike Fly Co., The Garcia Corporation and the Bead Chain Manufacturing Co.LettersB04
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