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Collection TitleCL 91 Broadway Middle School Library FilesCreatorBooth Library
Processed BySue Rogan
Date Completed:January 2009
Provenance:The items in this collection were donated to the Booth Library by the Broadway Middle School Library in 2002.
Terms:Chemung County (N.Y.); Elmira (N.Y.); Erin (N.Y.)
Scope:The Broadway Middle School Library files contains pamphlets, newspaper clippings and essays on a variety of local topics including local airports, industries, churches, hospitals, floods, and theaters as well as material on Elmira, Erin and urban renewal.
Extent.5 linear feet
Date Span1910-1980

The Broadway Middle School Library Files contain ready reference material from that library on a range of local topics.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Four xeroxed newspaper clippings: a picture of the original Arnot Ogden Hospital,c.1888,Star azette 1964; three of St Joseph's:the 1908 oriinal,the 1923 six story and "Approval Sought for Medical Building" c. 1968.DocumentsA1601
Two typed articles: "St Joseph's Hospital" by Gwendoly Robinson and "Arnot Ogden Memorial Hospital" by Carolyn Petticrew.DocumentsA1602
Xeroxed newspaper clippings about hotels in the Elmira area: two of the new Mark Twain, three of the Rathbun(one an exterior sketch);the Platt House on Hanover Square in Horseheads,the Hoffman House in Horseheads c.1910,The Hotel Liberatore on West 5th,people standing on the roof of the Alice Francis Hotel c 1890,two articles:"Hotels" and "Hotel Gotham Converted to Hospital to care for Epidemic Patients" c. 1918.DocumentsA1701
May 25,1945 issue of the "Eclipse News" "Open House War Show" , also contains a memorial section with pictures of Eclipse employees killed in the war, an alphabetical list of men and women who joined the Armed Forces.DocumentA1801
A booklet titled "Welcome to Open House",dated October 2, 1957, of the Bendix, Eclipse Machine Division,Bendix Aviation Corporation.BookletA1802
A 1963-1964 Directory of The Bendix Corporation's Products and Services and location of every plant as well as what product each location prodces.DocumentA1803
Xeroxed copies of newspaper articles and pictures relating to industry in the Elmira area: 4 pages on Westinghouse tube plant,April 14,1957,"Capitalists Sparked Elmira's Growth",June 26,1964,"Dozen Businesses Survive The Hard First 100 Years"."Top Management Changed at Eclipse Plant".January 28,1962;3 pages of News Mirror Of The Past"January 1966,several pages relating to industry in the Elmira/Horseheads area,one page about Breesport.DocumentsA1804
Several xeroxed pages of both pictures and newspaper articles relating to the newspaper industry in Elmira both past and present,most dated from the early 50's to the mid 60's.DocumentsA1901
Copies of newspaper articles and pictures on WESG-WENY's Anniversary:"20 Years of Radio in Elmira" c. 1952DocumentsA2001
Copied pictures and legend relating to Clinton Island, a recreational location in the Chemung River in the early 1900's.DocumentA2101
Copies of newspaper articles & pictures: "100 Years of the Park Church",Sunday Telegram May 12, 1946;pictures of original church buildings,"As City Grew,So Did Churches".DocumentsA2201
Copies of pictures of Rorick's Glen in its "heyday",the early 1900's and a typed sheet titled "Indian Legends".DocumentsA2301
One page typed article titled "Ross Marvin Murdered Eskimo Claims"c. 1948.DocumentA2401
Copies of articles about Ross Marvin:"Ross Marvin's Name Lives On"(c.1967),"Marvin Relics on Display"c.1954,"Memories of Marvin","Maritime College Building to Honor Marvin".DocumentsA2402
A magazine article from the Readers' Digest titled "Come Sail In The Sky",condensed from Air Facts by Robert N.Buck.Magazine ArticleA2501
Copy of a newspaper article titled "Therm" by Thomas J.cCarthy.DocumentA2502
Two News Mirrors of the Past(copies) c. 1964,Elmira Telegram: a visit from Wiley Post and "First American Public Flight,1908".DocumentsA2503
Copy of an article titled "Soaring Newest Sky Sport" by Theodore Irwin.DocumentA2504
Copy of a crowd at Harris Hill durin the late 1930's at a soaring meet.An article abourt soaring with a picture of Jack O'Meara & Warren Eaton, and a picture of Wolfgang Klemperer and his wife.DocumentA2505
Photocopies of theaters in the Elmira area:(2)Casino at Eldridge Park,c. 1890,The Grand Theater c.1910,summer theater at Rorick's Glen,The Mozart.Articles:"Lyceum,Majestic,Mozart--Lights Out","The Old Shop:Lockwood's Famed Costume Shop","Market Street Memo" by Tom Byrne,a short history of Elmira's theaters. A view from the Eldridge Park Casino, of Brand Park and an ice flow at Rorick's Glen c.1919.A2601
Two short descriptions of the old Steele Memorial Library,one with a picture(copied).A picture (photocopied) of the new fountain from the library window:"Fountain Costs Under $3,000".DocumentsA2701
Several "News Mirror of the Past" from the Sunday Telegram,published 1965-68: 7 of downtown & rural Elmira,4 of horse & buggy days,2 of older cars,one of 1930 Franklin Street trolley,one of a 1907 speedster motorcycle,one of a late 1930's American Airline plane being boarded and one of the Freedom Train. All are photocopies.DocumentsA2801
Thirteen copied pages with articles and pictures about transportation in the Elmira area,particularly about bridges, roads and highwaysDocumentsA2802
Many xeroxed pages of pictures and articles regarding Elmira's Urban Renewal,c. 1964.DocumentsA2901
Eight copied pages with pictures and articles rearding Elmira's public water system,c. 1965.DocumentsA3001
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