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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleMP Maps, Architectural Drawings, OversizedCreator
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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
This folder contains the following maps of housing developments in the Town of Big Flats: Harris Hill Manor with sewage plan, electrical pole placement, and street profiles (1958-65); Park Terrace Subdivision Section 1 (1964).Maps06D-11F-04
This folder contains the following maps of housing developments in the Town of Horseheads: Shadyside Housing Development (1927); Fairport Farms (1932); Victory Heights (1943); Circle Center (1957); Scenic Drive (ca. 1950s). Maps06D-11F-04
This folder contains architectural drawings for the following projects: West Elmira Fire Headquarters, Town of Elmira (1971); new restaurant for M. Shepard Jr., E. Water St., Elmira (1976); proposed warehouse and office building, County Road, Horseheads (1977); new building for Chemung Foods, Inc., Baldwin St., Elmira (1979); garage for Town of Baldwin; additions to Town Hall, Town of Chemung (1995).Architectural Drawings07D-11F-01
This folder contains architectural drawings for the following projects: Chemung County Airport, 3 wire power line for Obstruction Light No 7 & Radar Station (1973) ; site plan for Service station at Sixth and Davis Sts., Elmira (1966); Hayes Mini-Mart relocation plan, Catlin (2005) Town Hall, Catlin (2005); Tompkins Corners Bridge over Madison Creek (1986); Coopers Corners Bridge over Sing Sing Creek, Big Flats (1986). Architectural Drawings07D-11F-02
This folder contains maps for the following housing developments: proposed mobile home park on Roberts Hollow Rd., Town of Chemung; Darby Estates Subdivision, Catlin (1999); Timberline Estates, section 2, Veteran (1972); Easterbrook Plot, section 1, Big Flats (1964); Maple Shades Estate, section 2, Big Flats (1965); Mountain View Mobile Home Park, Ashland (1968); Trengo Mobile Home Park, Town of Chemung (1990).Maps07D-11F-03
This folder contains the following maps: Contour map of Halderman Hollow Road area; Town of Horseheads flood insurance maps (1981); Lot map of 137 Latta Brook Road, Horseheads (2000); Lot map of Sansiveri lands, Crestview Drive, Southport (1986); Lot map of 16 Fairlawn Drive, Horseheads (2001); Survey map of Phyllis Burns’ land, Pinehurst St., Big Flats (1989); Pine City Fire District #5, Southport (1948 & 1949). Maps07D-11F-04
This folder contains the following maps: Town of Chemung zoning, 1968; Town of Chemung, 1985; Chemung County Legislative Districts, 1974; Water system of the Town of Big Flats, 1973; topography of Van Etten; Village of Van Etten, 1972; Town of Ashland zoning, 1975.Maps07D-11F-05
This folder contains the following architectural drawings: cornice detail for Elmira Savings Bank, 1936; plans for Tanglewood Nature Center, 1976; proposed plan for Historic Federal Building, 2012.Architectural DrawingsA02D-02F-05
Map - Chemung County, New York, ca. 1880. MapRoll 12002
Poster - Grand Columbian Celebration in the City of Elmira, Tuesday, Oct. 12, 1909.Poster02D-01F-03
Elmira Water, Light & Railroad Co., Railroad Department, Car Schedule, no date.Documents02D-02F-03
Map of Newtown Battlefield Park, Chemung County, NY, 1917.Map02D-02F-03
Three pieces of Artwork, artist, date unknown.Drawings02D-03F-01
Eclipse Art by Zach Cartown, no date.Drawings02D-03F-02
Zim Poster, 1930 Rotarian Lou Andrews, no date.Drawings02D-03F-03
Zim Poster, "Zeek Smith, faithful research of many highballs", no date.Drawings02D-03F-03
Zim Poster, "Klapproth says he will introduce this style on the coast of the Atlantic City coast", no date.Drawings02D-03F-03
Zim Poster, "This is an unfortunate Dilemma, Lots of bear meat and no way to cook it", no date.Drawings02D-03F-03
Zim Poster, "To My Worthy Successor", 1928.Drawings02D-03F-03
Zim Poster, "Rob A. Hall - A Good Man in Bad Company", no date.Drawings02D-03F-03
Zim Poster, "Well allz I got to say is those short skirts is decidedly indecent", not date.Drawings02D-03F-03
Zim Poster, Exempis Annual Outing, September 9, 1914.Drawings02D-03F-03
Patriotic Poster.Poster02D-04F-01
Map of View of Elmira Looking West, no date.Map02D-04F-02
Works on Paper, conserved by Dan Clements, 1987. Some Maps, Documents and other things.Documents02D-04F-03
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