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Collection TitleMC 17 Theater CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByLee Kiesling
AbstractInventory still in process.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Program - Mother Carey's Chickens, written by Kate Douglas and Rachel Crothers, Lyceum, November 1911-1921. Flyer.ProgramD2110
Program - Robin Hood, music by Reginald De Koven, presented by Ralph Dunbar, Lyceum, 1890-1900. FlyerProgramD2111
Program - Saint Joan, starring Julia Arthur, offered by B.C. Whitney, Lyceum, 1921-1931. FlyerProgramD2112
Program - A Trip to Africa, featuring the Black Patti Musical Comedy Company, Lyceum, 1896-1916. Flyer.ProgramD2113
Program - In the Jungles, presented by the Black Patti Musical Comedy Company with Madame Sissieretta Jones, Lyceum, 1906-1916. Flyer.ProgramD2114
Program - Way Down East, written by Lottie Blair Parker, Lyceum, May 8, 1898-1908. Fragment.ProgramD2115
Program - Ben Hur, dramatized by William Young, Lyceum, 1899-1909. Fragment.ProgramD2116
Program - Twin Beds, written by Salisbury Fields and Margaret Mayo, directed by Margaret Mayo, Lyceum, March 16, 1920-30. Partial.ProgramD2117
Program - A Charming Conscience, starring Margaret Anglin, written by Orrick Johns, Lyceum 1917-1927. Flyer.ProgramD2118
Program - The Richest Girl, presented by and starring Nancy Boyer, Lyceum,1905-1915. FlyerProgramD2119
Program - Robinson Crusoe Jr., starring Al Jolson, presented by the Wintergarden Co., Lyceum, 1916-1926. Single folded sheet.ProgramD2120
Program - The Lady of the Slipper, music by Victor Herbert, starring Montgomery and Stone, Lyceum, 1913-1923. Front page of a program booklet.ProgramD2121
Program - Vaudeville acts, The Mozart, week of December 28, 1908; playlet, In the Latin Quarter, presented by Viola De Costa & Co. and several Vaudeville acts, The Mozart Theatre, week of January 4, 1909. Booklet.ProgramE0101
Program - Vaudeville acts and Mozartscope, The Mozart, week of January 11, 1909. Booklet.ProgramE0102
Program - Vaudeville. Barrett & Bayne, singing; Owley & Randall, juggling; Enrico Caruso, on the Victor Talking Machine; Jennie Girard, singing;Tom Gillen;The Rennee Family, a European singing spectacle; and moving pictures, The Mozart, week of April 5, 1909. Booklet.ProgramE0104
Program - Fra Diavolo,by Daniel Auber, presented by the Mozart Comic Opera Company, The Mozart, week of May 10, 1909. Booklet.ProgramE0105
Program - Rip Van Winkel, presented by the Mozart Opera Co., The Mozart, week of May 17, 1909. Booklet. ProgramE0106
Program - Vaudeville Acts: James A. Dunn, mimic,Alrona-Zoeller Trio, acrobatics; Mayme Remington and group, singing, dancing;Mabel Johnstone, ventriloquist; Standard Comedy Four, singing;Belle Hathaway's Simian Playmates; and moving pictures, The Mozart, week of November 29, 1909. Booklet.ProgramE0107
Program - Vaudeville Acts: Piquo, gymnast; Lillian La Varde, comedienne; the Gordon brothers and their boxing kangaroo; The Piottis; Eckhoff & Gordon, comedy;More Ways Than One, presented by Beatrice McKenzie, Walter Shannon & Co.; and moving pictures, The Mozart, week of December 6, 1909. Booklet.ProgramE0108
Program - Vaudeville Acts: The Hennings, a lady juggler; Will Morrisey, college comedian; May & Lillie Burns, music; Loro &Payne; Muriel Window, prima donna; A Session at School,presented by Sam J. Curtis & Co.;and moving pictures, The Mozart, week of January 24, 1910. Booklet.ProgramE0109
Program - Vaudeville: The Van Cocks, harmony; The Burris's, colored singing/dancing; Budd & Clare, quick change;Roland Travers & Co., magicians; Ethel Clarise, music; Billie Burke's Foolish Factory; and moving pictures, The Mozart, week of January 31,1910. Booklet.ProgramE0110
Program - Vaudeville:Alvola & Othelo, gymnasts; Sam Barber, The Dixie Boy; Clark & Bergman; The Great Richards, art and colors;Jack McKay, Scot comedian; Shorty,presented by Dick Crolius & Co.,and moving pictures, The Mozart, week of February 21, 1910. Booklet.ProgramE0111
Program - Vaudeville: The Easterbrooks, novelty instrumentalists; The Witch's Power, starring Vira Rial, presnted by Will S. Marion;Rube Dickenson; the Morton-Jewell Troupe; Archer & Carr, comedy; Siserata's Visit to the City, presented by Golden & Hughes; moving pictures; and The Famous Patty Bros., headwalking, The Mozart, week of February 28, 1910. Booklet.ProgramE0112
Program - George Evan's Honey Boy Minstrels in several acts and presenting The Fireman's Picnic, starring George Evans with songs by George M.Cohan, The Mozart, August 22,1910. Flyer.ProgramE0113
Program - Mrs. Temple's Telegram, presented by the Robyns and Dorner Players, The Mozart,week of November 28, 1910. Flyer.ProgramE0114
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