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The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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We the undersigned Non-Commissioned Officers, Artificers, Musicians and Privates 104th reg. NY. Vols. Do hereby acknowledge to have received of Capt. Charles J. Fox the several articles of clothing set opposite our repective names November 1864Chart02D-09F-02
Descriptive List of George Stepinfield a deserter from the 107th NY Vols, Provost Marshalls office, Washington DC, October 17th 1863List02D-09F-02
Inventory and Inspection Report of userviceable (illegible) and Garrison (illegible) for which Charles J. Fox Capt. Com. Co. "C" 104th Reg. N.Y.V. is responsible and which have been examined and reported on by Capt (illegible) 2nd Brig 4th Division 20th A.C. an inspection made of on the fourth day of April, 1865.Chart02D-09F-02
Return Ordinance and Ordinance of Stores received, issued and remaining on hand in company "b", 104th regiment New York Volunteer InfantryChart02D-09F-02
Abstract of Materials &c., expanded or consumed by company "c" 104th regiment N.Y. vol. at Aquia Bay VA during the 1st quarter 1863Chart02D-09F-02
Volunteer Descriptive List and Account of pay and clothing of Francis Mathis - Co "C" 104th Reg New York Vols.Chart02D-09F-02
Muster Roll of Henry Palmer (illegible) co "b" in the 104th Regiment of New York Infantry Volunteers , commanded by colonel (illegible) called into service of the United States by the President thereof at Elmira the place of general rendezvous on the 19th day of July, 1862, to serve for the term of three years from the date of enrollment, unless sooner dischargedChart02D-09F-02
Report of sick and wounded, station: (illegible) Month: September 1864, Founded by J.H. Squire, Surgeon, Command 89th Reg. N.Y. Vols.List02D-09F-03
Invoices of Medicines, Instruments, Hospital Stores, Bedding etc. Issued to J.P. White, (Illegibl) Army of the PotomacList02D-09F-03
Invoice of Medicines Instruments, Hospital Stores Bedding, Etc. Contained in 10 packages marked U.S.A. Hospital Department F.H. Squires Surgeon 89th N.Y. Vols. In charge Post Hospital, Folly Island, S.C.List02D-09F-03
Book of Charts and Lists. Cover: Observe the following directions, Inside: Return of Medical and Hospital Property received, expanded, issued and remaining on hand at, Back Cover: Return of Medical and Hospital property, for the year ending in Dec. 1864Booklet/Chart02D-09F-03
Report of sick and wounded 89th Reg, NYVols.List02D-09F-03
Report of Sick and Wounded 89th Regiment N.Y. Vols station: Near Bladeurburg (Illegible) Month: December, 1861List02D-09F-03
Report of Sick and Wounded, Station: Near Petersburg VA. 89th Reg. NY Vols, Month; June, 1864List02D-09F-03
Report of sick and wounded, station: Newport (illegible) VA Month: February 1863, Fowarded by (illegible) Assistant SurgeonList02D-09F-03
Report of Sick and Wounded of 89th regiment N.Y. Vols., Statioin: Camp near Falmouth VA, Month: November, 1862List02D-09F-03
Report of Sick and Wounded, Station: of (illegible) Fredricksburge, Month: January, 1863, William A. Smith surgeon in chargeList02D-09F-03
Return of Medical and Hospital Property received, expanded, issued on hand at (illegible), for the (illegible) ending Nov. 30th 1865Chart02D-09F-03
Invoice of Medicines, Instruments, Hospital stores, Bedding contained in 3 packages, marked U.S.A. Hospital Department 1st Brig. 3rd Div., J.N. Squire, Suffolk VA.List02D-09F-03
Requisition for Medical and Hospital supplies, station: Portsmouth, VA, Period Three Months, from July 1st, 1863 to Oct, 1st 1863, 4 regiments 3rd, 89th, 103rd, 117th, N.Y. Vols, Command: Officers, 126; Enlisted Men, 2398; All others entitled to Medicines, (illegible); total 674List02D-09F-03
89th NY Vols. Report of Sick and Wounded, Stationn: Camp on the March from Lovettsville VA, Month: October, 1862List02D-09F-03
Return of Medical and Hospital Property received, expanded, issued and remaining on hand at Post Hight Folly Island S.C.Chart02D-09F-03
Invoice of Medicines, Instruments, Hospital stores, Bedding etc. Contained in (blank) Packages marked U.S.A. Hospital Department Asst. Surgeon Dana Post Islan Folly Island S.C.List02D-09F-03
Report of Sick and Wounded 89th Regiment N.Y. Vols station: Near Sharpsburg. Maryland. Month: September, 1862List02D-09F-03
Return of Medical and Hospital Property received, expanded, issued and remaining on hand at Long Island S.C. for the quarterChart02D-09F-03
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