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Collection TitleCL 55 Lowman Family PapersCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKatie Button

Lowman Family - Jacob Lowman, his wife, Hilda, and and his younger brother, Martin, first came to Chemung County in 1788. 

Seymour Lowman - Seymour Lowman, son of John and Fanny Lowman, was born October 7, 1868 in the town of Chemung.  On September 7, 1893, he married Katherine Harding Smith.  Their children include Caroline (b. May 31, 1904) and A. Marshall.  Lowman served in the New York State Assembly from 1909 to 1910 and the State Senate from 1918 to 1924.  He was Lieutenant Governor of New York from 1925 until 1927 when he became Assistant Secretary of the United States Treasury.  During prohibition, he was in charge of enforcement until he was forced to resign in 1933.  He retired to Elmira and became president of the Elmira Savings Bank until his death in 1940. 


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Note, Jacob Lowman Granted Guy Maxwell, John Spaulding. Lot 12 Maxwell to Jacob Lowman.Note010276
Note, Isasc Baldwin Senior to Isasc Junior Lot 127. John Spaulding Lot 19 to Jacob Lowman 1802. and Map.Note 010277
Letter to Seymour Lowman from Gertrude S. R. Thayer, February 17, 1934, information on Guilford, Vermount. Priscilla Bixby married Henry Ward buried at Guilford Center. She would like to know if he knows Doctor Harris Ayers Houghton of New York City was born in Elmira, He descends from John Houghton who died in Guilford Vermount 1826. Priscilla Bixby who married Henry Ward. Did you know Doctor Harris Ayers Houghton born in Elmira, New York? Henry P. Davison who was head of The Red Cross in World War was he a descendant of Sybyl Bixby who married Edward Davison? E. T. Davison who was assistant treasurer under President Hoover was he the son of Henry P. Davison and a descendant of Samuel Bixby and Sybyl Bixby. Samuel Bixby wife Hannah Powers born January 10, 1739 in Lancaster, Massachusetts daughter of Jonathan and Hannah (Sawyer) Powers of Lancaster, Massachusetts. Joanthan Powers was soldier in the Revolutionary War. Letter 010278
Letter, Mr. Lowman from Katherine V. D. Latterlee, June 16, 1939. Isasc Baldwin who helped settle village of Lowman was a grandfather of the Isasc Baldwin who married Alice Dunn. William Dunn who kept the Road House or "Cavern". Davis Street was named after his Great grandfather and John Davis. Letter010279
Letter, To G. S. Richmond Thayer, 14 Brook Street Battleboro, Vermont February 21, 1934. F. Trubee Davison was assistant of war under President Hoover, son of Henry P. Davison, head of the Red Cross during The World War. Henry P. Davison descendant of Edward and Sybyl Davison. After Edward died Sybyl married Edward Evans from Guilford.Letter010279
Note, Eleanor? born November 3, 1881 died September 5, 1931. Mary Elizabth Copley born October 19, 1914. Seymour Lowman elected county clerk 1918 - 1923, assemblyman 1924- 1926. Offical title Marine Midland Bank Secretary.Note010280
Note, List of foreigners imported in the ship American Galley, William Wilson Captain, from Rotterdam September 27, 1746. Among others was John Landin Lowman and Martin Lowman.Note010280
Note, List of Foreigners imported in the ship Muscliffe Galley, George Durell Commander from Rotterdam, December 22, 1744. Among others was Samuel Konig, Christian Konig and Jacob Konig.Note010281
Note, Steuben House Ingersall Rand William Willis June 1816 to November 1816.Note010282
Letter, The land on the Susquehanna River after 1768 was called The The Old Frontier of the Province of New York. James Seeley of Millerton a brother Welling Seeley must have been a cousin of Albert who was a son of James Seeley his wife Martha ???, a half sister to Sarah Wilson was wife to George Wilson.Letter010283
Document. Bixby Genealogy, Joseph Bixby The Emigrant, born in Little Waldingfield, Suffolk, England in 1620. He died April 19, 1701 at Boxford, Massachusetts, married Sarah, daughter of John Wyatt of Ipswich, Massachusetts October 15, 1647, died in Boxford, Massachusetts in 1703. They had nine children. First generation Joseph born 1648. Daniel Bixby second child of Joseph and Sarah (Wyatt) Bixby born September 18, 1675, died at Andover, Massachusetts 1717. Married Hannah Chandler, December 2, 1674, died Andover, Massachusetts, November 20, 1730. They had nine children. Thrid generation Mephibosheth Bixby seventh child of Daniel and Hannah (Chandler) Bixby was born April 3, 1690, died March 20, 1767 in Winchendon, Massachusetts. Married May 28, 1713 to Mary Emmons born November 26, 1683.Was the daughter of Mary Hancock same family of John Hancock the singer of the Declaration of Independence. They had seven children. Fourth Generation Samuel Bixy third child of Mehibosheth and Mary (Emmons) Bixby born at Boylston, Massachusetts, married Mary Buck of Woburn, Massachusetts, November 1737, they had seven children. Fifth generation Samuel Bixby first child of Samuel and Mary (Buck) Bixby was born at Shrewbury, Massachusetts, in 1740 died at Bainbridge, New York in 1820, married Hannah Powers March 4, 1762 at Lancaster, Massachusetts. Hannah (Powers) Bixby born in Lancaster, Masschusetts January 10, 1739 died Brainbridge, New York 1819. Samuel Bixby was a Revolutionary Soldier they had six children. Sixth generation Samuel Bixby Fifth child of Samuel and Hannah (Powers) Bixby born at Guilford, Vermont January 25, 1774 and died at Brainbridge, New York July 23, 1857 married Lois Moss, January 23, 1800 at Cheshire, Connecticut, Lois Moss bornOctober 2, 1776 at Cheshire, Connecticut died April 2, 1852 at Brainbridge, New York, they had eight children. Her father a Lieutenant in the Revolation. Seventh generation, Samuel Bixby, first child of Samuel and Lois (Moss) Bixby was born at Bainbridge, New York February 11, 1803 and died there in June 3, 1889 his first wife Abigail Reynolds, they married at Bainbridge, New York 1831 she died Mahoopany, Pennsylvania in 1834, two children Francis born at Bainbridge, New York 1832 died in soldier prison camp at Columbus, Ohio during Cival War a Confederate soldier. Samuel, born in Mahoopany, Pennsylvania 1834, died in infancy. Second marriage to Lydia Purington at Windham, Pennsylvania February, 7, 1836 two children. He and second wife were buried in Greenlawn Cementery at Bainbridge, New York. The eighth generation Fanny S. Bixby, Second child of Samuel and Lydia (Purington) Bixby, was born at Bianbridge, New York May 25, 1840 and died at Sayre, Pennsylvania July 12, 1925. She married John Lowman of Lowman, New York September 7, 1864, John Lowman died at Bainbridge, New York August 9, 1884 was born at Lowman, New York June 20, 1832, they had seven children. Fanny was left a widow with seven childern. Ninth Generation, Seymour Lowman second child Fanny Bixby Lowman, was born at Lowman, New York October 7, 1868, married Kate H. Smith September 7, 1893 of Pittsfield, Massachusets, at Bainbridge, they had six children. Seymour Lowman Attorney and Counselor at law in 1891. He was elected State Senator three terms 1919 to 1924. Lieutenant Governor 1925 - 1926. Document010301
Document, The Powers Family First Generation, Walter Powers, born born 1639 died February 22, 1708; married March 11, 1661 to Trial born February 10, 1641, daughter of Deacon Ralph ands Thanks Shepard they had nine childen. Walter Powers, first family to come to this country was an Englishman, supposed to come from Essex, England settled Town of Littleton, Massachusetts. The inhabitants of the United States the name Powers desended from this ancestor. Second generation, Daniel Powers born May 10, 1669 married first April 8, 1702 to Elizabeth daughter of Jonathan Whitcomb second marriage to Martha Bates. Daniel and Elizabeth Powers had five children. His second wife Martha (Bates) Powers had four children. Third Generation, Jonathan Powers son of Daniel Powers born 1704 and married Hannah Sawyer they lived in Lancaster, Massachusetts. They had nine children. Jonathan Powers was a soldier In the Old French War. 1755 they marched under Colonel Joseph Blanchard against the French Forts at Crown Point of Lake Champlain. He enlisted for the Revolution in 1775 and was in the engagememt at Bunker Hill.Fourth Generation, Hannah Powers, daughter of Jonathan and Hannah (Sawyer) Powers born January 10, 1739, married March 4, 1782 to Samuel Bixby. She died at Bainbridge, New York in 1819, they moved from Guilford, Vermount to Brainbridge in 1790. They had six childern.They were among the early settlers of Chenago County , New York. Walter Powers has many noted descendants, Hiram Powers the Sculptor and Abigail Powers wife of Millard Fillmore the Thirteenth President.Document010401
Document. First Generation John Moss earliest settlers of the New Haven Colony in Connecticut, he was chosen commissioner and re-elected for Wallingford eighteen times. John Moss died in Wallingford 1707 and said he was 103 years old. Which makes his birth 1603. He was an Englishman by birth, The date of his arrival to Amierica is unknown but probably in 1638. The date and death of his wife is unknown. Her name was Goddy Charles. They had eleven children. Second Generation John Moss Jr., eighth child of John Moss Sr. born in New Haven, Connecticut, October 12, 1650, among first settlers in Wallingford. He married December 12, 1676 Martha, daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Soudder) Lothrop, who was born January 1657 and died September 21, 1719. John died March 31, 1719 the time of his death the settlement of his estate he had over five acres of land. They had eight children. Third Generation , tenth child of John and Martha (Lothrop) Moss was born in Wallingford, Connecticut, February 10, 1702. He married Abigail the daughter of Joseph and Abigail,(Royce) Cole, who was born July 13, 1699. They lived in Wallingford, Connecticut the date of there death are unknown. Fourth Generation, Captain Titus, sixth child of Benjamin and Abigail (Cole) Moss, was born in Wallingford, May 16, 1738. He enlisted in the Revolutionary War and served as Lieutenant under Colonel Charles Webb's Regiment. Document010402
Document, Seymour Lowman of pioneer stock one of seven childern was born October 7, 1878 on a farm near Chemung, New York. After the death of his father the family moved to Bainridge, New York age 17 he graduated from the academy there, after teaching for two years he decided to become lawyer. He became interested in various business enterprises and gave up the practice of law.Document010501
Document, Seymour Lowman a descendant of pioneer stock born on a farm near Chemung, New York October 7, 1868. After teaching for two years he decided to become a lawyer. He was admitted to the Bar in 1891. He practiced law until 1910, became interested in various business enterprises gave up the practice of law. President of Lowman Construction Corporation. Buildings erected by Lowman Elmira College, St. Joseph's Hospial, Steel Memorial Library and others. President of the United States Cut Flowers Company. His Political interest involved him in local, state and national levels. First public office city Chamberlain of Elmira 1900 - 1907. Assembly 1909 - 1910. In 1924 Mr Lowman one year Republican Party for Lieutenant Governor. As Assistant Secretary he served under Three Presidents, Coolidge, Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt. Resigned from the Treasury Department came to Elmira 1933 to become president of The Elmira Saving Bank until death age 71 in 1940.Document010501
Newspaper clipping, Lowman Traces History of Section at Painted Post Marker Ceremony; Commemorates Indians Meeting Place.The marker commemorates Painted Post as an important historical point and rests upon the site once occupied by the Indians painted post, located near the river , from which this village derives its name. We of this region are celebrating the 150th anniversary of important events that took place here. The American Independence was on. It was the back door through which the British and the Indians allies were harrassing the American Colonies. The activities of the enemy finally culminated in the massacre at Wyoming, Pennsylvania. General Washington as a military necessity sent General Sullivan and his army into Western New York to put down the British and the Indians. Lieutenant John Jenkins a descendant of a family who suffered at Wyoming at the hands of the real Indians. Newspaper Clipping010502
Newspaper clipping, Lowman Farm Has Remained In Same Family 145 Years. August 21, 1938. The Home was built by Lebbeus Tubbs, pioneer settler. First deed of the property dated May 21, 1790. Mr Lowman sold half to Wilkes Jenkins of Lowman and Half to Lebbeus Tubbs of Wellsburg, a great great grandaughter of Jenkins, Mrs Elmer Baldwin still resides on the Jenkins grant. Mr. Lowman bought his section from Mrs Helen Tubbs Richards a direct descendant of Lebbues and since Mr. Lowman is a cousin, the land has remained in the family for approximately 145 years.Newspaper Clipping010504
Letter, To Honorable Seymour Lowman from Peter Nelson. May 5, 1927. Such a marker of United States standard bronze of standard thickness should cost about $100. to $125. Colonel Pickering and the Indians and the relations of the treaties at Athens, Elmira and Canandaigua. These places have been marked and it is entirely right that Elmira too should place a marker for the treaty made there in 1791.Letter010505
Envelope, To J. T. Trippe, Esq., President. Pan American Airways, Inc., 122, East 42nd Street, New York. from Per First Flight Air Mail, British Guiana by Air Mail six cent and a one cent stampEnvelope010601
Envelope, To J. T. Trippe, President, Pan American Airways, New York. Air Mail Antigua to United States America, September 26, 1929.Envelope010602
Envelope, To Honorable Seymour Lowman C/0 Mr. D. C. Flynn, Pan American Airways, Inc., Maturin, Venezuela. Post Mark February 1931, From Miami stamped First Flight Air Mail F. A. M. Routes 6 & 5 Maturin, Venezuela, completing The Lindbergh Circle. Letter, To Mr. Lowman enclosed the envelope from E. D. Nagle to add to his collection. Letter from E. D. Nagle Envelope and Letter010603
Envelope, To Honorable Seymour Lowman C/O Pickerell & Company, Para, Brazil. P.O. Stamp Washington D. C. November 8, 1930. Par Avion by Air Mail from Miami. Stamp First Flight Air Mail to French Guiana and Brazil.Envelope010604
Envelope, to Mr. A. H. Lowman of the United States Cut Flower Company, Elmira, New York, U. S. A. from JAC. Maarse Gzn. Costeinderweg 131, Aalsmeer-Holland.Pre Luchtpost Par Avon. May 22. 2 cent marked Nederlands.Envelope010605
Envelope, to William P. McCracken Jr., New Yory, Rei & Buenes Aires Line Inc., 929 Graybar Building, 420 Lexington Ave., New York City. From NYRBA DO BRAZIL S. A. Edificio Guinle, Avenida Rio Branco.137, Rio De JaneiroEnvelope010606
Envelope. To Honorable Seymour Lowman, C/O Mr. Eric Schroeder, Pan American Airways, Inc., San Lorenzo, Honduras, Central American. Pan Avion by Air Mail. From Brownsville Air Mail First Flight International F. A. M. 6 Brownsville, San Lorenzo. P. O. Stamp Washington D. C. January 10, 1930. Stamp Admon Correos, San Lorenzo ??.Envelope010607
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