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Collection TitleMC 03 War CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKimberly Richards
Date Completed:11/2006
Provenance:The War Collection is a collection was donated to the Booth Library by a number of donors and purchases made by the Chemung County Historical Society
Extent2 linear feet
Date Span1779-Present
AbstractThe War Collection contains, letters, field manuals, and other documents relating to the American Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican War, Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam to the present-day.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Orders - Military orders for Sergeant J.P. Briggs to assemble a group of men whose names are listed in Elmira for drills and other business, 30th Separate Co., Elmira NY, 1847OrdersB0322
Roll, Muster - List of Elmira Guards, 30th Separate Co., Elmira NY, 1840s.Roll, MusterB0323
Letter - From Samuel Steadman to Col. E.C. Frost sayign that a military fine of $3 was imposed upon him mistakenly and asking that it be retracted, Elmira NY, 1850.LetterB0324
Document - List of men wishing to enroll for service in the Elmira Guards, 30th Separate Co., Elmira NY, 1850.DocumentB0325
Letter - from Orange and Rulaneus Gulp to Col. E.C. Frost stating that they had been fined $3 for not appearing at a parade but that they were out of town at the time, Elmira NY, 1850.LetterB0326
Roll, Muster - List of Elmira Guards, 30th Separate Co., Elmira NY, 1848.Roll, MusterB0327
Roll, Muster - List of Elmira Guards, 30th Separate Co., Elmira NY, circa 1840s.Roll, MusterB0328
Records - Treasurer's Report of the Elmira Guards, 30th Separate Co., Elmira NY, 1854.RecordsB0329
Roll, Muster - List of the Elmira Guards, 30th Separate Co., Elmira NY, 1848.Roll, MusterB0330
Records - Quarter master's records of who was issued uniform items and the worth of each item, 30th Separate Co., Elmira NY, 1850.RecordsB0331
Records - Record of Soldiers and Officers, 30th Separate Co., Elmira NY, 1860s.RecordsB0332
Records - Record of people upon which a fine has been imposed, 30th Separate Co., Elmira NY, 1837.RecordsB0333
Certificate - of Military Promotion of Private Walter K. Whitley to Corporal, 30th Separate Co., Oswego NY, 1903.CertificateB0334
Orders - Book of Military Orders from 1901-1907, 30th Separate Co., Elmira NY.OrdersB0401
Membership cards in Company L, 3rd Infantry NYS National Guard, issued to Carl G. Ballard (1916 & 1917), and Julian L. Watkins (1917).Membership CardsB0501
Identification card from the Western Union Telegraph Company issued to Sergeant J.C. Mosier, 1916.Identification CardB0502
General Orders for Sentinels, Company L, Third Infantry, New York National Guard, ca. 1910s. DocumentB0503
Lloyd R. Wheeler papers including 5 military passes (191-1918); permission to be at Camp Wadsworth (1917); orders regarding his promotion (1918); invitation to join organization for former members of Company L (1919). PapersB0504
Program - Thanksgiving Party hosted by Company L, Third Infantry, NY National Guard, November 24, 1910. ProgramB0505
Booklet - Smoker, Company L of the NY National Guard, December 22, 1910. BookletB0506
Program - Reception and Dinner given by Company L, 3rd Infantry N.G.N.Y., to Major John T. Sadler upon his retirement, October 31, 1912.ProgramB0507
Program - Review by Mayor Hoffman, Competitive Platoon Drill and Presentation of Medals, Company L, 3rd Infantry N.G.N.Y., at the Armory, April 28, 1914. ProgramB0508
Program - Thanksgiving Day Menu, Company L, 108th US Infantry, Camp Wadsworth, Spartanburg, SC, 1917 (2 copies).ProgramB0509
Menu - New Year's Dinner, Company L, 108th Infantry, Camp Wadsworth, Spartanburg, SC, January 1, 1918. MenuB0510
Menu - A Banquet given by the members of Company L, 4th Infantry of NY Guard, at the Armory, May 5, 1919.MenuB0511
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