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Collection TitleMC 13 Banks/ Financial InstitutionsCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByRachel Dworkin
Date Completed:07/28/2008

The items in this collection were donated to the Booth Library by various individuals.   

Terms:Banks and banking; Bank notes; Chemung County (N.Y.); Elmira (N.Y.); Financial institutions; Money

Bank of Chemung; Bank of Elmira Heights; CCSD Federal Credit Union; Chemung Canal Bank, 1833-1903; Chemung Canal Trust Company, 1903-present; Chemung Valley Bank; Chemung Valley Mutual Loan Association, 1875-1927; Chemung Valley Savings & Loan Association, 1927-?; Elmira Mechanics Society; Elmira Mechanics Savings Society; Elmira National Bank & Trust Company, 1929-1953; Elmira Savings Bank, 1890-present; Elmira Savings & Loan Association, 1923-present; Elmira Trust Company, 1902-1903; Horseheads Savings & Loan Association; Marine Midland Trust Company of Southern New York, 1953-1970; Mechanics Mutual Protection Society; Mechanics Savings Bank of Elmira 1836-1987; Merchants National Bank of Elmira; National Bank of Chemung; Second National Bank of Elmira, 1863-1929

Scope:The Banks/Financial Institutions collection includes bank notes and currency, foreign and domestic, ranging in date from 1844 to the 1940's; banking documents such as checks, account books and deposit slips ranging in date from the 1835 to the 1960's; and promotional material including booklets, mailings and complimentary calendars from local area banks dating from the 20th century. 
Extent1.5 linear feet
Date Span1835-2001

This collection contains materials related to banks, banking and finance including various forms of currency and documents from Chemung County banks. 

Filter by:
TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Check, Second National Bank of Elmira, $10,000 from La Rhett Livingston to S.S. Livingston, March 15, 1864. CheckA1802
Check, Second National Bank of Elmira, $110.56 from La Rhitt Livingston to S. T. Arnot, June 6, 1864.CheckA1803
Account summary for Sam Cotton's checking account, June 21, 1889, Second National Bank of Elmira. DocumentA1804
Receipt for money order for $25 from Sam Cotton to Rosa Spaulding, dated March 5, 1889. DocumentA1805
Check for $25 from Sam Cotton to Durl and Pratt, dated February 20, 1889. Second National Bank of Elmira.CheckA1806
Check for $ 17.89 from Sam Cotton to F.M. Blosson, dated March 21, 1889. Second National Bank of Elmira. CheckA1807
Check for $5 from Sam Cotton to Rosa Spaulding, dated May 28, 1889. Second National Bank of Elmira.CheckA1808
Check for $5 from Sam Cotton, dated April 15, 1889. Second National Bank of Elmira.CheckA1809
Check for $140 from Sara E. Keller to Paul Coleson, April 23, 1889. Second National Bank of Elmira.CheckA1810
Check for $133.45 from Mr. Lawson to Mr. Armstrong, dated October 18, 1901. Second National Bank of Elmira.CheckA1811
Check for #15.32 from LeGrand Carr to G. Kellar, dated May 4, 1914. Second National Bank of Elmira.CheckA1812
Check for $56.00 from LeGrand Carr to C.S. Travis, dated November 9, 1914. Second National Bank of Elmira.CheckA1813
Check for $38.30 from Royal Doane to G. Chamberlain, dated January 27, 1919. Second National Bank of Elmira.CheckA1814
Theo G. Smith's savings account ledger, 1883 to 1906. Second National Bank of Elmira. LedgerA1815
Mrs. Rosa Spaulding's savings account ledger, 1889-1890. Second National Bank. LedgerA1816
Jacob and Josephine Audryejczak's savings account ledger, 1928-1936. Second National Bank of Elmria.LedgerA1817
Deposit slips for Frank S. Miller in the Second National Bank of Elmira, NY, 10 copies.DocumentA1818
Christmas Card from the Second National Bank of Elmira, NY. Greeting CardA1819
Advertising blotters - Second National Bank of Elmira, "We may not all be Washingtons" & "The Girl I Left Behind Me," ca. WWI. DocumentsA1820
Booklet - The Second National Bank of Elmira, N.Y., October 1902.BookletA1821
Receipt from Second National Bank of Elmira for money received from H. Scott, November 22, 1867.ReceiptA1822
1917-1918 Discount Calendar from the Second National Bank of Elmira.CalendarA1823
Second National Bank of Elmira, statement of condition, 1922. DocumentA1824
Our Baby's Book, compliments of the Second National Bank of Elmira, 1925.BookletA1825
Trade Card/ Christmas Ornament - Second National Bank 1926 Christmas Savings Club. Trade CardA1826
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