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Collection TitleMC 37 Arts/ Music/ HumanitiesCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKimberly Richards, Lee Kiesling
Date Completed:May 17, 2007
Extent2 linear feet
Date Span1865-present

The Arts/ Music/ Humanities collection contains a wide range of material, such as documents, booklets and sheet music (which can be found in boxes D through F).  Institutions of mention in this collection are: Arnot Art Museum, Strathmont Museum, Steele Memorial Library, Tanglewood, the Browning Club, the Elmira Community Concert Association and the Thursday Morning Musicales.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Newsletters - Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, New York. The following newsletters called "The Column": May, 1981; January/February, 1990; July/August, 1990; September/October, 1990; March/April, 1991; September/October, 1992.NewslettersA0401
Catalogue - For the Elmira, New York Estate of the Late J. Arnot Rathbone, June 16 and 17, 1958. Lists Furniture, Sterling Silver, Linens, Porcelains, Paperweights, etc. Admission to exhibit is $1.00, for the benefit of the "Strathmore" Museum Fund.CatalogueA0502
Invitation - Strathmont Museum, Elmira, New York. The Board of Trustees of the Museum requests the pleasure of Mr. Clark Wilcox's company at a Gala Preview on Thursday evening, January 22, 1959 from 7 - 10. Also attached is a copy of the letter dated January 24, 1959 to Lester B. Bridaham, Director of the Strathmont Museum from Clark Wilcox, Chemung County Historian, thanking them for the invitation.InvitationA0503
Membership Card - Strathmont Museum, Elmira, New York. Issued to Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brayton, for February 13, 1959 to February 13, 1960. Membership CardA0505
Bulletin - Strathmont Museum News, Elmira, New York. The Strathmont Members' Bulletin for June, 1959, giving a list of summer activities.BulletinA0506
Ticket - To benefit the Strathmont Museum, sponsored by the Elmira Home Organ Club. The Derringers Glen and Brenda Organ Concert at the Southside High School Auditorium on Wednesday, March 16, 8 P.M. (Year Unknown).TicketA0507
Brochure - Strathmont Museum, Elmira, New York. It gives the story of "Beautiful" Strathmont Museum.BrochureA0508
Brochure - Strathmont Museum, Elmira, New York. It gives the reasons why there is a need for a museum in Elmira. It also tells how the museum will be governed, and why they are having a campaign.BrochureA0509
Handbook - Strathmont Museum, Elmira, New York. A Workers' Handbook showing what raising $200,000 will provide the museum. It also describes the organization, gives information about Pledge Cards. It lists the Ten Commandments for Solicitors.HandbookA0510
Invitation - Strathmont, Elmira, New York. To a Cocktail Party to celebrate the rebirth of Strathmont on February 23, 1991, by Alan Pedersen and Debra Cutler.InvitationA0511
Booklet - Strathmont Museum, Elmira, New York. Gives information regarding Strathmont, formerly, The Fassett Estate, built in 1896. It talks about the change from home to Museum and Civic Center. It also discusses the need to raise $200,000 for the repair and improvement of the Rathbone Estate.BookletA0511
Invitation - The Near Westside Neighborhood Association. Owners, Alan Pedersen and Debra Cutler, invitation to the dedication of Strathmont, to the National Register of Historic Places on May 11, 1991, from 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Also included is a response card, along with a self - addressed envelope.13A0513
Booklet - Strathmont. A Chronology written by George R. Farr, October 2, 2000. Contains the history of Strathmont Estate from 1896 - 1991.BookletA0514
Report - The People of Strathmont. A brief history of the people and their families connected with the building of the original and the current Strathmont Homes. Written by George R. Farr, prepared for John and Joanne Travers, January, 2003. A0515
Program - Tanglewood Community Nature Center. Open House and Dedication of the Education Building, in the memory of Irving T. "Pat" Runey, Sunday, November 7, 1982, at 2 p.m.ProgramA0601
Brochure - Tanglewood Community Nature Center. Gives directions to Tanglewood, who can visit, how it is supported, and what it is.BrochureA0602
Agenda - Tanglewood Community Nature Center. Agenda for Annual Meeting on January 25, 1989, and January 15, 1989 business meeting.AgendaA0603
Newsletters - Tanglewood Talk, Tanglewood Community Nature Center: Fall, 1983; summer 1989; Spring 1990; Fall 2008; Summer, Fall 2010; Winter, Spring 2011; Fall 2014. NewslettersA0604
Booklet - Tanglewood Nature Center and Museum. Annual Report for 2008.BookletA0605
Manuscript - Tanglewood, Elmira, New York. A Community Treasure, giving the history of Tanglewood, April, 2004, written by Ralph B. Moore. ManuscriptA0701
Booklet - WELM Radio Center open house, May 22, 1960.BookletA1001
Program - Strathmont Museum Campaign, 1958 - 1960. Lists the names of speakers and the time they will speak.ProgramA501
Newsletters - Big Flats, New York, Historical Society. The following issues are: December, 1976; February, 1977; May, 1991; March and April, 2011.NewslettersB0102
Handbill - Teal Park Free Concerts Series sponsored by the Horseheads Historical Society, Spring 1988. HandbillB0103
Brochure - John W. Jones Museum, Elmira, New York, 1990 - 2010. Gives information about John W. Jones and asks for donations to be used for renovations of his home, moving home to new site, research, artifacts, resources, etc.BrochureB0104
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