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A letter to Harry N. Hoffman from Secretary of State Mitchell May stating that the Governor has received the letter of resignation from the Newtown Battlefield Reservation, as he is the proper person to receive the same. Dated: December 13th, 1913. LetterA0433
A letter to Harry N. Hoffman from the Secretary of the Governor Frank A. Tierney. States that if Harry cannot successfully retain his position as commissioner of the Newtown Battlefield Reservation, it will be addressed to the Governor. Dated: December 24th, 1913. LetterA0434
A letter to Harry N. Hoffman from the Secretary to the Governor of the State of New York stating that the governor has accepted his resignation as the Commissioner of the Newtown Battlefield Reservation Commission. Dated: December 29th, 1913. LetterA0435
A from Harry N. Hoffman to an unidentified person pr group. The letter explains the food drive and distribution that took place at some point during his tenure as mayor of Elmira. The letter explains how ,much they bought cans of soup, packages of bacon and other products for, and at what cost they sold them back to the public. At the bottom of the letter the amount of money the Treasury of Allied Charities of Elmira spent is listed. No date. LetterA0436
A letter to Harry N. Hoffman from the United States War Department addressing that during World War 2, he was a member of the local board #1 City of Elmira. Due to faithful and efficient service he has been honorably relieved of the services of the Selective Service System. Dated March 31st, 1919. LetterA0437
This seems to be part of a speech written by Harry N. Hoffman during one of his terms as mayor of Elmira. It is addressing to the citizens of Elmira that they should look at our flag as a beautiful thing and should be proud of what we have, especially in a time where most of the countries where they all came from are at war. No date.SpeechA0438
A letter to Harry N. Hoffman from George C. Haesloop stating that Mr. Hoffman has his heartfelt cooperation in the coming election campaign for mayor of Elmira. Dated: October 28th, 1915. LetterA0439
A letter to Harry N. Hoffman from B.W. Topping stating that Mayor Hoffman will have his vote for the upcoming election. Dated: October 30th, 1915. LetterA0440
A letter to Harry N. Hoffman from Edgar Crowell informing him that he and twenty-five fellow citizens of Elmira are planning to vote for him in the upcoming mayoral election. Dated: October 30th, 1915. LetterA0441
A letter to Harry N. Hoffman from W. C. Harrington wishing Harry luck in the upcoming mayoral elections of Elmira. Dated: October 30th, 1915. LetterA0442
These letters addressed to Harry N. Hoffman are all responses to the Mayor sending letters to citizens of Elmira asking for their support in the upcoming mayoral election. Geo H. Young, H.S. Patterson, James T. Breelman, R.D. Batterson, Floyd M. Shoemaker, and Geo L. Curtis. All Dated: October 30th 1915. LetterA0443 (documents 1-6)
A letter to all the citizens of Elmira from Harry N. Hoffman reminding them of Elmira's baseball team, The Colonels, and their exceptional play in the previous season. The letter also states that the city departments will be closed as of 3:00 p.m. on Thurs. May 6th, so the employees may attend the opening day game. LetterA0444
A letter to Harry N. Hoffman from Public Service Commissioner of the State of New York, Thomas F. Fennel. The letter is in regards to the fact that the main st. bridge in Elmira has become unsafe to passover in street cars, but nobody in Elmira has the equipment or knowledge to make an inspection and an assessment. Dated September 2nd, 1919. LetterA0445
A letter to Harry N. Hoffman from W.O. Crew, personally thanking him for initiating terms with contractors to build a better bridge at Main St. in Elmira. Dated January 29, 1920.LetterA0446
A receipt that Harry N. Hoffman possibly wrote while calculating costs of a food drive run by the Allied Charities of Elmira. No date.DocumentsA0447
A program from a dinner given in honor of Harry N. Hoffman sponsored by the John A. Robinson Class for Men at the First Presbyterian Church in Elmira. Dated: November 12, 1915.ProgramA0447
This is a speech made by Harry N. Hoffman regarding fire safety among big buildings in Elmira. He writes about how the fire department should be able to inspect new buildings, so they can be familiarized with the structure in case of fire duty.SpeechA0448 (3 pgs.)
A speech made by Harry N. Hoffman addressed to the working people of Elmira. It is a speech that is determined to influence to build up their homes and make them as splendid and unique as possible, for a home is a sacred place built for security and pleasure. No date.SpeechA0449
A speech written by Harry N. Hoffman speaking to a group of women representing the Newtown Battlefield Commission. It is a call out for more men to join the Commission. No date.SpeechA0450
A mayoral address made by Harry N. Hoffman concerning the city of Elmira's well-being. It addresses the fact that Elmira needs more parks, bridges, and recreation areas. It states that there are no problems with labor, buildings, and education. The condition of the health departments in the town are perfect, and charities are running strong and successfully. Mayor Hoffman does address the fact that newcomers and the elderly need a better sense of public spirit. No date.SpeechA0451 (3 pgs.)
A letter written to the men of Elmira from Mayor Harry N. Hoffman. The letter addresses the fact that Mayor Hoffman thought it would be a good idea to reforest the hills and wastelands. He emphasizes the importance of this, because it will make the countryside more attractive, it will give the community more firewood, and it will slow the flow of water down into the valley in the event of flooding. Dated: January 23rd, 1923.LetterA0452
A speech made by Harry N. Hoffman at the inauguration of the Chamber of Commerce addressing post-World War 1 goals for Elmirians. He mentions the extraordinary service and valor the men and women of Elmira showed in fighting this war overseas and at home. He states that Elmira now needs to move on from this war and continue to provide for its growing economy and population. Dated: 1919.SpeechA0453
A speech written by Harry N. Hoffman sometime after his re-election as Mayor of Elmira. The speech is addressing the citizens of Elmira to turn their heads way from World War 1 for a minute to realize the advances that Elmira has made since he has been in office. He mentions the growth in population that has now reached 45,000, the improvements made to the streets and sidewalks, the quality of health care, and the extremely high quality police and fire departments. Dated: November 4th, 1917.SpeechA0454 (4 pgs.)
A letter to Harry N. Hoffman from an unknown source. The letter explains to Harry that a man named Ray is in the process of sailing across the Atlantic Ocean to serve in the American Red Cross for six months. Dated: December 4th, 1918.LetterA0455
A letter to Harry N. Hoffman from the same unidentifiable person. Congratulating him on his retirement as Mayor of Elmira and his work during his two terms of office. Dated: January 5th, 1920.LetterA0456
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