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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

The Manuscript Index is arranged alphabetically by collection name.  To access a finding aid, please click on its name.

To search the Manuscript Index for a specific research topic, please enter the term into the Search Library Box below. 

Please keep in mind that many collections have not been inventoried while others are currently in progress.  If you have any questions regarding the Finding Aids or the Index, please contact the archivist at

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These slides of the CCHS Collections: Vernacular House; tree stand; sampler quilt; Mark Twain's furniture; dcouments photo by Rachel Maines; red tin box--bird painted on it; Crispins photograph; Hoffman hat and a mommoth tooth; cabinet making furniture; Artic collection of compass,and a small carved whale and fisherman with string and harpoon; 3 ledgers, photo by Rachel Maines; quilt; research library, Jim Wood; collection in Gerard building (3) collection in Howell warehouse (3); street signs--Sullivan St. and Division Street plus a shovel.SlidesD 2COLLECTIONS03
These slides are of items in Collections 1990-1993: crates for Langdon mirrors, 1991; Langdon mirrors being crated (4); large Langdon mirror outside of a building, 1991; dried floral and nut wreath, 1993; painting of a horse's head with crochet fly netting over the head, 1993 (2); painting of a barn roof with a cupola and small cat, 1993; painting of a roadside apple and cider stand, 1993; detail of the bird on the side of a red tin box, #1395; display of the R. Marvin collection, polar bear coat, snow shoes, liquer bottle, 1990 (3); William T. Smith's arrow head collection, 1992 (3); GAR photo of members, buttons and ribbons.SlidesD 2COLLECTIONS04
These slides are of the Collection donations in 1985: xrazy quilt (10); radio #78.59.16; painted music box with a large round disk (4); wash basin cabinet with candle stick and candle on top (2); ladies fancy sewing kit (2).SlidesD 2COLLECTIONS06
These slides are of items in the Collection for 1988-1989: items of the deaccession project; ledgers (15). Photos taken by Rachel Maines.SlidesD 2COLLECTIONS08
These slides are of items in general Collections 1979-1992: artifacts on display; Tim Decker's Jumbo glass , 1990 (2); Carl West, lecture on collections, 1979; computer cataloging; sampler c. 1849, 1988; library project, 1989; mammoth tusk; main office computer, 1992; water damage in collections, 1990 (2); lodge apron #811; small box with spotted fur or cloth covering.SlidesD 2COLLECTIONS09
These slides are of items in Collections, 1980-1993: sewing machine, 85.5.3; 2 bandboxes, 1374 & 1086; blue and clear glass scepter (2), 1993; snow shoes, Artic Collection, 1990; Orginal object records; embroidered cloth with SLEEP (religious), 1985; Indian artifacts, 1985; Seneca Moccasins, 1870-80, purchased 1986 (2); quilt, Lilies with white background; red and white quilt with large roses, 1985; crzy quilt, 1985; hair, mourning wreath; N. E. splint basket, N. E. beaded pouch, 1980; Polar bear coat, & other Artic artifacts (3), 1990.SlidesD 2COLLECTIONS10
These slides of items in Collections were taken by Rachel Maines in 1989: close up of the R. Marvin collection; close up the polar coat; coat with photo of Mr. Marvin wearint it; artifacts; boxes holding the collection; various documents. SlidesD 2COLLECTIONS11
These slides of what was aquired for Collections in 1978-1992: quilts-Ohio Star, Crazy, Postage Stamp, Rob Peter to Pay Paul, pink and brown squares, hand applique of Red Rose Buds and full rose with green leaves and stems on white squares, Pyramid, scrap squares; Log Cabin; sampler, 74.200.24a; Eldridge Park movie projector, 1992; "Timeless Collections" software, shown on computer. SlidesD 2COLLECTIONS12
These 6 slides are of a September 1999 workshop on collections care, and preserving photos.SlidesD 2COLLECTIONS13
These sides are of objects in the CCHS Collection and were used in the county history book in 1999: water color portrait of a Continental Army soldier; water color portrait of Red Jacket; water color of Joseph Brant; water color of General Sullivan; "Lamoka Points" (arrowheads) pls tools (4); George Washington's Peace Medal, 1793; 1819 newspapers--THE VEDETTE, THE INVESTIGATOR; maps of the battle at Newtown, also showing Indian territory dividing lines in NY proir to Revolutionary War (5).SLIDESD 2COLLECTIONS14
These slides are of quilts in the collections in 1995: stat, victorian crazy, baby block with fans, fan, lone star/Bethleham; 2 tpyes of log cabin; red, white, blue with white stars; applique floral; SlidesD 2COLLECTIONS15
These slides are of 16 quilts in the 1995 collections: baskets, stars, split rail, applique symbols; white quilting on white; crazy, flying geese, applique lily blocks; log cabin; applique pictoral; blue, red, white, with applique on the white blocks in a trip around the world formation.SlidesD 2COLLECTIONS 16
These slides are of quilts in the 1995 collections: log cabin, postage stamp, crazy, striped medallion with different size borders, fans. There are also a slide of an invoise from J. Hill & Co. and of a croquet set. SlidesD 2COLLECTIONS18
These slides are of donations to CCHS Collections in 1980-1991: moving piano from the Jennings Farm to CCHS (5); Jenning's farm house (2); Langdon mirrors (11); County employees building crates for the mirrors.SlidesD 2COLLECTIONSO1
These slides are of items donated to Collections in 1985: embroidered dressing table scarves (2); decorative cast iron stove #82.4.23; grouping of artifacts (2); embroidery panl "God to Thee (2); dark wood fireplace mantelpiece #84-46; embroidry panel "Sleep"; 4 patch quilt without sashing (2 small); small pieced triangle quilt (2); dresser drawers; protrait of a woman; still life painting. SlidesD 2COLLECTIONSO7
These slides are of the 1982 May Event held at the Chemung Valley History Museum: Celebrate the Past, opening ceremony at front door; people in period costumes; two ladies hooking rugs; outside vendors; musicians; needlepoint demostration; Civil War perforated paper designs for embroidery; basket quilt and quilter; laundry roller.SlidesD 2Events01
These slides are of May Events 1979-1983: Museum opening May 15, 1982; period costumes; reception area in second floor hall, 1982; Chemung Co. Historical Information booth,outside, and a vendor booth, inside, 1982; puppet show; Embroidery Guild; book binder; 18 UNDER THE STONE 42 sign (1982); candle maker, 1982; 1981 Historical Society booth at Arts in the Park, 1980 Railroad Festival; Mark Twain Festival, May 19, 1979; Celebrate the Past, Grand Opening, May 15-16, 1982, Chairman Joan Ranson, President Jane Cadwallader, and Mort Sadinsky as "John Arnot", 1983 Crafts Festival; Strathmont, May 1984; 1994 Gardening Weekend, Barn Gallery; 1985 bus trip.SlidesD 2Events02
These slides are of Craft Festivals and Antique Shows for 1983-1984: wreath making and selling; candle making; vendor booths set up inside and outside of museum; bobbin lace maker; dulcimer player; dried flower bouquet.SlidesD 2Events03
These slides are of Craft Festivals and Anitque Shows for 1983; Chemung County Historical Informaion Booth; exhibitors in period clothing; spinners; candle maker; chicken cooking on grills; 1983 banner on wall of museum building; vendors inside and out of museum.SlidesD 2Events04
These slides are of the 1984 Craft Fair at the Chemung Valley History Museum. They show merchandise, vendors, and demonstrators.SlidesD 2Events05
These slides are of the 1984 Craft Fair at the Chemung Valley History Museum. They show merchandise, vendors, and demonstrators.SlidesD 2Events06
These slides are of a corn roast held in 1986 at the museum. People and things listed were Jerry Lynch, Paul Morss, Larry Barone, Sesqui cake, 5th Street 5, food laden table, Connie Barone, Matt Smith, May Knapp, and Paul Prunier.SlidesD 2Events07
These slides show 1989 events: Woolley Mammoth quiz winner; Woolley Mammoth being unloaded from a semi trailer at the Arnot Mall; Woolley Mammoth Stamp Club poster; County Executive Robert and Mrs. Densberger shown with the Woolley Mammoth at the Mall; Woolley Mammonth party; museum vistors.SlidesD 2Events08
These nine slides are of the 1989 Fashion Show.SlidesD 2Events09
These slides are of the 1990 House Tour, the 1994 Garden Tour, and the volunter recognion panel at the Arnot Mall 1990.SlidesD 2Events10
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