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Collection TitleCL 56 Hygeia Refrigerating Co. CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByRachel Dworkin, Debra Maloney
Date Completed:January 2009
Provenance:The items in this collection were donated to the Booth Library in 1982 by Garth Shoemaker.

 Elmira (N.Y.); Business enterprises;  Corporate meetings - Stockholder's meetings;  Corporate meetings - Corporate minutes; Flood control;  Refrigeration and refrigerating machinery - cold-storage lockers.

Historical:Hygeia Refrigerating Company- The Hygeia Refrigerating Company was created on September 1, 1896 to provide refrigeration services to grocers, shippers and citizens.   On March 5, 1921, an off-shoot, Hygeia Ice Cream Company, was created. Corning-Hygeia, Inc. was then founded on February 21, 1930.  The company provided cold storage for produce, furs, and wholesale distribution of ice and ice cream until 1976.  Major officers were Clayton S. Shoemaker, Floyd M. Shoemaker, Guy S. Shoemaker, J. Raymond Shoemaker, David Shoemaker and Garth Shoemaker, who was the last president.  The company was heavily involved in making improvements to the south dike of the Chemung River.  David Shoemaker's wife, Eleanor, founded the Eleanor Shoemaker Real Estate Company in 1962.    
Scope:The collection includes stock ledgers and certificates books from 1896-1904; stock certificates from 1921 and 1924-1927; by-laws of Corning-Hygeia, Inc. from 1930; diagrams of at-grade crossing elimination projects from 1932; architectural drawings, blueprints and correspondence regarding flood control projects from 1936-1946; promotional photographs of the company taken by Fred Loomis and Steiner Studios, from 1924-1954; and the 1954 summary appraisal.
Extent1 linear foot
Date Span1896-1954
AbstractThis collection contains material relating to the Hygeia Refrigerating Company of Elmira, N.Y. and its subsidiaries. 

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Handwritten memo "From the Desk of W.C. Wolgast" to J.R. Shoemaker regarding interview with Mr. Erickson of Binghamton Construction regarding dike job, two pages, March 6, 1942Document020456
Letter from Binghamton Construction Company to Hygeia Company, attention of W.C. Woldgast, Supt. regarding replacement of garage, singed by B.L. Gabriel, Superintendent and Engineer, March 10, 1942Letter020457
Letter from Walter C. Wolgast, Superintendent of Hygeia Refrigerating Company to Binghamton Construction Company, attention of B.G. Gabriel, asking Binghamton Construction Company to meet with Garth Shoemaker, March 10, 1942Letter020457
Newspaper clippings from Star-Gazette, "Steel Restrictions May Prevent Part of City Flood Job" and "Machine Firm Pays Wage Adjustments', dated April 18, 1942Newspaper020458
Receipt from W.A. Case & Son Mfg for piping, rec'd March 17, 1942, date sold May 11, 1942Document020459
Receipt from W.A. Case & Son Mfg for materials, dated May 13, 1942Document020460
Memo on letterhead "From the Desk of W.C. Wolgast" with diagrams and cost notations, June 13, 1942Document020462
Handwritten on memo paper, "From the Desk of W.C. Wolgast", with notations regarding construction with additional notes on back of Hygeia order form, June 22, 1942Document020463
Letter from War Department, United States Engineer Office to W.C. Wolgast approving construction of a curb to protect the wall, signed by B.K. Hough Jr., Captain, Corps of Engineers, June 19, 1942Letter020464
Carbon copy of letter sent to B.L. Gabriel of Binghamton Construction Co. discussing balves on pipes from Supt. of Hygeia Refrigerating Company, July 27, 1942Letter020465
Carbon copy of letter to B.L. Gabriel of Binghamton Construction Co., discussing valve on pipe B, signed by Supt. of Hygeia Refrigerating Company, July 27, 1942Letter020466
Letter to Ralph Klebes, City Manager, City of Elmira, from J.R. Shoemaker discussing a report from a Dr. Morgan regarding the wall and the experiences of the May 28th flood and urging more work be done on the walls, August 22, 1946Letter020467
Handwritten notes and diagram of dike and lack of valves, initialed by JRS, November 22, 1947020468
Photographs (7) of exterior of Hygeia plant taken from the north by Fred Loomis, undatedPhotograph020501
Photograph (1) of three Hygeia executives examining blueprints, undatedPhotograph020502
Aerial photograph of Hygeia Refrigerating Company by Fred Loomis, undatedPhotograph020503
Photographs (3) of loading dock area, black and white, taken by Fred Loomis, undatedPhotograph020504
Photographs (2) of Hygeia delivery trucks leaving the Hygeia plant, taken by Fred Loomis, undatedPhotograph020505
Five black and white photographs of turbine rooms of Hygeia Rerigerating Plant, undatedPhotograph020506
Photographs showing interior of Hygeia Refrigerating Plant, 26 in collection, black and white, taken by Fred Loomis, undatedPhotograph020507
Two photographs of Hygeia delivery truck, labeled Fur and Fabric Department, in front of Hoffman Street home, taken by Steiner Studio, May 16, 1938Photograph020601
Photographs of cold fur storage facilities within Hygeia Refrigerating Company, ten black and white, taken by Steiner Studio, undatedPhotograph020602
Photographs of Iszard's sales window display, advertising Iszard's Certified Fur Storage, four black and white, taken by Steiner Studio, undatedPhotograph020603
Drawing of Hygiea Refrigerating Company, undatedDocument020604
Photographs of exterior of Hygeia Plant, taken by Steiner Studio, undatedPhotograph020605
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