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The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleMC 17 Theater CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByLee Kiesling
AbstractInventory still in process.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Program - Favorite Stranger, starring Kay Francis, presented by Jules J. Leventhal, The Strand Theatre, December 25, 1948. Flyer.ProgramG0312
Program - Oklahoma, presented by The Theatre Guild, music by Richard Rogers and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein, 2nd., The Strand Theatre, April 8-9,1949. Single sheet, folded.ProgramG0313
Program - Harvey, starring James Dunn, presented by Brock Pemberton, The Strand Theatre May 9, 1950. Single sheet, folded.ProgramG0314
Program - Dark Rythm, presented by Pearl Primus and her company, The Strand Theatre, March 18, 1952, Single sheet, folded.ProgramG0315
Booklet - The Screen Forecast for the Strand, Regent, and Majestic Theatres in Elmira, 1926-7.BookletG0316
Envelope - for employees of unnamed Elmira plant - a chance to win a Strand Theatre ticket EnvelopeG0317
Program - Vaudeville and films:Little Cinderella, starring Eva Larue and Prairie Trails, starring Tom Mix, Majestic Theatre, 1920-1930. Single sheet folded.ProgramG0401
Program - Vaudeville and Jack Straw, starring Robert Warick, presented by Paramount Artcraft, Majestic Theatre, 1920-30. Single sheet, folded.ProgramG0402
Program - Vaudeville and the film The Scuttlers, starring William Farnum, presented by Fox, The Majestic Theatre, 1920-30. Single sheet, foldedProgramG0403
Program - Variety acts and a play, Nearly a Prince, offered by Harry Sauber, The Majestic Theatre, 1920-1930. Single sheet, folded.ProgramG0404
Program - Four variety acts, Louis & Freda Berkoff, Lynch & Zeller, Rogers & West,the Three Dolce Sisters, Alice Brady starring in The New York Idea, a picture from Realart, followed by the Maxine Dancers,The Brooks 4 and the Jack Howard Trio, The Majestic Theatre, 1920-1930. Single folded sheet.ProgramG0405
Program - Variety acts, Shelvery Bros.,Haig and Pazere, Miller and Bradford, Nana, and, picture, Nurse Marjory, starring Mary Miles Minter, The Majestic Theatre, 1920-30. Single sheet, folded.ProgramG0406
Program - Morlen, accordeon player, opperetta When Dreams Come True, presented by Coutts & Tennis, and picture, Blackbirds, starring Justine Johnstone, presented by Realart, The Majestic Theatre, 1920-30. Single folded sheet.ProgramG0407
Program - Variety, Robert & Robert, Mack & Reading, The Volunteers, Rita Gould, in Pictures on The Grate and picture, Her Beloved Villian, starring Wanda Hawley, presented by Realart, The Majestic Theatre, 1920-30. Single folded sheet.ProgramG0408
Program - Vaudeville and Motion Pictures (Photoplay, Vampire of the Desert, Detective Dot, and the Kinetophone)provided by the United Booking Office, The Majestic Theatre, June 12-14, 1913. Multi-page booklet.ProgramG0501
Program - Vaudeville, Zito, violinist, Oscar Loraine & Marion Stillman, violinist & singer, and Count Beaumont, a fantasy, and Photoplay.Majestic Theatre, provided by the United Booking Office, July 17-19, 1913. Multi-page booklet.ProgramG0502
Program - Vaudeville, Claflin & Howard, comediennes, Geo H. Reeves, blackface,and Arial Buds, and Motion Pictures, Photoplay, provided by the United Booking Office, The Majestic Theatre, August 14-16, 1913. Mulit-page booklet.ProgramG0503
Program - Vaudeville, the Great Tokio,Taneau & Claxton, Carrie Lillie, The House Warmers, presented by H. Bart McHugh, and Motion Picures, Photoplay and The Trial Of Harry Thaw, provided by the United Booking Office, The Majestic Theatre, September 22-24, 1913. Multi-page booklet with newspaper clipping insert.ProgramG0504
Program - Vaudeville, Swan & O'Dea, blackface, and Motion Pictures, Photoplay, provided by the United Booking Office, The Majestic Theatre, March 17-19, 1913. Partial Booklet.ProgramG0505
Program - Vaudeville,the Dancing Lavarres, Sheppard & Ashton, comedians, Morris & Golden, yiddle & his fiddle; Motion Pictures, Photoplay, The Romance of an Actress, starring Sarah Bernhardt, provided by the United Booking Office, The Majestic Theatre, May 28-30, 1914. Multi-page booklet.ProgramG0506
Program - Vaudeville, Concert, Gruet & Gruet, Two Silvertons, Williams & Shannon, Will J. Ward & Piano Girls, Charles & Ada Wilson, Gilbert & Barrett, Denny & Boyle, and The Great Fulgora,booked through the United Booking Office, The Majestic Theatre, May 17-19, 1915. Multi-page booklet.ProgramG0507
Program - Photoplay, The Danger Zone, starring Madeline Travers, a Fox feature; vaudeville, Georgie Emmett, the Doris Lester Trio, Al. & Lina Anger, The Arleys, and Universal Weekly, booked thru the United Booking Office, The Majestic Theatre, January 23-25,1919. Folded sheet.ProgramG0508
Program - Vaudeville, The Baltos in Dangerous Business, Mabel Besthoff in Words and Music. Allen's Western Days, Pietro, Nat Hokum Farnum, and Photoplay, The Foolish Age, starring Doris May, The Majestic Theatre, November 20-22, 1922. Multi-page booklet.ProgramG0509
Preogram - 7th Heaven, presented by the Majestic Players, directed by Harry Horne, The Majestic Theatre, week of January 7, 1929. Multi-page booklet.ProgramG0601
Program - Adam and Eva, presented by the Majestic Players, directed by Harry Horne, The Majestic Theatre, week of November 12, 1928. Booklet.ProgramG0602
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