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Collection TitleCL 54 Diven Family PapersCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKatie Button
Date Completed:December 2009
Extent1 Linear Foot

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Note , Notes Silsbee, Whicks and Hudson.Note0111414
Statement, For George Worrall From The Franklin Coal Company, June 30, August 14, September 30, 1876 and June 1, 1877.Statement011201
Document, Numerous People against Henry Hudson, Washington Wilmot, George W. Cass and Nelson Rusco. August 19, 1870 - March 13, 1878. William M. Pellet, Horace Bronson, Oscar G. Wheeler, Lewis H. Durland, David H. Smith, The Second National of Watkins, Samuel W. Sackett, Francis Hood, Madison Strader, Joseph Phinney, Philip S. Vandenburgh, William Crandall, Thomas Smith, Thomas McBlain, David Catepole, and Albert Ellis.Document011301
Document, January 24, 1851 - March 9,1875. James H. Hillerman, Gilbert S. Hillerman, Elizabeth Hillerman, against David C. Hillerman. David C. Hillerman against Henry S. Husdson. Henry S. Hudson against Caroline Hudson, George A. Wicks, George A. Wicks against Henry S. Hudson , and Henry C. Silsbee. Henry S., Edward, and Carrie Hudson against Joseph D. Payne. Joseph D. Payne against George A. Wicks.Document011302
Letter, To Mr. A. S. Diven, August 16, 1921. from Alfred E. Flinn United Engineering Society. Would you accept position accountant and superintendent? Three thousand dollars. Accepted position September 1, 1921 @ $3300. Title Building Manager.Letter011307
Document, Supreme Court, Henry S. Hudson against George A. Wicks and Henry C. Silsbee, Barnum and W. Guire Plaintiff Attorney, Woodward Defendant Attorney. Document011401
Document, Supreme Court, Henry S. Hudson vs George A. Wicks, Copy of Judgment. Judgment entered in Schuyler County Clerks Office. November 24, 1879. Document011402
Document, Supreme Court, Henry S. Hudson against George A. Wicks and Henry C. Silsbee. June 24, 1879.Document011402
Letter, To George M. Diven Esq. from Law Office of B. W. & C. M. Woodward Concerning this case and the advisability of appealing. July 30, 1879.Letter011404
Letter, To G. M. Diven Esq. From The Law Office of Bradley & Kendall, Corning New York. July 2, 1879.Letter011405
Letter, To George Diven from H. C. Silsbee July 5, 1879. Hudson is going to redeem the case.Letter011406
Letter, To George M. Diven from H. C. Silsbee July 7, 1879. Hudson has applied for a loan from the Insurance Company and if he appealed would it be in his favor.Letter011407
Letter, To George M. Diven from H. C. Silsbee July 14, 1879. Silsbee feels it best to delay the appealing to the last minute.Letter011408
Letter, To George M. Diven Esq. from B. W. & C. M. Woodward November 10, 1879. To obtain final order dismissing complaint with cost.Letter011409
Letter, To Honor George M. Diven, from B. W. & C. M. Woodward November 7, 1879Letter011410
Letter, To George M. Diven Esq. from B. W. & C. M. Woodward, November 27, 1879. Served judgment on Mr. Barnmun and Mr. HudsonLetter011411
Letter, To George M. Diven from B. W. & C. M Woodward, December 24, 1879. the order has been served upon the Plaintiff also Barnun his attorney. Letter011412
Document, Supreme Court. Henry Hudson against George A. Wicks and Henry C. Silsbee December 16, 1879.Document011413
Note, The Miss E. Dunn for coping evidence, 110 fols @ five cents --$5.00.Note011501
Note, Merger - Estate of trustee out in C. Q. L. Estoppel knew of negotiations for sale and did not assist Weaver surrending prossession knowing of sale. Note011502
Letter, January 11, 1869 to George M. Diven from E. Gulick.Letter011503
Letter, To George M. Diven from J. M. Ward January 15, 1878.Letter011504
Letter, June 6, 1879. To G. M. Diven from B. W. & C. M. Woodward, Hudson against Wicks and Lisbee.Letter011506
Letter, June 10, 1879. To Hon. George M. Diven From B. W. & C. M. Woodward. Mr. Strader and Mr. Phinney are both died in 1876. That no executor or administrated has his estate.Letter011507
Letter, June 17, 1879. To Hon. George M. Diven from B. W. & C. M. Woodward. Return to us the search in the case of Susan L. Crane against Henry S. Hudson.Letter011508
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