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Collection TitleMC 19 ReligionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByCalvin Brewer; Caitlin Kenney
Date Completed:Summer 2006
Date Updated:Spring 2010
Provenance:The Religion Collection is a series of donations made by the community.

 1st Presbyterian;  2nd Presbyterian;  Adventists; AME Zion;  Baptist; Beecher, Thomas;    Bentley, Richard;  Bethel Church;  Big Flats Episcopal;  Big Flats Presbyterian;  B'nai Israel;  Breesport Baptist;  Breesport Methodist Episcopal Church;  Catholic;  Cavalry Church;  Centenary M.E. Church;  Centenary Methodist;  Centenary United Methodist; Central Christian Church;  Century Church;  Chancel of Trinity Church;  Chemung Methodist Episcopal Church;  Christ Episcopal; Christian Endeavor Society; Christian Science;  Churches;  Congregation Shomray Hadath;  Dexter, E. W.;  Dundee Methodist Episcopal;  Elmira Baptist;  Episcopal;  Erin Methodist Episcopal;  Faith Temple;  First Baptist;  First Church of the Nazarene;  First Methodist;  First United Church of Christ;  Franklin Street Presbyterian;  German Evangelical;  Grace Church;  Hedding Methodist;  Henry, Rev. William T.;  Holy Trinity Lutheran;  Horseheads Methodist;  Horseheads Presbyterian;  Jewish;  Lake Street Presbyterian;  Lowman Church;  Lutheran;  Methodist;  Mormons;  Mount Saviour Benedictine Monastery;  Murdoch, David;  North Presbyterian;  Northside Community;  Notre Dame;  Oakwood Avenue Methodist Episcopal;  Oneida Community;  Our Lady of Lourdes;  Park Church;  Pentecostal;  Presbyterian;  Religion;  Riverside Methodist;  Russian Orthodox Church;  South Presbyterian;  St. Anthony's;  St. Casimir's;  St. Charles Borromeo;  St. John the Baptist;  St. Mary's;  St. Matthew's;  St. Nickolas;  St. Patrick's;  St. Peter & Paul;  St. Vincent De Paul;  St. Nicholas Ukrainian;  Stough Evangelistic Campaign;  Sullivanville Church;  Trinity Church;  United Methodist - Catlin;  Van Etten Churches;  Webb Mills Methodist;  Wellsburg Baptist;  Westminster Presbyterian;  Westside Methodist.

Notes:More information can be found in the following collections:  Alfred "Chick" Hilbert Files (CF 6100 - 6135); Archival Collection (Cl 05 - Mabel Wood Collection, CL 08 - J. Arthur Kieffer Collection, CL 12 - Carl Edward Howell Collection, CL 20 - Hardin Collection, CL 37 - Temple B'Nai Israel); Clark Wilcox Papers (CWP 1, 2, 18, 25, 26, 30, 36); Flat Files (FF); Manuscript Collection (MC 39 - Communications, MC 40 - Thomas Beecher/ Beecher Family, MC 74 - People, MC 82 - People); Maps, Architectural Drawings, Oversized (MP); Photograph Collection (PC 20, 37, 38, 39, 74); Postcard Collection (PTC); Stereographic Cards (SC 4), Subject Files (VF 380-010 - 380-225).
Extent3 linear feet
Date Span1870-present
AbstractThe Religion Collection contains church brochures, programs, histories and other documents relating to the various churches located in Elmira and Chemung County.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Invitation - Invitation letter for the 135th Anniversary Dinner, Park Church, October 1, 1981.InvitationA0302
Booklet - "The Ethics of Democracy" by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman, Park Church, circa. 1890-1920.BookletA0401
Booklet - "Forgiveness and Law" by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman, Park Church, circa. 1890-1920.BookletA0402
Booklet - "The Errand of the United States" by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman, Park Church, November 29, 1900.BookletA0403
Booklet - "In The Wake of Progress: A Study of the Present Day Economic Conditions" by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman, Park Church, January 10, 1904.BookletA0404
Booklet - "The Public School and What Society Owes to the Teacher" by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman, Park Church, September 26, 1909.BookletA0405
Booklet - "The Eternal Gospel" by Annis Ford Eastman and "The Work of the Christian Church in These Days" by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman, Park Church, Christmas 1909 and New Years 1910.BookletA0406
Booklet - "The Ministry of Beauty" by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman, Park Church, September 18, 1910.BookletA0407
Booklet - Updates to the non-resident members of Park Church written by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman, Park Church, January 1911.BookletA0408
Booklet - "The Home And Its Defenses: A Sermon" by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman, Park Church, December 30, 1911.BookletA0409
Booklet - "Our Inherited Values and Twentieth Century Obligations: Sermons" by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman, Park Church, January 21 and 28, 1912.BookletA0410
Booklet - "What It Is To Be A Christian: A Sermon" by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman, Park Church, January 19, 1913.BookletA0411
Manuscript - Notes written by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman concerning his January 19th sermon, Park Church, January 1913.ManuscriptA0412
Booklet - "Spiritual Realities and Nisan - The Month of Flowers: Its Spiritual Intimations" by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman, Park Church, 1914.BookletA0413
Manuscript - "October" by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman, Park Church, October 18, 1914.ManuscriptA0414
Booklet - "War and the Peace Ideal" by Rev. Samuel E. Eastman, Park Church, February 1915.BookletA0415
Booklet - "The Message of the Old Road" by Annis Ford Eastman, Park Church, 1890-1910.BookletA0501
Book - "Have and Give and other Parables" by Annis Ford Eastman, Park Church, 1896.BookA0502
Booklet - "The Park Church: Its History and Present Needs" by Annis Ford Eastman, Park Church, January 31, 1897.BookletA0503
Booklet - "Woman in Church and State" by Annis Ford Eastman, Elmira Daily Advertiser, February 4, 1903.BookletA0504
Booklet - Memorial booklet for Annis Ford Eastman, Park Church, 1910.BookletA0505
Announcement - Notice indicating that the class of 1911 has been named the Annis Ford Eastman Class, Park Church, 1911.AnnouncementA0506
Booklet - Sermon by Rev. Annis Ford Eastman on the doctrine of man. BookletA0507
Booklet - "Hopeful Unrest: A Story of 1913" by Rev. Albert G. Cornwell, Park Church, December 28, 1913.BookletA0601
Booklet - "The Causes and Implications of the European War" by Rev. Albert G. Cornwell, Park Church, October 4, 1914.BookletA0602
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