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Collection TitleMC 31 Legal System/ Legal DocumentsCreator
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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
"General Affidavit" "Increase of Pension, No. 137,277, filed by W. H. French on behalf of William Gunderman, Corporal, Co. I, 141st Regiment, New York Vol. Inf.DocumentA0601
"Application" W. Gunderman, Claimant, Co. I, 141st Regiment of N.Y. "Vulunteers", No. 137277. Not signed or dated.DocumentA0602
Hand written, dated March 19, 1880, between Noble Weller,as agent for M. A. Elmer, and William Gunderman, a lease From April 1, 1880 to March 31, 1881, for a property known as the"Old Quick Farm" located in the Town of Chemung, N.Y.DocumentA0603
Hand written, dated Chemung, October 21, 1905, agreement between Katherine Everett& Mary E. Livingstone to William Gunderman, to lease the S. T. Everett Farm from April 1, 1906 to the first day of April 1908, rent is one hunred and thirty dollars a year, in quarterly payments.DocumentA0604
"Jere Johnson, Attorney and Counselor at Law", Washington, D.C.Business CardA0605
By Dr. W.H. Lopp,Late One of the U.S. Examing Surgeons,"Authorized Claim Agent" for Pensioners wishing to increase or Re-issue their pension, explanation on front, blank application on back, issued in the 1860's.CircularA0606
Dated December 2, 1880 to William Gunderman from F.A. Stowell, Clerk, Board Supervisor requesting return of weights and measures to the newly appointed "Sealer".LetterA0607
From William Gunderman, Collector,Town of Chemung, dated February 2, 1899, in the amount of $4,945. 48, signed "on account of taxes for 1896, S. Cooley, County Treas."ReceiptA0608
Letter & stamped envelope to Mrs. Ida Gunderman, Chemung, N.Y., dated April 10, 1912, notifying her that she has been granted a $12 monthly pension to date from March 21, 1912, signed D. C. Hagadorn, Lehigh Valley Railroad Company.LetterA0609
Lease for the R. C. Baldwin property in Chemung for one year term:April 1, 1892, to March 31, 1893, rent $75.00 per year, from J. Marvin, as Agent to William Gunderman.DocumentA0610
To William Gunderman, postmarked March 6, 1907, from Department of the Interior, Bureau of Pensions, stating that his application"under Act of Feb. 6, 1907" Received and Filed.PostcardA0610
To William Gunderman, dated July 2, 1877, From The United States Express Co.Dr. for $25.00ReceiptA0611
A letter by William Gunderman, Private Co. A,8th V.R.C., requesting a copy of his "Descriptive Roll" from his former Company, dated May 22, 1865.DocumentA0613
Claim denial for pension increase dated January 22,1886 from the Department of the Interior, states that he is now receiving the full amount to which he is entitledunder the law for disability resulting from G.T.W.(?) of face.DocumentA0614
Letter from Department of the Interior to William Gunderman, denying his request for increase of pension, May 17, 1905LetterA0615
Printed flyer from the "Sheridan Equestrian Statue Fund" requesting a donation of one dollar from former members of the "Army of the Cumberland" so that the statue may be completed and erected. signed by J. S. Fullerton, Chairman.DocumentA0617
Letter to William Gunderman from Jere Johnson, "Counselor at Law and Expert Pension Attorney" dated September 20, 1894, advising him of a $12 per month increase in his pension, effective July 11, 1894.LetterA0619
To William Gunderman from Jere Johnson,Attorney at Law, dated February 21, 1887, notifying him of an $8.00/month increase in his pension, effective January 19, 1887.LetterA0620
From Elmira Star-Gazette, dated November 19, 1910, for $1.25.ReceiptA0621
Itemized grocery,etc. bills from John I. Ford,Chemung, N.Y.,Dealer in Groceries,Provisions, Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, dated july 18,1899DocumentA0622
From Elmira Star-Gazette for 50 cents, dated August 17, 1907.ReceiptA0623
Lease between W. H. Foulke and William Gunderman for the George W. Foulke Farm in the Town of Chemung, N.Y., until April 1, 1897.DocumentA0624
Letter from Department of the Interior to William Gunderman regarding an increase in his pension, July 25, 1910.LetterA0626
Receipt dated August 16, 1904, for $39.50 for 1/2 interest in about 30 acres of growing buckwheat sold at sheriff's sale on the Everett Farm to William Gunderman. Signed by Deputy Sheriff, J.A. Manning for J.M. McDonald,Sheriff.DocumentA0627
Tax Receipt dated June 7, 1910 for house and lot, 52 cents to William Gunderman.ReceiptA0628
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