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Collection TitleCL 88 Richard S. Heller CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByOwen Dean
Date Completed:January 2010
Provenance:The items in this collection were donated to the Booth Library by Mary and Harriet Heller in 2001 and 2009. 
Terms:Elmira (N.Y.) Genealogy - Heller Family

Heller Family - Michael Heller and his wife, Nancy Ann, moved from Germany to Pennsylvania in the 1700's. Their son, Michael Heller Jr. (1776-1856), married Catherine Wormley. In 1803, Catherine's father bought land in Chemung County, New York, and Michael Jr. bought some of that land in 1820, bringing his family to Elmira. Their son, Charles (1821-1896), married Mary Neish (1831-1914), daughter of James Neish and Mary McLaren. Charles and Mary had four children; Harriet Bancroft (1851-1939), Helen Frances (1854-1893), and twins Michael Burt (1865-1940) and David Neish (1865-1932). Michael married Charlotte Stone in 1898 and fathered four sons: Charles Lester (1899-1963), David Robert, Francis Burt, and Richard Stone (1904-1980).

Richard S. Heller - Richard Stone Heller (1904-1980), the son of Michael and Charlotte Stone Heller,  was born in Elmira, New York in 1904. His career in law began in 1920 when he became an intern for the state Attorney General. In 1931, he gained admission to the New York State Bar and began to practice law in Elmira. He served as the chairmen of the Chemung County Democratic Party from 1950 until 1956. He was appointed to the bench of the New York State Court of Claims in 1956 and served until he retired in 1974. Afterwards, he acted as a consultant for the court until his death in 1980. He was survived by his wife Mary Trimble Heller and his daughters Mary Heller Smith, Harriet Heller Sophia, and Janet Heller Howell.

Extent2 linear feet
Date Span1800-1981
AbstractThis collection contains papers relating to the Heller family and the personal and professional papers of Richard S. Heller. 

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Thank you letter from Comptroller Arthur Levitt to Richard S. Heller, November 10, 1958.Letter031412
Letter from Richard S.Heller to the Department of the Army regarding Alex T. LaBrecque, November 18, 1963.Letter031413
Letter from John J. Clark to Richard S. Heller regarding the latter's Oath of Office with attached oath, April 5, 1967.Letter031414
List of Harriman party members, October 1954.Document031501
Invitation to Muriel and R. Hubert Heller's election night gathering, no date.Invitation031502
Invitation for an election night victory party, November 7, 1944.Invitation031503
Invitation from the Hellers for an election night party, November 7, 1972.Invitation031504
Invitation from the Adlai Stevenson Hellers for an election night party, November 7, circa 1961.Invitation031505
Program for the First Annual Franklin D. Roosevelt Day Dinner, June 23, 1953.Program031506
Invitation from the Hellers for an election night party, November 7, 1960.Invitation031507
Invitation from the Democratic Study Group for a dinner dance honoring Governor W. Averell Harriman, May 15, 1974.Invitation031508
Resolution by the Chemung County Bar Association to endorse Richard S. Heller for Court of Claims judge, December 16, 1955.Document031601
Letter from Milton D. Stewart to Charles L. Brayton regarding the Chemung County Bar Aassociation's endorsement of Richard S. Heller, December 19, 1955.Letter031602
Letter from John A. Mathews to Governor Averell Harriman endorsing Richard S. Heller for Court of Claims judge, December 22, 1955.Letter031603
Letter from Donald H. Monroe to Governor Averell Harriman endorsing Richard S. Heller as Court of Claims judge, December 22, 1955. Letter031604
Letter from Robert O. Brink to Governor Averell Harriman endorsing Richard S. Heller as Court of Claims judge, December 23, 1955.Letter031605
Newspaper clippings about Richard S. Heller's appointment to the New York State Court of Claims, December 1966.Newspaper Clippings040101
Card advertising Richard S. Heller as a candidate for City Judge, 1940.Document040201
Certificate from the American Arbitration Association of Richard S. Heller's appointment to Panel of Arbitrators.Certificate040301
Handwritten letters congratulating Richard S. Heller in his appointment to the Court of Claims from Marge Simmons, Annette Levy, Ceil Molul, Al Houek, Fran and Bill, J. C. Gridley, Bud, F. Sullivan Hassett, Thomas P. Trimble Jr., Alice B. Devlin, Louis Kreiss, Stanley Lucia, Henry K. McAnarney, Ralph M. Roberts Jr., Lawrence L. Hobler, Paul F. Eaton, Harriet, Mrs. Thomas P. Trimble, Mary, Bess, John S. Goofer, Gerald P. Bunke, Bill and Gladys, Joe Sheppe Polansky, E. O. Fisk, Nancy T. Rose, L. N. Teeler and Victor Kennels, 1967.Letters040401
Cards congratulating Richard S. Heller from Martha and Harold Wahlner, May Feeham, Mrs. George R. Murphy, Ruth, Dick Bennett, Isabel and Bill, the Emmersons, the Hunters and Rigdons, the "Lake Street Gang," Alice S. Hall, Bernice E. Van Nontraud, W. Averell Harriman, Alice Collins Davis, Jertil, Margaret F. Hutcheson, Florence and George l'Amouary, Betty, Mrs. Norman Learned, Irving Rode, Mapes Moving and Storage, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Bowers, Ineia and Jane.Greeting Cards040501
Typed letters congratulating Richard S. Heller in his appointment and re-appointment to the Court of Claims from Paul and Fran Stone, Franklin Leet, Morey Berger, Richard Marlowe, Carl A. Willsey, Charles Swan, Sidney Squire, Mary Swab Birdsall, George W. Wyckoff, Edwin O'Brien, Matthew Bender, Charles Lambiase, F. J. Ludes, Thomas A. Banfield, Ernest H. Breuer, Charles W. Perry, A. I. Fidelman, James B. Gitlitz, E. S. Underhill Jr., G. Banfield, Bernard H. Chernin, J. M. McLeod, Howard H. Kimball, Frank J. Erwin, Francis P. Hogan, Eugene J. Keogh, James A. Farley, Domenick L. Gabrielli, Elwin R. Brown, Paul A. A. Rouis, Richard H. Balch, Kenneth W. Brett, Aaron L. Jacoby, Samuel L. Greenberg, Samuel Jacobs, John F. Daly, W. S. Underhill, Leo G. Hosenfeld, M. R. Schuyler, Bill Rooney, William B. Volet, Charles Kress, Andrew V. Clements, Angela R. Parisi, Joseph N. Barnett, Edmund Clynes, Charles E. Austin, Edward J. Grogan Jr., John W. Dennin, Jacob K. Javits, Ralph S. Cramer, Paul M. Donovan, Justin N. Feldman, Francis J. Clohessy, Raymond M. Fisher, Edward W. Eaton, Rowland L. Davis Jr., William T. Coleman, Harold R. Moskovit, J. R. Shoemaker, Mark R. Brinthaupt, Jonathan B. Bingham and Robert R. Douglass, 1955 to 1967.Letters040601
Letter from Richard S. Heller to J. R. Shoemaker concerning a letter from the latter, March 18, 1958.Letter040602
List of people who "called to congratulate." Document040603
Letter from the Chemung County Bar Association to Senator Pliny W. Williamson concerning their endorsemnent of Richard S. Heller as an appointee for the Court of Claims, January 13, 1956.Letter040604
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