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The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleMC 31 Legal System/ Legal DocumentsCreator
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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Receipt dated July 11, 1903, the sum of one dollar from William Gunderman for care of cemetery lot for year of 1903.ReceiptA0629
"Road Warrants", Town and County of Chemung,District No.3 to William Gunderman,Overseer of Highways, dated March 10 1898.DocumentA0631
"Warranty Deed", Samuel & Martha Hudson to Horten Frost. dated March 4, 1859, amount of eighty dollars, property located in some part of Wisconsin.DocumentA0706
Printed petition(reproduction)dated July 14, 1813(15?), for relief of debt(bankruptcy) with creditors listed as well as all assets of petitioner, Elkenah Smith. Petition addressed to The Honorable James Stoddard Esquire, first Judge of the County of Broome.DocumentA0707
Chemung Canal hard cardboard envelope(empty), attached: hand written lien search against property owned(?) by Edwin P. Hutchinson, dated March 22, 1884, and signed by A.C. Eustace, Clerk.Property not specified.DocumentA0708
Certified Copy (typed); Last Will and Testament of Charles Hulett of Horseheads, dated February 1881.DocumentA0709
Certfied Copy of the Citizenship Papers of Harris Frank of Elmira, New York, dated April27, 1931.DocumentA0710
Typed document: Supreme Court, Lafayette Cole agt The Fall Brook Coal Company, by Jacob Schwartz, Plaintiff's Attorney,Elmira, N.Y."Memo for Def. on Defts. 2nd motion for a new trial>"No date.DocumentA0711
"Woodlawn Cemetery Deed" #1939, to S. S. Dale and R.C. Bailey, for Lot 700 in Section "O" of Woodlawn,consisting of 256 feet and purchased for $33.60, dated Elmira, October 1st, 1888.DocumentA0712
Receipt for $200.000 owed by Matthias and George M. Hollenbeck for damages to William Miller, April 23, 1814.ReceiptA0713
Summons , dated August 21, 1847 to President,etc. of Chemung Canal Bank by Hiram Gray, Diven Hathaway & Woods. Atty.,Elmira, N.Y.DocumentA0714
From John G. Copley & Wife to Ellen Jennison, recorded October 2, 1876 with map, property known as lots 30 & 31, bound by Copley and Conklin Streets, latest entry December 11, 1920, Lucinda Jane Stage to Guy I. & Cathryne C. VanKUrin, husband & wife.Abstract of TitleA0715
Hard paper bank envelope with ties, titled "Penn Tobacco Co, Bond abd Warrant",due October 21, 1913.DocumentA0716
Several letters, petitions,etc. mainly concerned with the Penn Tobacco Company, affadavits of Sarah Wey Tompkins, sister of decedent, Hamilton D. Wey,owner of said interest in Penn Tobacco. Latest date of documents May 6, 1921. DocumentsA0717
Reproduction of the originally hand written last will and testament of James Sayre,Senior,Town of Elmira,County of Tioga,State of New York and entered for probate on August 27,1827.DocumentA0801
Account Record of Samuel Sayre with T. & S. Maxwell. Latest date is February 26, 1825.(Repro of hand written document)Elmira, Tioga County,State of New York.DocumentA0802
Hattie M. Raplee & Joseph Raplee to Sarah E. Sutton, dated January 18, 1872,(Oldest entry) property located in the Town of Starkey, Yates County, New York, Eastman to Jennings, October 23, 1905, last entry.Abtract of Title A0803
To Charles Miller, Millport, N.Y., dated September 4, 1876.PostcardA0804
"Deed", Morgan Baldwin to John H. Johnson,dated November 19, 1832,consideration: $55.00, property situated in area commonly called Pigeon Point, in the Town of Elmira, State of New York.DocumentA0807
"Deed": Timothy Satterlee & Others to William Lowe, dated February20, 1835,consideration sixty dollars, property located in the Town of Elmira.DocumentA0808
"Quit Claim Deed", Daniel & Nancy Snow to Alexander S. Diven, dated November 18, 1844, sonsideration: $300.00,location:"Town of Angelica,in township of Four Range Second, Morris Reserve in the County of Alleghany,State of New York".DocumentA0809
"Deed"; dated May 17, 1814, between Thomas Whiting and John McCann, consideration: $244.50, property located in the Town of Elmira.DocumentA0810
William H. Banks(of Pine Valley) "agrees to Build Boats" February 15, 1864, for J. L. Langdon who died before the boats were finished,but Mr. Banks was paid.DocumentA0811
Notice dated August 31, 1869 by Elijah Carpenter,Att'y for J. Bennett, that the boat "Emily Burnett" of Elmira will be sold at public auction Sept.6, '69, due to non-payment of mortgage owed by L. Brees and J.I. Brees.DocumentA0813
Hand written discharge of mortgage dated February 22, 1854,by J.M. Parker, executor of James Passfully(?), that the amount of $264, recorded July 5, 1850, Samuel Miller to William Worden is paid in full.DocumentA0815
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