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Collection TitleOSMC Oversized Manuscript CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKim Richards
Date Completed:August 21, 2007
Extent6 linear feet
AbstractThe OSMC Collection is oversized documents, scrapbooks and other archival materials that are too large to be stored in the MC Collection.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Box contains the following books: program for the Twenty-Fourth Annual Convention New York State Aerie Fraternal Order of Eagles, 1930; The Book of Remembrance, 1936; American Landmarks, 1893; Catalogue G. Matts Plumbing, 1888; The Boy Scout Handbook, 1990; Scientific American, 1863; blueprints for Cochrane Specifications and Contract Harrison Safety Boiler Works containing two blue prints and a five page proposal and contract for an open feed water heater; and newspaper ad reading "Extra! Another Sensation in the Now Famous Benham Murder Trial".Books35
Box contains the following books: The Pilgrim's Progress: from this World to that which is to come, 1891; Sunday School Hymns No.1, 1903; Rodehaver's Gospel Songs, 1922; Triumphant Service Songs, 1934; Sanders' Rhetorical: Union Sixth Reader, 1862; The Riverside Literature Series: Selections of Reading and Memorizing: Seventh Grade, 1919; School Day Magazine, 1874; Mother Goose's Rhyme Book, no date; Prayer Book from Trinity Church, 1854; The Epworth Hymnal, Nos. 1&2, 1885; Bricktop's Comic History of America, 1893; Scott's Lady of the Lake, 1903; The Riverside Literature Series: The Vision of Sir Launfal and Other Poems, 1905; Autographs, no date; Introduction to Algebra, 1878; Scrapbook album of assorted postcards and greeting cards; and Series of Sunday School Lessons on cards, part of the Westminster Lesson Card Collection, ca. 1880-1910s.Books36
Box contains the following books: Sears Roebuck catalog for 1902, Spring 1929 and Fall 1900; Ballyhoo (12/1931, 07/1932); 3 ring bind notebook, says 'Chemung County Civil Defense, N.Y.' Air- craft warning record; A Century of Public Education in Elmira, 1945; 3-EFA’s Vindex, 1899; The Piso Pocket Book Almanac, 1901 and 1902; The Book of Common Prayer (1st 1/2) and The Hymnal (2nd 1/2), 1893; Our Own Book (Sullivan-Clinton Campaign), no date; Boyd's Elmira Directory, 1860; and a box full of Meyer Threads.Books37
Box contains the following books: Lead Kindly Light; Get Next, 1905; Palmer's Songs of Love for the Bible School; I'm From Missouri, 1904; The American Spelling Book, 1825; Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome, 1918; Happy Voices; Hymnal and Canticles of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 1890; The Shining River, 1875; Way To Heaven, A Manual Of Approved Devotions; The Golden Censer, 1864; Sons For Service - Special Tabernacle Edition; The Male Chorus, 1888; History of the Discovery of America, 1836; The Harp: Being a Collection of Hymns and Spiritual Books, 1840; I Need the Money, 1903; Back to the Woods, 1902; Down the Line, 1901; John Henry, 1905; "Popular Songs" Magazine from June 1935; and a set of bookmarks.Books38
Box contains the following books: Royal Echoes (or Our Children Among the Poets), 1891; Beirly's Song Triumph, 1892; First Year Music, 1914; The Centinel, 1885; Laurel Glee Book for Male Voices; Junior Church School Hymnal, 1930; Happy Hours: Song Book, 1871; Heart Songs: Melodies of Days Gone By, 1909; Grange Melodies, 1896; Hymnal According to the Use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, 1882; Palmer's Songs of Love, For the Bible School, 1874; A Selection of Spiritual Songs with Music, for the Sunday-School, 1881; Familiar Songs of the Gospel (Number 2), no date; Bradbury's Fresh Laurels for the Sabbath School, 1867; Flowers Plucked In Those Holy Fields, 1903; Pure Gold for the Sunday School, no date; Hymns New and Old, 1887; Goodness and Mercy: Daily Text-Book for a Month; God's Goodness and Love, Song Book; Laurels of Praise, Song Book; The Sunlit Way, Song Book; Bountiful Care: Daily Text-Book for a Month.Books38
Box contains the following books: Robinson's Shorter Course: The Complete Arithmetic, 1874; Sanders' Union Fourth Reader, 1879; Modern Review Book in American History, 1969; Caricature: The Witch Humor of a Nation, 1908; Henderson's Test Words in Spelling, 1873; The Graded Class-Word Speller, 1876; Lady-Gay, 1898; A New Spelling Book, 1819; The Morning Ramble, no date; Picture Book for Good Children, 1800; Children's Book of Short Stories., no date; Favorite Colored Picture Book, no date; Tom Tucker and Little Bo-Peep, no date; Songs of the Months, 1891; Sports of All Sorts, no date; The Sister's Gift: or The Naughty Boy Reformed, 1814; and The Gorham Calendar and Stamp Holder 1907.Books39
Box contains the following books: Mother Goose, no date; Babyland, 1886; Grandma's Attic Treasures, no date; The Funny Fancies of Flora and Fan, no date; Charming Children of Dickens Stories, no date; Stories From the Treasure Bo, 1887; The Two Gray Girls, no date; Little Folks A.B.C.'s, c. 1880s; Mother Goose's Chimes, 1886; "Golden Days", 1890; Mother Goose's Melody, no date; Our Little Men and Maidens, no date; Holidays at Home for Boys and Girls, 1885; Mother Goose's A.B.C. Book, no date; Childhood Valley, song book, no date; Mother Goose Jingles, no date; Under the Window, 1900; Mother's Stories, 1900.Books39
Box contains the following: Trade Card entitled: Miss Jello Visits Spain; Paper Doll book of the First Ladies; Paper Doll book of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; Fan from L.A. Corning Ice Cream Co./Elmira N.Y; and a Standard fireplace sign to Buy Christmas Seals.Documents40
Certificate of Honor for Charles Kahn for seven years perfect attendance at family worship and five years perfect attendance at Congregation B'Nai Israel Religious School, 1958. Document410101
Certificate of Honor for Charles Kahn for eight years perfect attendance at family worship and six years perfect attendance at Congregation B'Nai Israel Religious School, 1959. Document410102
Page from the Mooers family scrapbook with family photographs from September 11, 1943 and Mary Mooers' engagement notice.Scrapbook4102
Flyer - Chemung County Fair Extended One Day on Account of the Storm, September 20, 1894. Flyer410801
Program - W.W. Cole's New Colossal Shows, July 15, 1885.Program410802
Flyer - U.I. & E. R'Y Special Train with Reduced Rates to Coup's Circus at Elmira, August 16, 1881. Flyer410803
Flyer - Holman Opera Troupe presents the Child of the Regiment at Ely Hall, April 4, 1865.Flyer411001
Plum Prize certificate awarded to Butler Screen Printing of Elmira by the Japanese Screen Printers Association, March 26, 1974.Certificate411101
(6) Designs made for Corning Glass by Butler Screen Printing of Elmira, ca. 1960s.Drawing411102
Shopping bags from Iszard's Department Store and Rosenbaum's Clothing Store, ca. 1980s. Shopping Bags4112
Certificates of Graduation from the Elmira Free Academy (EFA) for Carrie Stuart (1878) and Antoinette van Gaasbeck Locke (1914). Diploma411301
Certificate of graduation from Elmira Grammar School Number 8 for Antoinette van Gaasbeck Locke, 1906. Diploma411302
Elmira theater scene scrapbook, 1900-1907. Features programs and newspaper clippings from shows at the Lyceum Theatre and Rorick's Glen. Scrapbook420001
Ritchie Family World War I (WW I) scrapbook, 1917-1919. Features newspaper clippings and booklets related to Gene Ritchie and Company L's service in World War I. Scrapbook430001
Mary Ann Blackman scrapbook on Meta Adelphon, Lambda Chi Sorority and Southside High School, 1939.Scrapbook430101
Ann Johnson scrapbook, 1962-1964. Features Elmira Free Academy (EFA) sporting event programs, newspaper clippings about games and other related items. Scrapbook430201
Norbert Gabel's scrapbook with his immigration papers and newspaper clippings and programs from the Thursday Morning Musicales, 1939-1946.Scrapbook430301
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