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These slides are of public programs held at CCHS, 1987-1989: NYSCA Public Program on Teddy Roosevelt, 1987 (9); Christmas decorations workshop (2); German Heritage Liecture with Hans Finke and Leslie O'Malley (6); 1989 Midi Music-computers (2).SlidesD 2Public Programs07
These slides are of public programs: J. Washington 1990 lectures at Edison High School and Junior High, and Horseheads High School (9); 1989 Ukranian Night (3); 1990 Prison Exhibit, Sheriff Houper (2); Rout, showing different foods, April 1991 (5).SlidesD 2Public Programs08
This slides are of the Parking Lots & Telephone Exhibit reception in 1991.SlidesD 2Public Programs09
This slides of are public programs 1989-1992: Elderhostel, 1991; Summer History Class, 1991 (6); Vera Knapp, Weaver and Mandy Halpin, student, 1992; Diana Castor, and Linda Halpin, quilter,1992; Agricultural Fair 1992 exhabit in museum (4); 4-H exhibit at the Agricultural Fair exhibit, 1992; Eclipse "Reminiscence" Day, 1989 (3). SlidesD 2Public Programs10
These slides are of public programs 1992-1994: carousel workshop, September 1992 (7); Gregg Bittler, carnival wood carver (5); 1994 International Festival.SlidesD 2Public Programs12
These slides are of public programs at the Chemung Valley Museum 1989-1993: RCHA workshop, collections meeeting, 1988; "Scotch-Irish Night" (4); opening reception "Badges of Pride" (6); Firefighting Exhibits, fire prevention program (2), apparatus display, 1993 (3); Elmira First (1st) Night, 1993.SlidesD 2Public Programs12
These slides are from public program on basket making: Charlotte Morey/Moray, Iroquois and Mohawk baskets, basket making demostrations, 1983 (12); "Shaker Cat Head" basket class, 1983(3); Frank Semmen's talk on baskets at the Park Church sponsored by NYSCH, 1983, "Irequois Documentary Films" (4). SlidesD 2Public Programs14
These slides are from Public Programs 1984-1988: basket class, 1984 (1); basket class; 1986 (5); basket class with M. Wethersbee, 1987 (6); American Girls workshop, spring 1997 (2): American Girls exhibit, November 1996 (2); Southside "Fun Ride" bicycle tour registration, June 17, 2000; Southside "fun Ride" leaving museum, June 17, 2000.SlidesD 2Public Programs15
These slides are of public programs: American Girls Exhibit and opening, Fall 1996 (4); storyteller Chris Harbison at American Girls Exhibit opening; Filipetti tap dancers at American Girls Exhibit opening; American Girls workshop (6); Civil War Music program; Junioe League anniversary party (2); Messina's book signing (3).SlidesD 2Public Programs16
These slides are from public programs 1983-1984: making hard tack during the 1994 and 1996 reading programs (2); Paul Stillman as a pirate; Paul Stillman as a frontier's man, 1996; school class projet, student research; Membership meeting at Park Church, Frank Semmems speaker, Indian Arts & Folklore" funded by NYSCH, November 1984; Friday, History Sandwich In, 1983; Paul Stillman as Oliver Phelps, 1996; theoreum painting class, 1984, (4); carousel workshop September 1992; WW II exhibit, program, 1993 (3) CCHS at Farmers' Market, Wisner Park.SlidesD 2Public Programs17
These slides are from the public programs: Journalism roundtable; Jim Perry, jounalism luncheon; "Radio Days" program; Year of the Older Person reception; at Arnot Mall, Education (6); Multi-Cultural Festival, March 2000 (7) with the following people noted: The Cheplicks, Lucy Cesari, storyteller, Mary Carey.SlidesD 2Public Programs18
These slides are from the Girl Scout Program for 1985-1986. They shows the girls at different locations in Elmira.SlidesD 2Public Programs19
These slides are from the 1986 Girl Scout Program and the 1985 Boy Scout Program.SlidesD 2Public Programs20
This slides are of the School Programs and Tours of the Chemung Valley Museum 1983-1989: Cara Sutherland, Curator of Education, 1987 (4); 1986 tour (3); 1988 tour (2); Woolley Mammoth tour 1989 (7); 1983 visitors.SlidesD 2School Program02
These slides are of School Programs and Tours of the Chemung Co. Historical Society Museum 1980-1991: 1981, Education pamphlets (3); Iroquois, traveling school load case (2); packing taveling load cases; 1981 Civil War, traveling load case; carousel show 1991 (4); Horseheads class, carousel show, 1990 (4). SlidesD 2School Programs 08
These slides are of School Programs and Tours of the Chemung Co. Historical Society Museum 1978-1981: Center Street School, Horseheads 1980-81(9); Indian Room, Fall 1978 (3); "tools of the trade" 1981 (2); class tour with Julie Kahn (2); class tour with Rhonda Groell; Summer Cohesion 1978 (2). SlidesD 2School Programs01
These slides are of School Programs and Tours 1980-1984: Center St., Horseheads, Dec-Jan 1980-81 (2); Cub Scouts, November 1980; school group, 1980; Prominent People tour, 1980 (2); Elmira College students with Bev Markell; "All Aboard for the 20th Century" exhibit; "Profiles of Prominent People" exhibit with Marion Ross, spring 1980; 1980 school tour (2); 1983 school tours (3); 1984 Holiday School Tour. SlidesD 2School Programs03
These slides are School Programs and Tours from 1983-1985: 1985 tour (17); 1983 tour (2).SlidesD 2School Programs04
These slides are of School Programs and Tours of the Chemung Co. History Museum 1981-1996: 1993 tour (1); dateless tour (4); 1994 tour (2); East European Folk Art, 1996; Holiday '95; Carousel show, 1991; Firefighting, October 1997 (2); Civil War program, 1998 (2); "Echoes of the Century" June 16, 2000 (3). SlidesD 2School Programs05
These slides are of School Programs: Seneca Culture In School Program at Holy Family November 1997 (4); Tina Hager and Career Development Team (4); Young Leadship Program (6); Teachers in Service. SlidesD 2School Programs 06
These slides are of School Programs and Tours at the Chemung Co. History Museum: 1996 school visit, guest Bill Ostrander; spring visit 1996 (2); Holiday 1995; school visit, parking lot (2).SlidesD 2School Programs07
These slides are of School Programs and Tours of the Chemung Co. Historical Society Museum 1987-1989: 1988 tours (6); 1987 tour (2); 1991-92 (9); traveling school loan cases on shelves. SlidesD 2School Programs09
These slides are of School Programs and Tours from 1978-1981: Center St., Horseheads, Dec-Jan 1980-81 (9); Indian Room, fall 1978 (3); Tools of the Trade, 1981 (2); tour guide, Julie Kahn, 1979, (2); tour guide, Rhonda Groell, 1979; Summer Cohesion, Carl, 1978; Summer Cohesion, 1978.SlidesD 2School Tours01
These slides are of the employees and volunteers at CCHS, 1878-1990: employess/volunteers, 1982 (4); Elmira College student, 1980; Connie Barone with Outdoor Life exhibit, 1984; Connie Barone, 1982; 1982 415 E. Water St. 1982 interior; Alfred "Chick" Hilbert with student Carolyn Cannon, 1980; employee/volunteer, 1981; Jack Waite, architect, 1981; Ralph Fudge, Doris Clark, 1978; volunteer at Williams St; student, Carolyn Cannon, 1980; employee/volunteer 1981; Antique show volunteer 1983; Connie Barone, interview, WBNG-TV, 1990; Rhonda and Dorothy in collections, 1978.SlidesD 2Society Employees/Volunteer08
These slides are of Chemung Co. Historical Society's employees and volunteers for 1980-1983: volunteer in archives (3); Connie Barone at Geneseo workshop in 1990 (2); Martha Squires in library(2); 1982 employees and volunters (3); Rhonda Groell, Curator of Education (2); Marilyn Hallett, secretary/bookkeeper; Marilyn Hallett with student from Elmira College; computer cataloging; Connie Barone, Director with Allene Diersheide, trustee and volunteer (2); Marilyn Hallett and student volunteer; County Historian Tom Bryne. SlidesD 2Society Employees/Volunteers01
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