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Collection TitleMC 26 Health Care/ Hospitals/ MedicalCreator
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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Newsletter - The Hospice Herald, Southern Tier Hospice: Autumn 1993.NewsletterD0210
Newsletter - Health Ministry of the Southern Tier (Healthy Connections), Vol. 3, Issue 2, Winter 2009.NewsletterD0211
Program - Holiday Homespun Collection to benefit Southern Tier Hospice, Inc. at the First United Methodist Church of Horseheads, December 7, 1991. ProgramD0212
Newsletter - Southern Tier Hospice and Palliative Care Newsletter: Spring 2011. NewsletterD0213
Handbill - Volunteering with Southern Tier Hospice and Palliative Care, ca. 2011.HandbillD0214
Program - The Elmira Association for the Blind, April 29, 1933. "The Blind Players Club" in the following plays: "Suppressed Desires" and "The Kerry Courtin'".ProgramD0301
Program - Blind Association, Dance Recital, June 3, 1940 at the Mark Twain Ball Room. Director is Marguerite VanDuyn and the accompanist is Kathryn Catlin.ProgramD0302
Letter - Blind Association. A short letter to Miss Flyne, written in Braille and transcribed into handwriting, as taught to the blind at a school in Batavia.LetterD0303
Booklet - American Printing House for the Blind, located at 1839 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville 6, Kentucky. Gives information about the house. Also included is a card dated June, 1956 that gives the "Scriptures for the Blind".BookletD0304
Pamphlet - American Foundation for the Blind. It lists the library service for blind persons including talking books, distributing libraries, eligibility, etc.PamphletD0305
Pamphlets - Elmira Association for the Blind, 717 Lake Street, Elmira, New York. 1)Includes a shopping list for ready reference when needing household supplies and attractive gifts. 2)Reasons to help the blind, and also a shopping list.PamphletsD0306
Ticket Stub - Elmira Association for the Blind, membership for 1935, check sent for $1.00 on October 2, 1935.Ticket StubD0307
Program - Elmira Association for the Blind, for the laying of the Cornerstone of the Gracia Gannett Rathbone Memorial Building, on July 20, 1954 at 12 noon, at 717 Lake Street, Elmira, New York.ProgramD0308
Booklet - American Foundation for the Blind, regarding talking books. It tells the origins, experiments and developments, government support, distributing libraries, selection of titles, recording agencies, etc.BookletD0309
Booklets - American Foundation for the Blind, 1956. 1) Discusses blindness, at home and abroad. 2) Discusses the story of books for the Blind, by Louis W. Rodenberg.BookletsD0310
Letters - Written by Ina B. Dutcher on July 4, 1957. 1) To the American Printing House for the Blind conveying thanks from Bristol Valley Federated Church and the Bristol Universalist Church for their free materials to aid with the special project of "The Bible in Braille" and a contribution of $33.15. 2) To the American Bible Society, Blind Department, thanking them for their help with materials and making a contribution of $30.00 to the American Bible Society.LettersD0311
Letter - From: The American Foundation for the Blind, Helga Lende, Librarian, June 12, 1957, To: Ina B. Dutcher, sending under separate cover, material dealing with braille and with work for the blind.LetterD0312
Letter - From: New York State School for the Blind, Eber L. Palmer, To: Ina B. Dutcher, June 4, 1957, enclosing braille alphabet cards for use. Includes two Braille Alphabet and Numerals Cards. LetterD0313
Letter - From: Mrs. Howard W. Franke, Association for the Blind of Rochester, To: Mrs. Melvin F. Meding, June 6, 1957. It tells where the "Bible in Braille" is embossed and is requesting a price list to be sent to Mrs. Meding.LetterD0314
Letter - American Bible Society, S. Ruth Barrett, June 11, 1957, to Mrs. Melvin Meding, enclosing a special price list showing the Bibles available in braille.LetterD0315
Leaflet - The Education of the Blind. It shows how the blind read and write and to give the seeing a better idea of the education of people who depend upon their fingers and their ears for their reading.LeafletD0316
Leaflet - American Foundation for the Blind. Lists Periodical Publications, Books, Monograms, what every blind person should know. And Miscellaneous.LeafletD0317
Pamphlet - Association for the Blind of Rochester. How blind persons of Rochester and Monroe County are meeting and overcoming their disabilities.PamphletD0319
Newsletters - "Perspective", published by the Southern Tier Association for the Blind. Volume 4, No. 2, Spring, 1988 and Volume 5, No. 2, Spring, 1989.NewslettersD0320
Leaflet - American Foundation for the Blind. Gives facts about the foundation, such as; research activities, consultation and field service, services for the deaf-blind, services for the war-blinded, publications, library service, scholarships, and fellowships, professional development, and public education.LeafletD0321
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