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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleMC 31 Legal System/ Legal DocumentsCreator
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Typed "Action No. 2, Supreme Court, Erie County by Lattin and Mills, Attorneys for Defendant, 314-316 Robinson Building, Elmira,N.Y.: John G. Lewis,Plaintiff against Amrican Motor Car Sales Company, Defendant.Date of contract August 9, 1907 to October 1, 1908. Complaint not dated.DocumentA0815
"Mortgage", dated March 12, 1856, between Henry & Elizabeth Crandall and Augustus Botsford, consideration: six hundred fifty and 62/100 dollars for property located in the Town of Veteran,"commencing at the eastside of the Chemung Canal Towing Path". Mill Race and Catherine Creek are mentioned as well as the Grist Mill and the Canal Bridge.No acreage mentioned.DocumentA0816
"Mortgage", dated December 12, 1840, between George and Hannah Mallitt and Isaac D. Mallitt, consideration: $126.00, property located in the Town of Veteran,Chemung County, also known as "the north part of Lot No. 33 and a strip off of Lot No.34"DocumentA0817
Dated: Veteran, October 15, 1835,"Elijah Nuker(?) agrees to give peaceable possession of Lot No. 2, Town of Veteran,with firewood to Daniel Mallitt and Nash Mallitt, including "all other movable property, first day of June next."DocumentA0818
To Mrs. Ann Mallet, Millport,N.Y.,dated Troy November 24, 1847, and signed C.W.R.Burnett, asking permission tp call upon her.LetterA0819
To Mrs. Ann Mallet from Mr. Barnett or Burnett, dated March 8, 1848, with a propoal of marriage.LetterA0820
"Deed", dated January 8, 1838 between David and Clarrissa Banks and Isaac D. Mallett & George B. Mallett, consideration: $767.20, property located in the Town of Veteran,Chemung Co.,N.Y..known as "North part of Lot No. 33 & a strip off Lot # 34".DocumentA0821
"Contract of Sale", dated May 5, 1842, between Isaac D. Mallett and David Thomas, both of Millport. For the sum of $139.13, the parcel of land "lying in the Village of Millport on the west side of the Chemung Canal".DocumentA0822
Hand written agreement between Isaac D. Mallett and Joseph C. Oaks, dated April 5, 1824:Mallett to give Oaks possession of a house(now occupied by David B. Thompson) by the first day of May next, $3.00 per month until November 10th, then $75.00 including rent paid,$75 by Nov. 1842,$75 by May 1843, for a total of $225.Deed upon payment in full. A purchase money mtg/land contract.DocumentA0823
Dated January 8, 1841, between Jeremiah Hackney and Isaac D. Mallett, consideration:$400.00,property lying in the Village of Millport.DocumentA0824
"Bond", dated July 5, 1850, between Samuel Miller of Veteran and William Worden of Catherine, in the sum of $528.00(bond appears to be double actual amount owed)and mortgage of $264.00 to be paid in full by April 1, 1853.DocumentA0825
"Article of Agreement", dated July 1, 1841 between E. Lockwood State of Illinois and J. Hackney & John Atwood, both of Millport for a certain house and lot which Hackney & Atwood now occupy, for the sum of $107.00.DocumentA0826
Surrogate Court, Town of Elmira, dated April 30,1847. Regarding the Estate of Isaac D. Mallett, it is ordered that enough real estate be sold to pay Isaac's just debts. DocumentA0827
Warranty Deed, recorded January 31, 1853, Noris & Electa Hewitt to Ann Mallett, consideration: $640.00, property located in the Town of Veteran. Lot # 19.southwest section of township,number 3 in the twelve townships.DocumentA0828
Deed & Mortgage, dated June 23, 1837, Benjamin & Helen Hackney to Isaac D. Mallett, consideration: fifty dollars, property inthe Village of Millport.Catherine Creek mentioned.DocumentA0829
Deed & Mortgage, dated April 12, 1838,Henery & Eliza Crandall to Isaac D. Mallett, consideration: $107.10, property in the Town of Veteran, east side of the Village of Millport.DocumentA0830
Quit-Claim Deed, Laton & Elizabeth Greeno to Levi & Polly McCann, dates February 28, 1868, consideration: one dollar, property located in Town of Vetran, the Millport/Havanna area.DocumentA0831
Agreement between J.P. Howell and Isaac D. Mallett, regarding mutually owned property located in the Village of Millport, dated May 6, 1841.DocumentA0832
"Deed"; Charles & Mary Amanda Couch to Harvey Turner, recorded February 8, 1893,consideration: $700.00, property in the Town of Veteran,"fourteen acres, more or less".DocumentA0833
"Mortgage", dated July 5, 1850, between Samuel Miller of Veteran and William Worden of Catherine, consideration: $264.00,property located in Town of Veteran, known as "the south end of Lot 19,in the southwest section of Township No. three of the 12 townships.DocumentA0834
"Warranty Deed", recorded April 22, 1859, Sylvester to Ann Mallett,Rebecca Mallett and Jane Mallett, consideration: $1075.oo. property located in the Town of Veteran.S>W> corner of Lot No. 19,township #3 of the 12 townships.DocumentA0835
Receipt for $23.97 from E. Griswold. Signed H.W. Young. Dated Wellsburg, August 30, 1880.ReceiptA0835
"Deed & Mortgage"Benjamin & Helen Hackney to Alanson Mallett, dated April 8, 1839, consideration: $175.00, property located in the Town of Veteran, known as Lot No. five.DocumentA0837
"Deed", dated May 7, 1842, Erwin Lockwood to Isaac L. Mallett, consideration: one hundred dollars, property located in the Town of Veteran,surrounded by Banks, Robinson,I. Mallette & Crombie land.DocumentA0838
Agreement between Daniel Matthew to Isaac L. Mallett, dated April 12, 1836, consideration: fifty dollars, an equal half of the lotnor(?) side of the turnpike, on which there is a building occupied as a Blacksmith & Waggon(?)Matthew & J.P.Howell bought from Erwin Lockwood,and other lots.DocumentA0839
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