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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

The Manuscript Index is arranged alphabetically by collection name.  To access a finding aid, please click on its name.

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Please keep in mind that many collections have not been inventoried while others are currently in progress.  If you have any questions regarding the Finding Aids or the Index, please contact the archivist at

Collection TitlePC Photograph CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByPat Wainwright, Kim Richards, Sue Rogan
AbstractInventory in Progress

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Folder contains 6 images of the Hotel Langwell.Photographs13B03
Folder contains 5 images of the Mark Twain Hotel including one of Bill Emerson (Hotel Manager).Photographs13B04
Folder contains 3 images of the Patterson House located at Baldwin and East Market.Photographs13B05
Folder contains 4 images of the Park Hotel located on East Market Street.Photographs13B06
Folder contains oversized images of the following Hotels: 4-Hotel Rathbun and 2-Mark Twain Hotel.Photographs13B07
Box contains the following images of City and County Buildings: Elmira & rural post offices; the Armory; Elmira City Hall; Town Halls of Ashland, Chemung, & Erin; Hazlett Building; County Court complex & jail; Elmira town clock; County Health Center; Home for the Aged and the County Home.Photographs14
Box contains photographs of the A & P Plant (Ann Page Plant) and the American Bridge Company.Photographs15A
Box contains photographs from and of the American LaFrance Company.Photographs15B
Box contains photographs from and of the American LaFrance Company.Photographs15C
Box contains photographs from and of the Eclipse Machine Company, also known as the Eclipse Bicycle Company and Bendix Aviation.Photographs16
Box contains photographs from and of NYSEG; Elmira Water, Light & Railroad Company; Willys-Morrow; Thatcher Glass; Standard Oil Company; the Oil Pump Station and Gas and Oil Wells.Photographs17A
Box contains photographs from and of Corning Consumer Products Company; Frostilla Company; LeValley McLeod; Kinkaid Company, Inc.; Elmira Rolling Mills; Carriage Manufacturers (John T. Ayers & Myer Friendly); Remington Rand and Kennedy Valve.Photographs17B
Box contains the following Businesses prior to the 1920s: Elmira Heights Knitting Mills; Michael Birmingham Saloon; Erie Railroad Yards, 1880; Booth Candy Factory, postcard; 2-John Brand & Co, Wholesale, Leaf & Tobacco c. 1900; 2-T. Briggs & Co. Steam Brewery, Canal Boat and Bridge; 1935 Employment Line; Bridge Over Canal at State and East Market Streets; Hope Jones Organ Co with Hope Jones, J. Langdon and Mr. Corvelt; American LaFrance Pumper, 1903-1908; and NY Telephone Co, "Elmira District" Clam Bake at Grotto Park, October 3, 1925.Photographs18
Box contains the following Businesses prior to the 1920s: Yawman and Erber Mfg Co with Thomas Casier September 30, 1908; Silicon Carbide, November 21, 1997; 2-Provisions Modular Hardware, November 21, 1997, February 6, 1998; Reliance Cigar Factory with Thomas O. Shannon, Propr.; 2-Chase-Hibbard Mill, with building and wagon and team; Boys in a workshop; Men sitting and standing on lumber includes: John Pelham, O.F. Ridgeway, F. Spaulding, John Coleman, James Maloney, Frank Tribe (?), Charles Hovey, W. A. Saunders and H. D. Force; and the Car Barn Crew about 1928 and includes: Fred Wigley, Mr. Gilson, Jack Qualey, Bill Kennedy, Mae Molter (office), John McDowell, Walt Parkinson, Claude Detlough, Larry Beaghen, Frank Reynolds, Mr. Wheat, Jim Cochrane, Lynn Wood, A. C. Jordan, Eddie Drake, Mr. Noble, Ray Butler, Ski Skarlowski, and Warren June.Photographs18
Box contains the following Businesses prior to the 1920s: Evan's Mill, Bulkhead, Southport; John K. Tarbay Groceries; Elmira Water, Light and Railroad Co Powerplant 1913; Blast Furnaces; Webb Mills Cooper Shop with Joseph Holley, Amelia Dan Holly (Mrs George), Esther Sharp Holly (Mrs. Joseph), Leon Holly, George Holly and Clarence Holly; Empire Bridge Co.; Tuttle Mill (also known as the Arnot Mill); Woolen Mill on East Ave; Newtown Creek Mill Dam; Royal Dairy Co; Artistic Card; Reservoir and Filter Plant; 2-Howell Box c. 1900; and C. E. Bartley Wire Works.Photographs18
Box contains the following Businesses prior to the 1920s: 3-Booth Candy Factory; Henry Bainbridge and Co with Alfred C. Rippier, October 5, 1908; King Organ Factory; 3-Rodbourn and Co. Sawmill; Kimball Scales; 3-F.M. Howell and Co. Tobacco Facotry; Brick Factory, with Foreman, Edward A. Bauman and workers; Universal Radio Mfg Corp.; Shoemaker and Egbert Merchant and Custom Millers; 2-Richardson Shoe Factory; RKB Enterprises (1989); and 5-Lowe Farm Kiln.Photographs18
Box contains the following Businesses prior to the 1920s: 2-Flour, Feed & Saw Mill; 5-of a Mill(s) & Dams on the Chemung River; Men in a Machine Shop; Aluminum Ware Manufacturing, with John E. Potter, President; Empire View Company; Briggs Brewery prohibition raid; 2-Elmira Saw Works Mfg; Hope Jones Organ Co; Chemung Consumer Beverage Co.; Mandris Brewery with John Diester, Henry Mander, Fred Meyers, George Mander, August Ross, Will Ewald, Harvey Geddis and Frank Belo; Elmira Window Glass Works; and Hibbard Mill and Dam.Photographs18
Box contains the following Businesses prior to the 1920s: Wood Water Pipe Manufactory with W. Wyckoff & Son (2) and Matt Tucker Foreman; Frederick V. Ensign Metal Goods with Charles B. Hager, Foreman; West End Bridge Works (also known as Elmira Bridge Works, Empire Bridge Works and American Bridge Works); Diven Mfg Co at a trade fair; Herman J. Volbrecht, Shoemaker; and Greeners Piano Factory.Photographs18
Box contains images of Businesses after 1920: 3-Holderman Hollow Putty Works; 24-Chemung Foundry, 1966; 24-Thompson Building 2005, Demolition of building, (also known as the Elmira Professional Building); 5-Airport Industrial Park; 5-Orthstar Building; 18-Elmira Knitting Mills, Elmira Heights; and 1935 Elmira Heights and Horseheads enlisted in Elmira Industries Inc. Campaign and includes Frank S. Bentley, Carl J. Taber, Frank J. Campbell, Clark H. Crawford, M. A. Van Brunt, A. W. Fritsch, John A. Berkins, John Simon, William C. Petzke, S. G. H. Turner, Halsey Sayles and Oscar Monrad.Photographs18B
Box contains images of Bricklayers and Masons including: 3-1947 Dinner at the Langwell Hotel and includes Patrick Naugle, Joseph Kieffer, Frances Kieffer, Larry Hurley, James White, Bill Carney, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Parks, Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Andrus, Mrs. Archie Hartnoll, Hank Colaw, Archie Hartnoll, Hank Colaw's girl, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Shiffer, Mr. & Mrs. C. Beardsley, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Dalstrom, Sophie & Archie Kieffer, Sam McDowell, Mr. & Mr.s Waldo J. Longwell, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Charlie Spencer, Mr. & Mrs. Earnest, Larry Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Ayron Luchier, Mr. & Ms. John Pratt, Mr. & Mrs. Tim Mitchell, Mr. & Mrs. Roy Marx, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Clark, Ray Smith and Earnie June.Photographs18B
Box contains images of Businesses after 1920: Foundry c. 1940; Elmira Precision Tool, January 19, 1936; Hygeia Refrigerating Co.; Hardinge Brothers; General Electric, 14th Convention in August 1917; New York Telephone; Box and Moore; Owen Card Publishing Co. (1621 Lake St.), 1925; The Hilliard Corp.; (8) Commercial Screws Products, Inc., 1950; Westinghouse, 1965 includes D. C. Burnham and George L. Wilcox; Valley Stream Coal Co.; and Shepard Electric.Photographs18B
This folder contains the following images of Ward LaFrance: (3) factory floor, ca. 1980s; factory exterior, 1980; sales associates' meeting, Hotel Rathbun, ca. 1950; Ward LaFrance dealers conference, 1968. Photographs18BC
Folder contains he following images of the Chemung River: Herbert Snyder, 1904; Elmira from Mt. Zoar, 1909; Ice Break-up, Walnut Street Bridge; Wellsburg Cliffs; 6-Rebuilding Dam, 1994; 6-Record Dam, 1994; Record Dam, 1977; Madison Ave. Bridge, 1940; Flood looking toward Grove Street, December 15, 1901; Rorick’s Glen, 1911; Ice jams at Rorick’s Glen, 1917; People on frozen river; Canoes loading on flat cars in front of W. H. Cotton Boat Livery; Canoes unloading in East Corning; W. H. Cotton Canoe Livery postcard; Clinton’s Island; Wild Rose Cottage; Mountain Home; and Foster Driving Park, 1857.Photographs19A
Folder contains the following images of the Chemung River: Main Street Bridge during the Flood, 1972; Chemung River at Wellsburg, Lawrence Brothers Fishing, 1913; Near Waverly, May 30, 1924; U. S. Army Engineers, WPA Construction – Jimmie McArdle foreman, Walls & Levees from Madison Ave to S. Hoffman, and Fulton Street Dyke, 1941; Chase Hibbard Dam, 1980; Wellsburg-Lowman Crossover, March 1973; Canoe Trip, c1914; View from Mt. Zoar; View from Sullivan’s Monument and 5-Dalrymple Sand & Gravel.Photographs19A
Folder contains the following images of the Chemung River: view from the Walnut Street Bridge; Canoes on flatbed car going to Gibson via trolley, c. 1910; Elm Tree Park; Wellsburg Route 40 connects with Route 427; The Bertha Taylor Steamboat, owned by F. R. Taylor, 1888; view from near Sullivan’s Monument; Waverly Hill; Chimney Narrow Road looking toward Gibson Bridge; First Dyke in Corning built about 1891; Buttonwoods Area; Dams in river looking towards Gibson from Corning; River Cottage with canoes; Chimneys around Gibson, 1970s; Chase Hibbard Dam; 3 River Cottages – Cricket (Gilomre’s), Whipperwill (Dailey) and Pine Cliff (Leo Criss); Historical Sign; view from Mt. Zoar, Foster’s pond on left and Fosters Mansion, Clinton Island and Foster’s Driving Park; Aerial view, West to East; riverbank at Rorick's Glen; White Wagon Road near Waverly; Spring Ice jam near foot of Cleveland Ave before dyke was built.Photographs19B
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