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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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These slides are of the society's employees and volunteers: Executive and Education Committee meeting in the Bank Gallery (2); David, Elmira College volunteer; Martha Ritter, Library/Archivist Assistant; Dan Johnson, E.B.I. intern, 1999 (2); Jarvis Langdon (2); Ella Rozengotta and researcher; Ann O'Brien, volunteer receptionist; Diane Casper, volunteer in collections; Mellissa Hollister, registrar; Marion Waters, senior employee.SlidesD 2Society Employees/Volunteers02
These slides are of the employees and volunteers of the Chemung County Historical Society 1993-1995: Mr. Millikin, President and Ms. Hager, Director of Education, 1993; Eagle Scout Jim Dairymle, volunteers delivering flower boxes, 1994(2); Tim Decker, Mark Vaughn, and Scott Thoman, staff; Tim Decker running "Timeless Collection"; staff/volunteer Christmas party, 1995 (2); computer for collections; G. Wells Crandall reviewing VanAuken glass plate collection; Amy Wilson, Curator of Collections (2); Charles Spanagler and Co. Historian Archie Keiffer; Volunteer Recognition Breakfast April 1999(2); 1994 birthday party; E.B.I. students, Black History transcripts; researcher with Joann Lindstrom, curator; muncicipal historians.SlidesD 2Society Employees/Volunteers03
These slides are of volunteer training 1982-1994 plus other slides: 1982 (4); 1993 (3); 1994 (2); 1998 (2); Ace Hall with Elmira College girls (Carol Richards, Chatham, NJ and Allison Foster, Jenkintown, PA) 1976; Amy Wilson at Conservation Seminar; Chemung Canal Bank staff 192_; costume consultant, Susan Greene and Curator Amy Wilson.SlidesD 2Society Employees/Volunteers04
These slides are of the CCHS employees and volunteers, 1983-1990: 1983 employee or volunteer; Tim Decker and Marg Burger working on time capsule, 1987 (3); Melissa Hollister, cataloger, 1989; Curator of Collections Tim Decker, 1987; Timothy Decker, 1986; Elmira College Student, 1983; Rosanna Smith, volunteer, 1983; Connie Barone, WBNG-TV interview, 1990; Marilyn Hallett, 1986; Margaret Burger, 1986; Perry Wilcox and Marg Burger, 1987 (2); Director Constance Barone, 1989; Melissa Hollester, staff, cataloger, 1989; SCSE personal, Clara Dealey, 1987; Tina Hager, Assistant Educator, 1990 (2). SlidesD 2Society Employees/Volunteers05
These slides are of employees and volunteers at CCHS 1982-1990: Tim Decker, Curator of Collections, 1987; Grace Campbell, 1991; upstairs hall filled with staff and volunteers, 1991; Brayton's birthday party, 1989; Margaret Berger, receptionist 1989, upstairs hall (2); Archivist Margaret Clarke, 1983; Melissa Hollester, cataloger, 1989 (4); Michelle Cotton, former curator, 1988; 1992 volunteer (2); G. Wells Crandall working on slide collection, 1986; staff, Tim Decker, Mark Vaughn, PSI Gregg Olin; SCSE Personnel Clara Sealey, 1987 (2); Elmira College student.SlidesD 2Society Employees/Volunteers06
These slides are of the CCHS employees and volunteers for 1981-1989: staff in archivies (3); Perry Wilcox, main office (2); Cara Sutherland, Curator of Education; 1982 party; 1981, Marilyn Hallett, secretary/bookkeeper; 1987 Bronda Norris, working on Geroman Village scene; 1983, museum gift shop; library aide; 1983, Elmira College volunteer; 1980 Janice Scoiven, collections storage; Librarian Martha Squires; 1981, Connie Barone; 1985 Michelle Cotton, "Mark Twain in Elmira" book project; 1984, Michelle Cotton, intern.SlidesD 2Society Employees/Volunteers09
These 19 slides are of the CCHS birthday parties for Chuck Hilbert, and Frances Brayton in 1989.SlidesD 2Society Employees/Volunteers10
These slides are of the CCHS employees and volunteers for 1989-1991: 1989 birthday party for Frances Brayton (2); working on slide collection; Pam Pletcher, Curator of Collections (2); library; M. Clute, archive, 1982; Grace Campbell, 1991 (2); Grace Campbell, farewell party, 1991; Grace Campbell, carousel show, 1991 (3); Bonnie Schweizer, working on Geroman Village, 1987; Michelle Cotton, "Mark Twain's Elmira" book project, 1985; staff and volunteers, 1991; Cara Sutherland (2), 1986; Grace, staff.SlidesD 2Society Employees/Volunteers11
These slides are of the CCHS employees and volunteers for 1978-1995: volunteers 1992; Director Constance Barone, 1980; Elmira College volunteer, 1988; Chick Hilbert, RCITA at Big Flats, 1982; Willie Miller, 1994; Tina Hager, educator, and B. Schneck, 1994; Scott, E.B.I. student, 1994; A. Kieffer and b. Schneck, 1994; 1994 birthday party (2); Martha Squires and Margaret Clute in library, 1978; a research with Joann Fridstrom, curator, 1994; Elmira College intern Gabriela Briel, 1995; Connie Barone, 1991; Cara Sutherland's farewell party; 1982 volunteer.SlidesD 2Society Employees/Volunteers12
These slides are of the employees and volunteers of the CCHS 1878-1981; office on William St, 1979; Carl West, conservation in collections, 1979; Janice Scrivin, collections storage, 1980; Katherine Dean, Florence Olyphant,volunteers, 1980; building, 1980; Harriet Gregg,volunteer; Boy Scouts cleaning 2nd floor, 415 E. Water St., November 8 and 22, 1980; Dorothy Knight, 1978; Alfred "Chick" Hilbert with student Carolyn Cannon; President Lyman Gridley, Board of Trustees meeting, Nov 1980; Board of Trustees meeting, 1980; tour, Bev Markell, Elmira College student, 1981; Harold in basement of Chemung Co. Historical Society, 1978; Carol Cannon, student, fall 1980; May Membership meeting, Boyce, 1981; Joyce McArthur, receptionist, 1979; Ralph, Doris, and Mary, 1978; volunteer Jean M Burns, collections, 1978.SlidesD 2Society Employees/Volunters07
These slides consist of photographs of Elmira College women athletes in late 1880's or 1890's: no.15 women's tennis,no. 13 field day trophy case,no. 14, 2 women standing outside Cowles Hall, no. 3 field hockey team, no. 7 field hockey, no. 18 advertisment or athletics at Elmira College,no.10 trophy case with athletic photos and clothing, no. 19 baseball team, no. 9 archery, Catherine Finter and group of students on front lawn at Cowles Hall. More modern photos--mid to later 1900's: no. 12 Golf at Elmira Country Club, no. 11 tennis at Elmira College, no.4 two female Elmira College students.SlidesD1Athletics01
These slides consist of different athletic activities: 4 of golf at unknown location, football, Dunn Field stadium, 2 slides of Elmira Pioneers at Dunn Field, 1981 Dunn Field stadium, photo of Dunn Field, Mark Twain Golf Course, aerial view of Dunn Field.SlidesD1Athletics02
These slides are of autombiles and some of their owners: 1909 Overland, 1904 DeLaugere, 1917 car, 1917 car, 1902 front engine Benz, 1885 Benz engine, drawing of a stone wheel, 1916 Hudson town car, 1907 Sizaire et Naudin, features 3 cars-Pierce 1904 Motorette, 4 wheel Knox, and Model K Rambler(men-Dr. Beck, James Swartout, Clarence Sayles), Truman Fassett in an air cooled 1906 Corbin, Charles Brand in an American underslung about 1909, James E. Swarthout in a 1904 Knox, Chemung Co. Sheriff's car, Dr. Chauncey S. Carey's 1900 Knox Runabout, David Pratt's 1909 Chalmers, one of first Buicks about 1909, advertismeent for 1927 Buick. SlidesD1Automobiles01
These slides are of automobiles: no.77, 1915 Brisco; no. 78, 1915 Dodge; no.42, 1911 Mercer; no. 44, 1912, Hispanp-Suiza; no. 45, 1912 E.M.F.; no. 46, 1912 Alldays & Onions; no. 49, 1913 Metz; no. 53, Renault; no. 54, 1915 Chalmers,Six Tourer; no. 60, 1923 Chalmers; no. 56, 1915 Saxon Six; no. 57, Briggs & Stratton "Flyer", Smith Motorwheel 1920; no. 58, 1921 Paige Daytona; no. 38, 1908 Babcock Electric advertisement.SlidesD1Automobiles02
These slides autombiles plus some owners: no.4, 1901 Columbia; no. 31, 1904 Daimler; no. 32, 1904 Worseley Tourer; no. 11, J. B. Rathbone Car; no. 24, 1897 Leon Bollee; no. 8, 1928 Packard; no. 39, 1910 Delaunay-Belleville; no. 3, N. J. Thompson, Seth Winner, Isaac Allison; no. 86. Peerless; no. 83, 1914 Hudson; no. 89, 1926 Velie; no. 90, 1924 Moon; no. 92, Wishbone, Model T; no. 93, First Century; no. 62, 1924 Voisin; no. 66, 1928 Franklin; 1929 Pierce-Arrow, Straight Eight; no. 69, 1930 Wills Knight; no. 70 1931 Pontiac.SlidesD1Automobiles03
These slides are of the Boy Scouts, Sullivan Trail Council, Camperee at Camp Seneca, October 1990: activities, buildings and trails. SlidesD1Boy Scouts
These slides are of Bridges: Pontoon bridge at Lake St.; D.L.& W. RR; Wellsburg RR; Suspension; city bridge; Seely Creek (2); Lake St.; RR trestle between Swartwood & Park Station, Erin; Walnut St.; temporary Lake St. Bridge; old Lake St.; Walnut St. Bridge, south span, 1972 flood; Fort Reed RR Bridge, December 1984. SlidesD1Bridges01
These are slides of eight unidentified buildings in Elmira.SlidesD1Buildings02
These slides are of Hotels in Chemung County: Holiday Inn on Water St., Elmira; 1899 Rathbun, gentlemen's cafe and bar room; Rathbun, Billards Room; Rathbun, bedroom suite and private parlor; 1929 Mark Twain (2); Park Hotel, and Hassett Building; Continental hotel, E. Water St., NR. Trolley waiting room; 1899 Rathbun advertisment; West End Hotel, 232 W. Water St.; Pattinson House, Booth Candy, and Rialto Music Hall; West End Hotel; Commercial Hotel; Langwell Hotel, entrance to the Rose Room; Mark Twain Hotel & map; Polly's Hotel at Hendy Creek; Hotel Breese at Breesport; Hotel Breese, and Harding Hotel, Breesport; 1920 Rutland Hotel.SlidesD1Buildings03
These are slides of the hotels in Chemung County: 1984 Holiday Inn; Downtown Holiday Inn; Mark Twain Hotel Lobby; Langwell Hotel Lobby; Langwell Hotel; Hill Top Inn; Rutland Hotel; Hotel Langwell 1896-1961; Rathbun dinning room; Hotel Rathbun Trolley; c1912 Rathbun with awnings, and trolley tracks.SlidesD1Buildings04
These are slides of club buildings: 1981 Elmira Country Club; 3rd Country Club now Convent of Perpetual Rosary; 2nd Country Club later a TB Sanitarium; Elmira Country Club; City Club; 1st Country Club, Upper Underwood.SlidesD1Buildings05
These are slides of the Elmira City Hall: Old City Hall on E. Market St.; Armory, and City Hall on Church St.; South Facade of City Hall; Old City Hall now Alpha C1.SlidesD1Buildings06
These are slides of Museums, Libraries, Threatres, Clemons Center, Opera Houses; Interier of old library building; Library, 1980 Transportation Center; Dedication of new Steele Memorial Library with Mayor Peck; 1980 Clemons Center; Capital Theater Marquis before razing, May 1989; expanded Arnot Art Museum, reopening Oct 12, 1985; front view of Arnot Art Museum; side view from of the Arnot Art Museum; Lyceum Opera House; front of Clemons Center; new 1979, Steele Memorial Library. SlidesD1Buildings07
These are slides of Court Houses, County Buildings, Federation Buildings, Banks, Post Offices,and Towers; 8 Chemung County Courthouse slides; 1980 Lake St. Marine Midland Bank; Elmira Savings Bank; Carroll & Lake Streets bank construction; post office building under construction; Corner of Post Office shown; Federation Building Ballroom; Womes Federation Building, later Jewish Community Center; Southport Towers; George Bragg (Newtown) Towers; Newtown Towers.SlidesD1Buildings08
These are slides of Fire Stations, Apartment Buildings, Elmira College, and Stores: Elmira Fire Headquarters, E. Market St., March 1965; Horseheads old Fire Station; Woodland Apartments, W. Water St.; Colony Apartments, W. Water St.; Gillette Hall, Elmira College; Cowles Hall, Elmira College; Iszard building, corner of Baldwin and Water Streets; Eastowne Mall & Garage; Rosenbaum's, W. Water St. (2 slides)SlidesD1Buildings09
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