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Collection TitleMC 02 Civil War CollectionCreatorBooth Library
Processed ByKimberly Richards, Calvin Brewer
Date Completed:Spring 2006
Provenance:The Civil War Collection was donated to the Booth Library by various donors, including Historians George Farr, Michael Horigan and Carl Morell, as well as purchases made by George Farr on behalf of the Chemung County Historical Society.


Historical:Elmira, New York played a very important role during the Civil War. In 1861 Gov. Edwin B. Morgan designated Elmira as a Military Depot and in 1863 the US Government named Elmira as a Draft Rendezvous. Officers and enlisted men totaling 20, 796 were sent south from Elmira, who served in some of the most prestigious regiments including the 107th New York Volunteers and the 50th New York Engineers. Elmira first served as a place for mustering troops, some of the more famous being the 107th New York Volunteers and the 50th New York Engineers. In 1864 commanders at Elmira received word that they would also serve as a place for Prisoners of War. The Elmira Prison Camp existed for a year and four days, from June 6, 1864 to July 10, 1865. During that time over 12,000 confederates at one time or another were stationed in Elmira. Due to miscommunication, personality conflicts and malnutrition, 2963 men died over the period of that year. These men were buried by John W. Jones, an ex-slave, who became a prominent citizen within the Black Community. The Confederate War Dead are in Woodlawn National Cemetery, accessible by the Davis Street Entrance.
Scope:The largest series in this collection are boxes j-o. These boxes contain all the research information Michael Horigan put together for his book Elmira: Death Camp of the North, published in 2001. The Chemung County Historical Society is still actively collecting documents for this collection and it will continue to grow.


Extent4.5 linear feet
Date Span1860-Present
AbstractThe Civil War collection contains originals and copies of letters, diaries and documents produced during the Civil War, 1861-1865, including the Elmira Prison Camp, 1864-1865, as well as recent articles and research.

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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Book - Bible owned by Daniel Howard of Company H, 179th Regiment N.Y. Volunteers, c.1862-1865.BookG1401
(2) Final pay vouchers issued to James H. Applegate, Company H, 179th NY Volunteers and Ravin N. Carey, Company A, 179th NY Volunteers, upon their discharge, June 1965. DocumentsG1402
Book - Bible owned by Darius Adams Atwater during the Civil War, 1831-1891.BookG1501
Certificates of Discharge for: William Fimont of the 24th Regiment N.Y. Volunteers; Joseph Norris of the 5th N.Y. Artillery; Daniel Finn of 2nd Provisional New York Cavalry; James N. Tharp of 189th Regiment N.Y. Volunteers; Solomon Moyer of 188th Regiment N.Y. Volunteers; John A. Comstock of 19th Regiment of Vetern Reserve Corps; Michael Wall, 19th Veteran Reserve Corps; John D. Noeck of 213th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers; Nelson Haggerty of the 1st New Jersey Cavalry; 1864-1865.CertificateG1601
Certificate of Promotion for Alvin G. Barnhart to the rank of Sergeant in the First Veteran's Cavalry N.Y. Volunteers, February 27, 1865.CertificateG1602
Certificate confirming that Patrick Hughes served in Company H, 4th Pennsylvania Calvary from 1864 to 1865, October 20, 1904. CertificateG1603
Military pension certificate for Michael Wall, 19th Veteran Reserve Corps, May 12, 1916.CertificateG1604
Documents - Muster roll fragments, c. 1863-1865.DocumentsG1701
Documents - Muster-out rolls for Private Samuel Johnson of the 11th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers and Captain Isaac S. Catlin of the 3rd Regiment N.Y. Volunteers, 1865.DocumentsG1702
Book - "Light Infantry Tactics For the Exercises and Manoeuvers of Troops When Acting As Light Infantry or Riflemen" by Brevet Lieut. Colonel W.J. Hardee, 1861.BookG1801
Document - Furlough granted to Elias Wychoff for four days, September 24, 1862.DocumentG1802
Document - Draft notice to Moses Hurdick requesting him to report for duty, July 21, 1963.DocumentG1803
Document - Enlistment document for Jacob Vorhis, July 22, 1865.DocumentG1804
Document - Circular stating new rules for officers regarding rations, July 31, 1865.DocumentG1805
Document - Certificate of non-liability presented to Edward V. Cole, September 4, 1863.DocumentG1806
Document - Exemption from Military Duty slip signed by the Chemung County Judge, October 14, 1864.DocumentG1807
Document - Furlough issued to George Hall of the 15th New York Cavalry, March 19-April 19, 1865. DocumentG1808
Document - Blank invoice of medicines, c. 1862-1865.DocumentG1901
Document - Roll of hospital workers, c. 1862.DocumentG1902
Document - Fragment of monthly hospital statement, Locust Spring Hospital, November 1862.DocumentG1903
Document - Patient records for Pvt. Peter Nichols, Company "C" 134th NY Volunteers, at Jefferson U.S.A. General Hospital, Jeffersonville, Indiana, May 20-December 1, 1864. DocumentG1904
Documents - Blank enrollment certification slips, c. 1862-1865.DocumentsG2001
Document - Blank delivery slip for subsistence stores, c. 1862-1865 (2 copies).DocumentG2002
Document - Blank inventory of the effects of deceased, c. 1862-1865.DocumentG2003
Document - Blank guard duty report, c. 1862-1865.DocumentG2004
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