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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleMC 26 Health Care/ Hospitals/ MedicalCreator
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TitleDocumentBox NumberFolder NumberLocation
Leaflet - The American Foundation for the Blind. Discusses the blind person and employment.LeafletD0322
Document - Treatment and prevention of diphtheria by M. Tamier on July 29, 1880.DocumentD0401
Document - Case histories of families and individuals who came down with diphtheria in 1891.DocumentD0402
Document - The Natural History of Diphtheria in the early 1900's.DocumentD0403
Document - "Carbon Monoxide Perils of a Fireman", written by M. Eugene Pittman, M.D., former County Medical Examiner, written in the 1980's.DocumentD0404
Document - Date unknown, regarding joints and cartilage of the leg.DocumentD0501
Receipts - 1) Receipt dated October 7, 1902 to Charles L. Squire for $50.00 for preliminary exam, government filing fee, one sheet drawing, and attorney's fees for the application for patent for Bag Holder, signed by Eugene Diven. 2) Receipt dated April 6, 1903, for $20.00 for final government fee for Bag Holder, signed by Eugene Diven.ReceiptsD0502
Letter - From Eugene Diven to Dr. Charles L. Squire, January 27, 1903, regarding his application for the bag holder. It includes a list of five items pertaining to the bag holder.LetterD0503
Document - Patent application for a Bag Holder for Grain Shutes, No. 726, 584, from Charles L. Squire, April 28, 1903.DocumentD0504
Document - A list of patients to be received in the hospital, sometime between 1862 - 1866, signed by E. F. Hendricks, Assistant Surgeon. DocumentD0603
Document - Return of Clothing Camp and Garrison Equipage received and issued by T. H. Squire from November 29, 1861 - November 29, 1864.DocumentD0604
Document - Report of sick and wounded for the month of April, 1862 at Roanoke Island, North Carolina by W. A. Smith, Surgeon, U.S. Army.DocumentD0605
Document - A list of medical officers serving in the First Brigade, Third Division, Tenth A.C., from 1861 - 1864.DocumentD0606
Letter - From James Allen of Carter's Mountain to Dr. Squire, November 14, 1862, talking about fighting and the rebellion. It also discusses regulations concerning medical supplies, organizations of hospitals and all matters connected with the medical department.LetterD0607
Document - A listing of companies and their medical doctors and various other employees in the year 1862.DocumentD0608
Letter - From G.H. Humphreys, Medical Director, to T. H. Squire, acting Brigade Surgeon at Head Quarters, 3rd Division, March 13, 1863.LetterD0609
Letter - To Dr. Squires, November 16, 1863, asking for ambulances to convey members of Regiments on board the steamer "Forest City", to their destinations. The ambulances will report to Dr. Folsom, surgeon in charge of substitutes, on board "Forest City".LetterD0611
Letter - From John Craner to the Medical Purveyor's Department, November 19, 1863, enclosing invoice of and receipts for stationary handed to Sung Brown for delivery. LetterD0612
Invoice - Of Medicines Hospital stores and transferred by Dr. Squires, Surgeon in charge at Post Hospital, Folly Island, South Carolina to James Allen, Surgeon in Charge, November 19, 1863.InvoiceD0613
Document - From T. Squire, Surgeon, 89th New York Volunteers at Locust Spring Hospital, listing of medicines, hospital stores, commissary stores, clothing, etc., to William B. Chambers, 1863.DocumentD0614
Document - A list of patients with gunshot wounds of the knee joint, and gunshot fractures of the femur occuring at the Battle of Antietam, and their treatment at Locust Spring Hospital by Dr. T. H. Squires, 1863.DocumentD0615
Letter - From Dr. T. H. Squire, February 10, 1864, to Headquarters at Folly Islands, South Carolina, regarding smallpox in a camp, and a need to procure a vaccine for the virus.LetterD0616
Document - A list of medicines and hospital stores in the 142nd Regiment, New York Volunteers, April 29, 1864.DocumentD0617
Document - Statements to accompany return of Camp Garrison's equipage, for which Dr. Squire, late surgeon is responsible.DocumentD0618
Document - From H. W. Carpenter, Folly Island, South Carolina, September 16, 1863, giving a true statement of Sanitary Stores he received, and the distribution of them.DocumentD0620
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