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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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Collection TitleMC 31 Legal System/ Legal DocumentsCreator
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Disposition of the assets of Isac L. Mallett, deceased, filed by George B. Mallett, Ann Mallett, Administratrix,dated June 12, 1846, at Surrogate Court,Benjamin B. Payne, Surrogate.DocumentA0840
"Warranty Deed", Jesse & Sally Hitchcock to Ann Mallett, recorded January 16, 1854, consideration:$650.00, property located in the Town of Veteran,west:public highway, south: Nathan Whiting & Alanson Mallett, east: Joshua Kendall,north:Jesse Hitchcock & William Keeler, containing nineteen and a half acres,more or less.DocumentA0841
"Deed", Alanson & Sally Mallett to Isaac D. Mallett, dated May 11, 1842,consideration: $225.00, located in Millport, Town of Veteran, part of Lot No. five.DocumentA0842
"Satisfaction Piece", David Banks to P.D.Mallett & George Mallett, dated July 15, 1841, mortgage orignated 1838, paid if full.DocumentA0843
"Verdict", dated, Millport, May 8, 1841,was decided re J.P. Howell & Isaac D. Mallett, that Mallett shall pay to Howell $175.00 and "said Howell shall have the use of the Blacksmith Shop till the first day of October next".DocumentA0844
"Discharge of Mortgage", L. Webber & M.H. Arnot to Ellen Jennison,dated January 24, 1880, original mortgage dated September 23, 1874.DocumentA0845
"Bond" Emeline B. Rumsey of Van Etten to The Trustees of the Elmira Female College, dated December 26, 1878, bond of one thousand dollars, five hundred dollars to be repaid three years from "date hereof".DocumentA0846
Letter from Grant B. Baldwin to John Fitzsimmons, May 10, 1819.LetterA0847
"Bond"John H. Sackett to Betsey P. Hall, dated January 20, 1864,amount: eleven hunred dollars, payable five years "from date hereof"DocumentA0848
Appears to be either a mortgage or an abstract of title, first names mentioned: Ebenzer Barnard to Seth Saxton, dated June 4, 1822, other transactions follow.DocumentA0849
"Deed", Jonathan & Mary Roberts to Abner Wells & Henry Wells,"trustees appointed by the Suscribers and Owners of the school house in the first district of the Town of Elmira".December 3, 1811, consideration: ten dollarsDocumentA0850
Letter from the Collection Office of George Cragg & Bro., 402 Walnut Street Philadelphia to George B. Rodgers regarding monies avaiable from his claim upon the government, August 13, 1806.LetterA0851
Abstract of Title to an acre of land located in the 5th ward of the City of Elmira near Mt. Zoar Street. Last transaction dated June 6, 1883, "City of Elmira to Samuel R. Heysham".DocumentA0852
Agreement made on September 8, 1822, between Wyatt Carr of Elmira and William Pierce of Lancaster, to hire (By Pierce) Carr's yoke of oxen for the sum of twelve dollars a year.DocumentA0853
Receipt for a pair of army shoes from Surgeon H. Squires "in charge of Locust Valley Hospital" Kudysville(?),Md.,signed William A. Knght, dated Decmber 2, 1862.ReceiptA0854
Petition to The Commissioners of Patents from T.H. Squire of Elmira for a patent on "a new and improved lantern", circa 1860.PetitionA0855
Small, unreadable scrap of paper. M72.55.5DocumentA0856
Receipt for "two hides" from S. Spring, dated Hagerstown, Md, Nov. 19, 1862. Signed by Charles B. Penrose,Capt. V.C.S. 2nd.ReceiptA0857
Copy of Form # W 2121, United States Government to Charles E. Ready, November 30, 1862, "for use of "Leam"(sic), at Locust Valley Hospital,MD. for 31 days @ $5.00, total $155.00 and with a receipt to fill out at the bottom.DocumentA0859
Letter from "Head-Quarters, Army of the Potomac, dated November 7, 1862, from Dr. L. Letterman to Surgeon W.H. Squires of Locust Spring Hospital re ambulances at the Battle of Antietam.LetterA0860
Letter from Headquarters of 9th A.C. dated January 20, 1863 from P. A. O'Connell,Surgeon & Medical Doctor, 9th A.C. to "Doctor", body of letter very difficult to read, reply from Dr. Humphreys,Third Division, written at bottom.DocumentA0861
List of graves and number of deaths,Locust Spring Hospital,Md. by T. H. Squires,Surgeon in Charge.No date.Document A0862
List of wounded(some injuries described), missing,dead(?), signed by H.W. Campbell, Surgeon 117th N.Y.V.DocumentA0863
Diagram of Plan of General Hospital for ten tents. Dated February 28, 1863.DiagramA0864
Blank, printed copy titled "Invoice of Medicines,&c.-Continued", printed both sides, pgs. 5 & 6.DocumentA0865
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