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Welcome to the Booth Library manuscript index. 

The manuscript index contains links to finding aids for the collections of the Booth Library.  Each finding aid has a description of that collection along with a listing of the items within that collection.  The Booth Library staff and volunteers are updating the index daily in order to make your research experience more productive.

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This folder contains the following theatrical and music-related posters: 3-Mark Twain Musical Drama (1980s); 2- Yuri Sherling Theatre of Musical Art (1989); Traditional folk songs with Jack Waddell (ca. 1990); 2-Dance with Woodhull's Old Tyme Masters at the West Endicott Fire Station (1938); Ella Fitzgerald at the Gala Grand Opening of the Clemens Center (1977); 2-This Week at the Mozart Theatre, Feb 3 & 24 (ca. 1910s); Fall showings at the Horseheads Theatre (1947); New Kids on the Block (ca. 1990); Buckley's Serenaders at Ely's Hall (1862); Elmira Opera House Opening Night (1867); Barber of Seville at Opera House (1869); Holman English Opera Troupe at Opera House (1869); Bells of Normandy at Opera House (1978); Big Bonanza at Opera House (189); Otto: A German at Opera House (1879); MacFarland Dance & Acrobatic Troupe at Pattinson Hall (1851); Shaughaun or Under Two Flags at Madison Ave. Theatre (1887). Posters02D-01F-07
This folder contains the following sports-related posters: Elmira Pioneers 1978 season schedule; Baseball: The Pride of Elmira, 1988; Elmira Pioneers 2001 season schedule; Watkins Glen: Home of Road Racing, ca. 1980s.Posters02D-01F-08
This folder contains the following aviation-related posters: Krause Aerial Show in Boston featuring Leon D. Smith, ca. 1920s; Fly over Washington with Leon D. Smith, ca. 1920s; Going up? Take a ride with Leon Smith, ca. 1920s; 27th Annual Powder Puff Derby Transcontinental Air Race, 1973; Schweizer Sailplanes Since 1930, ca. 1980s; NASA poster with Eileen Collins, ca. 1990s.Posters02D-01F-09
Label from an Exchange Mills flour sack, Reynolds, Tuttle & Co., ca. 1900. Label02D-01F-10
This folder contains the following posters and advertisements: Elmira Heights Great Land Sale, 1913; Electric Clothes Dryer from NYSEG, ca. 1950s; S.F. Iszard Co. Christmas ad, ca. 1980s; F.M. Howell Co. historic cigar box label poster, 1982; American LaFrance 150th Anniversary, 1982; Welliver McGuire 100th Anniversary, 1998; Schweizer Aircraft Corp., 2003. Posters02D-01F-10
This folder contains the following 19th Century posters and handbills: Lecture on Palestine by Augustus Holt, ca. 1850; The Great 40 Mile Mirror visual lecture, 1851; Democratic party meeting in Millport, 1856; Patriots Attention! political rally, ca. 1861; Panorama of Washington, D.C., ca. 1860s; Professor Clum’s lecture on art, science & travel, ca. 1880s.Posters02D-01F-11
This folder contains the following misc. posters: A Romance Map of the Finger Lakes Region, 1934; 'The Adventures of Mark Twain' film promotional poster , 1944; Tom Agan for Junior Chamber of Commerce president, 1965; Join the Action Team! Elmira Police Department recruitment, 1969; Arnot-Ogden School of Nursing, ca. 1990; Mark Twain Country, Chamber of Commerce, 1992; Clarence H. Carter exhibit at the Arnot Art Museum,, 1992; Eldridge Park Carousel, ca. 1990; Southport Riot/ Cellblock A: The Inside Story; Chemung County Historic Houses of Worship, 2010; Mark Twain 2010, Chamber of Commerce, 2010; NYS Department of Transportation plans for Route 17 in Horseheads, ca. 2000.Poster02D-01F-12
This folder contains the following advertisements for Tate Equipment of Horseheads: Tate Equipment lawn-in ad, April 17, 1969; Snow blower ad series, July-October 1971; Merry Tiller ad, September 9, 1973; Merry Tiller ad, September 16, 1973; Snapper lawn mower ad, September 29, 1974; Snapper lawn mower ad mock-up, ca. 1970s; Snapper lawn mower ad series, ca. 1970s; Tate Equipment ad, May 30, 1988; Snapper lawn mower ad & photos, June 17, 1990.Advertisements02D-01F-13
Architectural Drawing - Remodel of west portion of first floor, Elmira City Hall, including Police Department, 1947. Architectural Drawing02D-02F-01
Architectural drawings - Proposed changes to Elmira City Hall by Haskell & Considine, architects, January 1940.Architectural Drawing02D-02F-01
Architectural drawings of the telephone switchboard & information booth, 1st floor corridor, Elmira City Hall, 1934. Architectural Drawing02D-02F-01
Architectural Drawing - Standard Voting Booth for the City of Elmira, Department of Buildings, 1945. Architectural Drawing02D-02F-02
Blueprints - Plans & details of the City Disposal Plant, Elmira Department of Buildings, 1932. Blueprints02D-02F-02
Architectural Drawing for Barker, Rose & Clinton, December 1919.Architectural Drawing02D-02F-02
Architectural Drawing - Tentative layout of Audit, Order & City Physician, City of Elmira Public Welfare Department, ca. 1930s. Architectural Drawing02D-02F-02
Blueprints - Plans & Details of the National Youth Administration Shop Building, Elmira, N.Y., 1940.Blueprints02D-02F-03
Technical Drawings - Sewer Winch used by Elmira City Engineers' Office, 1905 & 1910. Technical Drawings02D-02F-04
Architectural Drawings - Restrooms at Water Street Under Erie Railroad Underpass, 1938. Architectural Drawings02D-02F-04
This folder contains the following plot maps: layout of Wellsburg Tannery, ca. 1880s; plot plan of Arnot-Ogden Hospital, ca. 1920s; Chemung County Historical Society parking lot, 1984.Maps02D-02F-05
This folder contains the following election-related signs: general instructions for use of a U.S. Standard Voting Machine (1960s); voting in the City of Elmira primary election, September 6, 1962; voting in the City of Elmira, eleventh ward, general election, November 5, 1963; voting in the City of Elmira general election, November 3, 1964.Sign02D-03F-04
Official Ballot for the Second Election District of the Town of Horseheads, November 3, 1896.Ballot02D-03F-04
This folder contains the following political signs and advertisements for Jim Hare: Hare for Councilman (1987); Hare for Mayor (1992); Hare for New York State Assembly (2010). Signs02D-03F-05
Architectural Drawing of the First Baptist Church, Elmira, NY by Pierce & Dockstader Architects from the American Architect and Building News, Feb. 22, 1890.Drawing02D-04
Diploma - Olive Sheely, Community Teacher Training, Elmira School of Religious Education, ca. 1920s.Diploma02D-05F-05
This folder contains the following graduation certificates and diplomas from the Elmira City School District: Amelia Munson, Elmira Free Academy (1862); Millicent Lyon, Elmira Free Academy (1905); Ada F. Wingrave, School No. 5 (1916); Eleanor C. Love, School No. 3 (1916); Richard Vockrath, School No. 8 (1922); Ralph E. Wainwright, Southside High School (1931); Milton Eddy, grammar school department (1936).Certificates02D-05F-05
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